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Extreme Weight Loss – “Brandi” (Season 4 / Episode 7)

February 1, 2015 49 Comments

As a child, Brandi fell in love with beauty pageants after watching them on television with her mother. A born performer, she took ballet plus tap lessons and competed in pageants for years. By the time she was 12, Brandi weighed more than 250 pounds, and comment cards from pageant judges told her over and over that she was too heavy to compete.

Crushed by the criticism, Brandi quit competing and continued to put on weight throughout high school and well into her 20s. After reaching 329 pounds, she wrote a letter to trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell asking him for help.

At 29 years old, Brandi is a freelance makeup artist in the beauty pageant world. Though she says making others feel beautiful makes her feel beautiful as well, she still secretly wishes to be one of the beauty queens standing on stage. Brandi gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and work with Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri.

Brandi becomes Chris’ first client to compete in a Half Ironman, under the tutelage of Ironman competitor and Sugarland guitarist Thad Beaty. The Half Ironman Triathlon is a brutal challenge that forces her to swim, bike and run a combined 70.3 miles in under eight hours. Also, celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito teaches Brandi how to eat healthier versions of her favorite meals in order to achieve her goal of losing a pound a day.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

James is a 26-year-old man who had hopes of becoming a pro football player. Now he gets winded just walking down the street to the lamppost outside his home. His abdominal hernia can’t be fixed because it’s unsafe for a person of his stature to go under anesthesia. James has been engaging in late night workouts so that no one else will be around to see him. It’s a start, but he needs help. Well, help is on the way.

Chris Powell surprises James at one of his 2 a.m. gym sessions. They jet off to Los Angeles for boot camp and the initial weigh-in which registers James at 651 pounds. There’s some combativeness during the first workout, with James making demands for water. Chris won’t give him any until he finishes the fight. When James returns home to Texas, his home has been transformed to an environment conducive to weight loss. His bedroom is now a home gym.

James is tasked with losing 150 pounds in three months. If he does this, Chris will reward him with a special bike that will hold his weight. James drops 51 pounds over the first 30 days. He’s getting support from his family, with his mom being his biggest advocate. On day 50, Chris challenges a stubborn James make a roundtrip run to and from that pesky lamppost. He makes it with a few seconds to spare. At the 90-day weigh-in, James is down to 497. Time to go for a bike ride!

The next phase involves losing 80 pound over three months. James works hard right up until the day he’s admitted to the hospital after suffering from heavy fevers and shortness of breath. This illness threw a monkey wrench into his workout regime. At the next weigh-in, he’s down to 486. That means he only lost 11 pounds.

James is introduced to former Dallas Cowboys stars Nate Newton and Michael Irvin. Why? Well, for his milestone, James plays a little football under their watchful eyes. The workout impresses Michael Irvin, as well the men James plays against. Then it’s time for Phase Three. Chris asks James how much he wants to lose this time around. He sets the goal of 30 pounds a month to get back on track.

As day 270 rolls around, James heads back to Los Angeles for the next weigh-in. Chris realizes that his client is a completely different person. His target weight was 396. James comes in at 394. That’s 257 pounds lost in nine months. Three more months to go!

At the end of a grueling year, James is brought to the site of Super Bowl XLV where a cheering crowd awaits. His transformation is amazing. At the final weigh-in, James comes in at 338 pounds. That means he lost 313 pounds in one year. As a reward for this remarkable achievement, Chris gives James two tickets to the big game. You could say this entire experience has been a total touchdown. Way to go, James!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Comments (49)

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  1. Taiwo Bali says:

    She looks like a mixture of Queen Latifa and Alicia Keys!! Congrats girl 

  2. Moisés Hernández says:

    Anyone else see that Chris´ right bicep is immensely bigger than his left?
    Bet Heidi is too busy.

  3. d jnifer f says:

    Does she really walk with her belly out?

  4. SharriCupples19113 says:

    *Weight Destroyer Program. Lose 53 Pounds in 6 Weeks!*


    she is beautiful…

  6. bently629 says:

    Shes the closest Ive ever seen to Beyonce. Beautiful girl even when she was
    over weight 

  7. FlyingIntoTheStorm says:

    WOW she was beautiful before and she became stunning after!!! 😀 good job

  8. John Teper says:

    Hmm, this link i just found is very useful to lose weight quick. Go to :

  9. RyderDixon101 says:

    lol, Brandi got BUSTED! and tried to bullshit her way out of it by playing
    the victim card… who are you to ask for help and then bite the hand that
    reaches out?? Hope she apologized… lol, Chris had some sweaty armpits in
    the end, but he’s still cute!

  10. Melina isac says:

    Omg .o_o she is soooooo preety!!!! I am so proud of her.

  11. Ruby Anne Smith says:

    I wish I knew how to get a hold of Chris cause I need to loose alot of
    weight and motivated to do so I lost 103 pounds on my own but the rest I
    know going to need help

  12. Shy says:

    i cried when she finished the iron man and when her mom reacted to her
    final weight loss…she has an amazing personality

  13. foxkidpr says:

    So i guess Walmart is not watching closely anymore.

  14. Jillian M says:

    I am so proud of Brandi. She worked SO hard and didn’t give up. I do have
    mixed feelings about the show though. Setting such extreme expectations can
    be a recipe for disaster… when she didn’t meet her goal and Chris asked
    what happened, I’m thinking “hello??!! She just lost 74 lbs in 12 weeks!
    That’s an obscene amount of weight loss! She should be praised for that
    huge accomplishment so she can feel proud of herself. By putting
    unrealistic expectations in someone’s head for weight loss, they can easily
    give up if they see a small change on the scale, when in fact ANY change is
    good and it ALL adds up! Not to mention, once they go back to real life and
    work again, they won’t have 8 hrs a day to exercise. I wish they would take
    a more modest approach that people can stick with and not fear being a
    failure and dropping out! But I sure am proud of that girl!!! :)

  15. Supersize vs Superskinny says:

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 1

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 2

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 3

  16. Max Mustermann says:

    Do they do revisits after 1 year? So we all can see who really kept the

  17. Marja Lilly Arline says:

    Aww she’s a mix baby. I thought she was adorable and her skin tone is so

  18. MentholVampir says:

    Her face is stunning. Very likable and honest person. I am really happy for
    her. :)

  19. otani cheley says:

    Sooooo proud of my soror…always been so beautiful inside and out…great
    to see that she has finally reached her best self thus far. Continue to be
    great soror! luv u! #wee-oop!

  20. TheSwedishMrBlue says:

    Amazing, she turned out beautiful. Hopefully she won’t get too skinny, real
    men want some of dat booty.

  21. NuteIIa Bxtera says:

    A lot of these transformations fascinate me. People think being overweight
    makes you unattractive, but all of these transformations begin with very
    beautiful people.

  22. Deyanira D says:

    38:48 not even done yet and I’m amazed she is gorgeous a GORGEOUS Delta
    Zigma Theta one of my favorite sororities and she killed it can’t wait to
    see her after her whole year. Love it so far. <3

  23. Da'Naisa Love says:

    Her girlfriend is jealous of makes me mad to see that 

  24. kiara t says:

    In phase 3, losing 12 out of 16 pounds still wasn’t bad. He shouldn’t be
    all that disappointed because his plan didn’t work perfectly; everyone has
    a different body type. Sometimes, people are more miserable when they
    deprive themselves of their small cravings-one time won’t hurt, but that’s
    it. Just one break, then get back on track.

  25. Summer Eaton says:

    She looks good but I think they lied on her weight at the end she looks
    like she weigh more than 178 at least 200 still 

  26. galanoth17 says:

    what I’m curious is how do these guys support their lifestyle of lard
    without going bankrupt? They obviously don’t go to work. And their food
    must cost a fortune. 5 times a normal person’s food. Then there are all the
    bills. And how did he do his grocery shopping if he can’t walk to the lamp
    post? There must be someone doing it for him and enabling his lifestyle. 

  27. Amanda P. Fraser says:

    It’s really inspiring how James did it ! and i think that he will be a pro
    football player. Actually i’m trying to lose weight too & i’m reading the
    new Ricky Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips” . It also contains a lot
    of valuable information on how to drop pounds easily .

  28. KravaLLT says:

    Getting a free home gym and all this other shit just for being a fat tub of

  29. Thomas Bradshaw says:

    Denying a person water while training is BS! Drink all the water you want.
    Many medical studies have found denying yourself water is counter
    productive to muscle gain and fat loss. Water helps provide muscle with
    oxygen, why would you take that away. 

  30. CRaul87 says:

    The nutritional tips on this show are HORRENDOUS!!!
    “You need to eat less protein” she said … OMFG!!!! I guess all that
    protein is the reason all professional bodybuilders are “fat”….

  31. kaunas888 says:

    While exercise is good for health it is not very effective at losing
    weight. Eating a high quality whole food organic diet, high in fat and low
    in carbs with no sugar or processed foods is the way to do it. And people
    don´t have to nor should they starve themselves. The right nutrient diet
    will take the fat off without hunger. In this show they forget about that,
    and turn it into this huge drama, that has little to do with real weight

  32. Randy Jamey KETHKAN says:

    hey Chris powell saw your vidoe on youtube is there any way you can help me
    trained loose weight gaine my weighr back to 140lbs. i used to be thin
    wearing good clothes and pants but now my Stomach.getting bigger so i need
    Help WiTh Trainibg ECcerisze walking Weight lifting . From Randy kethkan
    Whats your Program Or How much is cost go to Boot Camp training??,please
    send me email or updates. Thanks You . .i am 37 yrs old i need help Looseing Weight And
    Excrsize i wanna be MotiVated Healthy And Loose Weight please.

  33. kaunas888 says:

    The whole approach is wrong. It is based on endless exercise and
    starvation. Diet-the most important factor-is ignored. People go to
    extremes to crash loose weight. Once they hit their goal they gain it back
    again. Being healthy and losing weight is not a sprint, but a life long
    journey, that must be sustainable or it will fail.

  34. zgintasz says:

    how the hell that scale works, at first it says 329, then 424, then 486 and
    at the end 394…

  35. RYan MilleR says:

    man this would be a hell of a lot of help. being 14 and almost 250 pounds.
    im about 6 foot but im super self conscious and have no idea where to start
    the process. 

  36. Katherine Rogers says:

    What does this show make you feel about people that make fun of the obese?
    These obese people are in trouble…and with a bit of encouragement and
    help, they could get well. Instead people harass them and make fun of them.
    How has that been working? Why couldn’t he work out during prime time at
    the gym? It says that our culture looks down on this form of illness much
    more than any other. That has to STOP. Why cant we see someone as obese
    just like we would see a person laying in the street bleeding from an
    accident? They are in trouble, not in need of sadistic bullies from the
    public to harass them.
    Are there really NO obese people in your town for you to encourage? Really?
    Start working out with someone that needs your help.

  37. mr bad example says:

    my thyroid went out 2 years ago, i guess due to stress, i gained 20 pounds
    in a week, while sick. i’ve gained and lost weight since then, winning my
    companies’ “biggest loser” 2 times in a row, losing 8.5% and 12.8% of
    weight in 3 months. i quit my stressful job 2 weeks ago. and sitting on my
    ass and drinking beer, i dropped 5 pounds. tomorrow i start pumping iron
    and i have 20 more pounds to lose. it’s winter and i don’t want to go
    outside. i’m not working, don’t even intend to look for work in the next
    month, but i’ll try to drop at least 10 pounds. thanks for the inspiration,
    my name is james too.

  38. Sarah Andrews says:

    So emotional! Chris is hot as hell.

  39. James Parris says:

    He died 3 months in surgery after this was aired :(

  40. Milk Meat Eggs says:

    He could literally die from a heart attack at any moment training like that
    with his weight. What he needs to do is what he done, eat a balanced diet
    of whole natural foods, and start walking first etc. I don’t see the point
    in this, as obese people who undergo such stressful training never stick to
    it long term.

  41. Thiru Maran says:

    hi!… this is maran from india, its really very shocking and inspiring for
    me, im 162kg’s… idont know how many pounds n’all… im trying to lose my
    weight for past 5years, but i couldnt… i dont know why?… i went for gym
    practice, i went for joughing and fr aerobics practice nd all…… but no
    use, i never follow it correctly because of laziness and im a bad
    foodie…. could you please help me by giving instructions through
    facebook… my user name is Thirumaran pj…. plz give me instructions….
    i took you as my rollmodel, instructer, inspiration and more than that…
    that i can not say it in through these…

  42. Salman Dhorajiwala says:

    I am 12 years old and i am150 pounds:(
    I cried at the end of this vid

  43. ankle crossover says:

    His belly has a belly.

  44. pedallin raw says:

    Weightloss is not an easy thing to take on but it is an easy thing to
    do,lifestyle change is tough but so worth the effort for what you will get
    from it.

    Get off the animal proteins/food,no dairy,meat,eggs,start eating a whole
    foods plant based diet,fruits,vegetables,pasta,rice,potatoes,nuts,seeds.

    Hydration,start walking not running,get a bicycle,get early nights.

  45. Fiends4 says:

    Surprise! Oh, just ignore the cameras that were following you around for
    the last hour.

  46. Sam bamlam says:

    its amazing how mobile he was still was at the weight

  47. Jason Mantri says:

    True that diet is important than working out. It basically depends on what
    u eat to get the fat u have. They must’ve concentrated on exercise more coz
    exercise is also key to getting abs like Chris in the vid.

  48. Kayla Mackenzie says:

    I’m 13 almost 14, 5’3, 97 pounds, and I only eat 400-500 calories a day,
    and workout everyday…

  49. Miroslava Borisova says:

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    was in my early teens and finally decided to turn my hobby into career. I
    will be offering nutrition plant and training programs over the internet to
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