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About Tubal Pregnancy

April 19, 2018 0 Comments

Unlike in a normal pregnancy where the fertilized egg enters and settles in the uterine lining, in tubal pregnancy also known as ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized ovum develops somewhere else apart from the uterus. They are also known as ectopic pregnancies since most of them occur in the fallopian tube. But the ovum can also develop in the cervix, abdomen and ovaries. This condition is where by the embryo is unable to reach the uterus, but instead holds on to the lining of the fallopian tube.

These implants can cause major tissue damages in an effort to reach sufficient supply of blood. Hematosalpinx or the intratubal bleeding can be so excessive that the pregnancy can end up as a tubal abortion. If the bleeding is left untreated, about all of the tubal abortion will occur without the option o treatment. The celias located on the walls of the fallopian tube are the ones that move the fertilized eggs to the uterus. Therefore, any interference or damage on the cilia is likely to cause tubal pregnancy.

Those who stand a higher chance of getting this condition are women suffering from pelvic inflammatory condition. In case of tubal ligation, a woman stands high chances of developing tubal pregnancies because of the side effects. 70% of ectopic pregnancies are as a result of tubal ligation. However surgery might be required in cases where a fallopian tube has torn or is just about to tare. This action may be laparoscopic process known as laparatomy.

Early symptoms are noticed after seven to eight weeks after the last menstrual period. This is not to say that the symptoms will always be noticed that early, the symptoms can either be absent or subtle. The worst case scenario occurs in regions where the accessibility of modern diagnostic technology does not exist. This is mostly noted in the third world countries where 30% of mothers die while giving birth. Earlier symptoms may include inflammation, pain in the lower abdomen, discomfort, pain while urinating. A corpus luteam on the ovary gives the same indications like mild virginal bleeding. When this condition occurs and may be the mother gets a miscarriage, it is very difficult to differentiate it from other forms of early miscarriages.

Women who have a tubal ligation that is almost seven months experience a lot of pain and bleeding. The bleeding is through the virgin and also due to the failing progesterone levels. The three levels of diagnosis at this stage is either early normal pregnancy, miscarriage or tubal pregnancy.

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