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10 Ground Rules For Your New Start-Up

April 25, 2018 0 Comments

So you got a great idea. You certain it is going to change the face of the earth, make the world a better place and you a very riche person. Congratulations! However, before you start celebrating here are 10 ground rules that will help you make this dream become a real success:

1. Think about your future customers When you start building up your business – don’t think only about the money you are going to make from your new venture, idea or creation. Think about the contribution you are going to make to your future customers life. Remember: creating and selling a new product out of honest intention to help and improve the life of others usually produce the best results.

2. Believe in what you sell. If you won’t believe in what you created or in what you wish to sell – why should other people do? Remember: people are no fools. Eventually they will find out you are trying to fool them.

3. Don’t be afraid of rejection.There will always be people who will tell you “no”, because your idea is too dumb, too ineffective, completely unnecessary or some other excuse. Do not let them discourage you. Just go to the next person. Eventually you will find the one who will say “yes”.

4. Set yourself specific and realistic goals>. It’s very difficult to work without a plan or specific goals for the next month, quarter or year. Define your goals, write them down, so that you will become more committed to them, but make sure they ate achievable and realistic. However, check your list of goals every once in awhile and make sure it still relevant. If not – make the necessary alterations.

5. Always be honest and fair. If you want your customers to return to you or send their friends to buy what you sell – keep at all times your integrity. Do not cheat, deceive or promise things you have no control of. Remember: your most valuable asset in business is your reputation!

6. Keep improving yourself. So what if you already have a few dozens happy customers. There is always a room for further development, improvement and learning lessons from previous mistakes. Make sure you never repeat the same mistake, and always try to get better at what you do.

7. Give your customers more then you promised, never less. Always promise some – and fulfill a lot more. Surprise your customers and serve them way beyond their expectations.

8.Do not be ashamed to ask questions. Knowledge is power. Never be too shy or ashamed to ask what you don’t know, in order to know more. We live in a world full of information resources. All you have to do is reach out and get it. Remember: those who already know everything never learn anything.

9. Adjust your products to your customer’s needs. Be always aware of what your customers need and want, and make sure your products, ideas or services are fulfilling exactly that.

10. Encourage and appreciate others. Make sure you encourage and appreciate people who work for you, help you on your way up or support you in what you do. Remember: saying “thank you” is free of charge – but always worth a fortune!

Elana Shoval, a single mother who raised two daughters on her own, was a journalist and an editor in chief in two Israelis leading daily newspapers. Three years ago she became a web entrepreneur and an advisor. She has written several articles about life coaching, self improvement and leading successful life. Her website is aimed towards people who want to make life changes, and who are in the process of transforming the way they think and take action in their lives. The website provides valuable advice, free tools, useful information and resources.

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