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March 8, 2015 50 Comments

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After birthing my first two children at home, I was planning on doing it again….until I found out I was pregnant with spontaneously conceived triplets! However I was determined to birth them vaginally, if safe to do so. I was incredibly lucky to have the full support of a wonderful OB at my local hospital. All I had to do was go over 33 weeks, have Baby A’s head down and have no other major health issues.

I have chosen to share my journey and vaginal birth in the hope it inspires others to do the same, whether they are birthing singletons or multiples. Trust yourself. Trust your body. We are made for this.
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Comments (50)

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  1. Ashley Moore says:

    I remember when Britt was pregnant with Audri and y’all went to Sonic all
    the time!

  2. SomniaMV says:

    Am I the only one who says “Thumbs up. That’s what you do” every time
    before the vlog starts? Oh..awk..okay. I’m not embarrassed lol ☺️

  3. The Nive Nulls says:

    Brittany is going crazy with her cravings! lol

  4. Danielle Monroe says:

    I bet brittany is having a girl, she’s having earlier sickness which more
    often than not means its a little girl in there :-)

  5. ananse77 says:

    Are we going to hear about pregnancy for the next 7 months? That’s kind of
    overkill. You guys have a loooong way to go. BTW, I think most pregnancy
    cravings of American women are psychosomatic – they have pregnancy cravings
    because they think they should have them. And it’s an excuse to pig out.


    Serious question…Do you guys want to be my parents????
    lol I adore your family. XD

  7. Ciera Williams says:

    Audri’s top bun when Austin was playing with kai in the room was giving me
    so much life I started drowning! She is going to be so freaking beautiful
    as she gets older

  8. Sara Martin says:

    Drives me crazy when I get to a drive in window and my husband doesn’t know
    what he wants lol I hate sitting there waiting :P

  9. maria Jackson says:


  10. Koala Life says:

    Can’t wait to see Britt rock her purple shirt again!! 🙂 

  11. 1964ghfan says:

    Austin, thank you so much for taking the time to acknowledge tweets. It
    really doesn’t go unnoticed, I understand that you guys get 1000’s of
    tweets, and it is hard to acknowledge them all, but I see so many
    youtubers that have tens of thousands of subscribers, yet only favorite a
    handful of tweets… So thank you! Congrats on your latest
    “collaboration”! Three is a magic number according to Schoolhouse Rock! ~

  12. diamond says:

    Who else believes the baby is a girl? When Brit starting saying “SHE was so
    surprise….”, Austin said Shhhhh,, as if he thought Brit was refering to
    the baby being a she/girl. Boy or girl we love the baby already!!!!!!!
    TOday’s thought: As you go through out the day remember Colossians 3:17
    “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord
    Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” Blessings.

  13. Brianne Cribbs says:

    Real question .. That cup at 1:16 did they have a hard time sipping out of
    it? I got one for my 3yr old and I can’t even get anything out of it

  14. Jazmin Hill says:

    +The Nive Nulls So Austin what happens when there are 3 children.

  15. Bryana Mitchell says:

    Never been to Jimmy Johns. How is their food? And how far along is Britt,
    if you don’t mind me asking. Btw, Audri would be such a cute toddler model

  16. Ashley Garrison says:

    I have snow today

  17. Educated Ignorance says:

    Kai needs to play football. I can tell now he’d be great at it. A line
    backer or a fullback. Something that let’s him hit people and it’s ok lol

  18. Hannah Pulliam says:

    U and missy baby’s will be born around same. Time 

  19. LRwF Vlogs says:

    I live for those vlogs when Austin dances – best part of the vlog! 2:08
    Count Olaf from the Series of Unfortunate Events anyone?

  20. Kennedy Cason says:

    big question alert! i havent watches since kyle was born but is she

  21. Samantha HappyGoLucky says:

    Brittany thinks a lot like me! I get REALLY nervous before my first
    pregnancy appointments too! I thought it was just me. And my bf acts like
    her husband. Men are always like, “It’s all good!” SMH. No, it’s not.
    Sometimes, it’s not. And women are honest enough to admit we’re terrified.

  22. Tanisha Sarup says:

    #Tbt when I was 5 years old my mom was suppose to give me cough syrup. We
    had multiple bottles and one of them for some reason had soap/detergent
    water. My mom gave me and my brother soap water instead of cough syrup. I
    don’t remember the rest.

  23. ruvekenn says:

    The beginning of this with Austin singing “don’t believe me just watch”
    cracked me up! You reminded me of Jim Carrey.

  24. Fiona Brianne says:

    Austin’s facials had me going the entire vlog! I’m thinking the baby is a

  25. Reign Xo says:

    Im not pregnant but i crave chocolate 100% of the time

  26. IAN 4000 says:

    Seriously I can’t understand why people are so concerned with the nudity in
    this video. Everyone’s nude under their clothing. Fucking deal with it you

  27. bubblinbrownsugar616 says:

    Yup. It’s official. I’m adopting.

  28. MichelLe Williams says:

    Why are so many of you so concerned with her being naked? When your giving
    birth the point is to be comfortable! Who cares if your boobs are out, the
    people in that room are looking at your vagina. Your boobs are more private
    than your vagina? Furthermore Aren’t they the same people who will be
    helping your babies latch in just a couple minutes? Soooo they are going to
    see your boobs anyway? Who in their right mind gawks at a woman giving
    birth? Should you not be concerned with those same people gawking at your
    newborns parts? Stupid question huh… yea. This woman SUCCESFULLY
    delivered THREE babies vaginally…. Give her a high five, a glass of
    wine, and a congrats! I am proud of you! Beautiful job! I didn’t know it
    was possible to do this, and the energy you must have had to keep going
    after each baby!

  29. elisebean1 says:

    17:37 “Hands – off breech birth”?? So unsafe. C – sections are scheduled
    for a reason. You’re unbelievably lucky your baby didn’t de-sat and need
    emergency treatment. The granola, all natural, “I can do it myself” huffy
    and puffy women with their arms crossed in protest have no idea what they
    are risking. A friend of mine nearly bled to death at home during what she
    hoped would be an uneventful home birth. Don’t hate on the doctors and
    nurses who want to make your delivery a success AND have you return home
    safely and with your healthy baby. You want to feel “accomplished”? Go
    climb a mountain. Have your baby safely in a hospital and don’t shake your
    head at medical professionals who want to ease this very risky time. The
    same OBGYN you accuse of scheduling a C – section to avoid a labor call at
    2 am is the same doc who wants to avoid an emergency page that their
    patient is bleeding out or worse – baby didn’t make it. Be smart ladies. 

  30. Vreaus pleez says:

    *What happens after death?* You will be born into a new physical body.
    Being born happens, or you would not be here now. You were born into this
    life. It is what we know happens. There is no evidence anything else
    happens. True or False?
    *”You cannot be conscious of being unconscious”.* You cannot be aware of
    not being aware. It is a simple but certain fact. A billion years could
    pass and you would not know it. Death & Birth are a continuous event from
    your own perspective.
    *If you are seeking The Truth about Life; check out The Truth Contest
    website and read their top entries.*

  31. rezbrat480 says:

    I’m like okay I’ve been reading the past past comments about this an all I
    have to say to the ppl who didn’t like it .. Is why are you searching women
    giving birth if it’s not what you want to see.. What kinda idiot pushes
    play to what thy don’t like.. Its like knowing dark chocolate is nasty but
    still you eat it ..its no ones fault but your own so why comment rude words
    to something you voluntarily push play to by your own actions..


  32. joemiknor says:

    so much “god is blah blah and god is wie-wah”. i think the woman herself
    did a pretty good job, no?

  33. Susan Rees says:

    Thank you for allowing us to see up close and personal how birthing babies
    can be. Thank you for not holding anything back and allowing us to see the
    raw and the real. Thank you to your husband for sharing you with with us.
    Blessings and deepest of bows to you!

  34. Deidre Parmiter says:

    I’m pregnant and I’m just wondering why the nudity? I hate having no bra on
    right now, I even sleep in one…. so I just don’t understand. I’m not
    trying to be disrespectful I’m trying to understand why? Did the doctor
    suggest it? Or was she just comfortable this way?

  35. Tattooed crybaby says:

    It’s still a beautiful mystery to me how we can accomplish such things as
    to bring life into the world. You are probably the most beautiful women I
    think I have ever seen. Watching you give birth to 3 babies naturally is
    one of the most beautiful moments of my life. You are a super hero to me. I
    have so much respect and love for you and your family. I can’t hardly
    believe that we as women can create such wonderful things. And…. you did
    it 3 times. I fell in love with you and your beautiful babies. Thank you so
    very much for sharing your birth video. I do not have any children, yet. I
    lost my first bsby to miscarriage and it really scared me away of actually
    conceiving again. Once I saw your video, all I want to do is try again and
    believe that I may one day be a mother just as you are. You are an
    inspection to me. And i wish nothing but the best for you and your
    beautiful family. Thanks for posting♡♡♡

  36. Kelc Walker says:

    for god sake u can cover ur boobs at least 

  37. Savannah Hertzler says:

    I am never having kids I am adopting say I if u agree

  38. Sheila Glover says:

    I have seen a lot of these videos and I would like to know where these
    women live that it is acceptable to lay up in a hospital bed but ass nude
    in front in doctors, nurses and others that you DON’T even know and have a
    baby?? I don’t get that. Where I’m from you are covered except for what
    can’t be covered or needs to be uncovered. I don’t understand this theory
    of laying there with all your shit hanging out in front of strange people
    possibly men gawking at you. How tacky exposing yourself that way
    especially at what should be a personal moment between Mom Dad and
    Baby…..And your boobs all out like that ulllkkkk……

  39. EastBayFM says:

    Dumb gook you smell like dried fish. 

  40. Anaiissnows says:

    I am I the only one who was really interested in her hair growth. 😮 

  41. Erik Tullabal says:

    I find it very weird concerning this mother and fathers conclusion to their
    thinking: lets put the birth out on the internet, so our children will be
    bullied in school when they find out their moms snatch is being ripped
    apart on the internet for all to see. just lol

  42. Ben Robinson says:

    I thought i was going to get grossed out by this and took it as a challenge
    to watch it. But after watching it was one of the most beautiful things i
    have seen. To know that every little baby is at the beginning of life and
    got so much coming there way. Had tears running down my face to see such a
    happy mum even smiling when giving birth. You are so inspiring and show me
    that my happiest day is yet to come. All the best the fun has just

  43. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    Every woman who has given birth is a TRUE hero!!!! Man would definitely not
    survive, at least I know I wouldn’t!

  44. Santos Santos says:

    bom dia meu nome é João de jesus souza, eu estou amando ver esse parto de
    trigemeos, pois sou pai de 6 filhos e numa tive a o portunidade de ver como
    minha esposa, paril meus filhos, mais posso a firmar que é uma sensação
    inasque civel,vc é um pao se sorte pois passou por uma esperiensia, que nen
    todo, pai teve. quero para benisar, o casal e a você como pai e tua esposa
    como mãe, joao manaus brasil 

  45. Christine Noel Stanton says:

    So beautiful! I don’t know where to start! They were so big! So gorgeous!
    I’m so impressed by you and your medical team and how much the advocated
    for a safe and natural birth. I gave birth to 33 week old twins two years
    ago, and although we had healthy babies I envy your skin-to-skin time with
    them and how the bunked together in the nursery! Such a beautiful start to

  46. Dakoia Price says:

    I really don’t understand why people what to have kids and go through that

  47. Bobbi Rios says:

    People. Dont look up these things and complain over it. If u dont like it
    then dont fucking look it up get your asshole comments out of here. Naked
    or not deal with it. Its child birth you shouldnt care if your boobs are
    out, she doesnt why should over people be disrespectful towards women like
    her who want to get comfortable before they give birth. All in all from the
    look on her face she doesnt care it was clearly all worth it. 

  48. Joe Eye says:

    I thought I heard the Mother say she wanted to take the placentas and cords
    home with her, this is what I heard when I played it back a few times, why
    would she want them?

  49. alan eichelberger says:

    congratulations, you now have three more kids and an unusable vagina 

  50. Javier G-men says:

    Ugnfbrbhfgggrhthgnvnthfhvhrubyfn un r. Rich. Crush fc. Huff. Huff. Huff. Uh
    fc. Uneven. His c he c uh Ed in echinacea. Ding. Heir. Jehovah. His c ins c
    ins c ins. Hoc. Hide. His c hi efhin rhino Beth’s.

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