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Extreme Weight Loss – “David and Rebecca” ( Season 3 / Episode 1)

March 3, 2015 25 Comments

Twins David and Rebecca didn’t think that much about their weight as they were growing up in North Prairie, WI. Dave, who weighs in at 470 pounds, and Becca, who weighs 398 pounds, spent their childhood making people laugh. Behind the smiles there were tears of pain from a difficult upbringing that led them to use food as an outlet. This brother and sister duo need help getting control of their weight. Well, help is on the way!

Chris Powell surprises the twins on their 23rd birthday. He realizes they’re extremely co-dependent and enable each other’s poor decisions, especially when it comes to their weight. After a rough first workout and a tearful goodbye, the twins are split up for a 90-day challenge, with Becca going to Arizona to work alongside Chris’s wife, Heidi. At the beginning of his weight loss journey, Dave says he’d always wanted to go through Navy SEAL training to show his dad that “he was a man.” The twins have Phase 1 goal to lose 200 pounds between them.

Dave comes home to a completely redone workout room. It’s a much more inspiring place. Chris surprises him with a visit at the 45-day mark. He’s happy to hear that he’s getting support from his dad. However, he still can’t talk to him about his past issues with drugs and suicide. In Arizona, Becca is introduced to Chris’ wife, Heidi and her exercise therapist, Richard. She also meets former weight loss participant Jacqui. Becca hits the track for a rough workout. Her knees take a major beating, but Becca presses on. She takes on bleacher steps, track runs and MMA training.

At the 90-day weigh-in, Dave and Becca are reunited. Both are amazed how much weight each of them has lost. David takes to the scale first. He’s lost 112 pounds and is down to 358. Becca started at 398. She needs to lose 88 pounds to meet the combined weight loss goal of 200 pounds. Becca lost 92 total pounds which means they lost 204 combined. For the next phase, Becca must lose 57 pounds while David is tasked with dropping 75.

Dave and Becca are together again. The struggle is working with someone who doesn’t follow the same routine as the other. This concerns Chris, who doesn’t see Dave pushing himself like he was before. At the six-month weigh-in, Becca comes in at 248 pounds. She beat her goal by one pound. As for Dave, he came up 13 pounds short of his goal, but he’s now under 300. Chris lets them know that their milestone is taking place right away. They are embarking on some legitimate Navy SEAL training.

Dave and Becca must lose a combined 76 pounds for Phase 3. Trouble arises. Dave doesn’t want to always exercise and Becca takes cues from him to possibly binge. The two of them argue about this issue. Becca feels like she’s being sabotaged by her brother. At the 9-month weigh-in, Chris notices the confidence in his clients. He also learns that they are struggling with their relationship with each other.

At the weigh-in, Dave is shown to have lost only 28 pounds. As for Becca, she’s dropped 20 pounds. They didn’t meet the goal, but they have chopped a significant chunk of their body fat. Dave is a good candidate for the skin removal surgery, but his sister is not. This has him feeling guilty about how he treated Becca over the past three months. For the final phase, the twins are separated once more. Dave begins his journey by telling his dad about his suicide attempt by drugs. He says that a phone call from his father where he said that he loved him was all he needed to turn things around. His dad saved his life.

The time comes for the final weigh-in. Dave steps out to the cheers of an amazed crowd. He gives his dad a hug before taking the stage. Dave hasn’t seen his sister in three months. He’s blown away by how great she looks when she joins him on the stage. Tears flow. Dave steps onto the scale to see his new weight of 258 pounds! He lost a total of 212 pounds over the course of a year. Becca is up next. She weighs in at 192 pounds. She lost 206 pounds! She’s now a candidate for the skin removal surgery. Combined, Dave and Becca lost a total of 418 pounds! They are a new generation wonder twins!
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Comments (25)

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  1. Natalie McEwan says:

    I can’t stop laughing at these foul, fat knobheads.

  2. RyderDixon101 says:

    Hands down, the most emotional episode Ever… I bawled my eyes out when
    David admitted he tried to overdose and kill himself… Thank goodness he
    failed at that and is here now looking amazing 🙂 <3

  3. 7L says:

    Disgusting fat ass Americans

  4. Ella Beth says:

    why is the dad telling them to work out and eat healthy when he looks
    morbidly obese too?

  5. Eliana Knecht says:

    This isn’t supossed to sound rude or something, I’m just curious. How do
    people get so big? I mean, I eat a lot and I’m still at a normal weight. On
    some days I don’t really eat that healthy but I can’t imagine eating
    unhealthy all the time because you feel so shitty after a while? I mean, I
    get cravings for fresh fruits, veggies and “clean” food like rice and
    potatoes and stuff if I eat too much chocolate or fatty food in general.

  6. Pauli650 says:

    how fake and tacky is this show….

  7. steven joel says:

    i wanna go here i need someone to motivate me im huge 

  8. Jamie Boe says:

    sounds like now that they have tried so hard to lose all that weight they
    are going to jump right on to that societal bandwagon and find a box they
    fit into at college……that’s too bad. I wish people would stop doing
    what everyone expects them to do. I wonder what would have happened if he
    didn’t say he was going to go back to school when asked what he was going
    to do next…hmmmm. They both have more options than they know. This is
    just an example of what TV and popular media wants us to think is important
    in the world…being skinny and having a degree…fitting in as much as
    possible. Don’t listen!

  9. ᅚᅚ says:

    lol why the fuck am i watching this

  10. Orio Cohen says:

    I dont get it… Are they twin siblings or are they in a relationship

  11. FunkyKitty says:

    Women have an extra layer of body fat so even though i feel bad for her Its
    the female body. Its something that makes life a little harder for women. I
    would honestly when it comes to life being easier chose the male body.

  12. EquallyDividedWooz says:

    $25.000 walmart gift card?


    Those exist? XDD 

  13. cookiemix67 says:

    Ok….so I came down with the hammer and all judge mental, I apologize. I
    can relate to this episode quite a bit and struck a nerve that I thought I
    was done with. Its obvious their father does love his children, sometimes
    the way we show love can be thwarted by issues of our childhood.

  14. Gama Isora says:

    Spoiled bitching children. They will put the weight back on and they will
    have plenty of excuses for it.

  15. Xxx December xxX says:

    I watch this last 6 months i was so scared so i lost 20 pounds

  16. Queentheh'-os Greg says:

    JJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAAJAJA mucho gordo, smell like cheese :3

  17. ogdaddy says:

    if she was skinny, I would rail her asshole.

  18. Priscilla Powell says:

    I would love to team up with you and many others and create a support
    group / motivational group for those who are like minded in striving for a
    healthier lifestyle. My cell is 301-844-8677 I’m at 255 now and I’m
    truly seeking a more of a support team. I have gotten delivered from
    smoking, drinking, all cancer cells, and even have now been celibate for 6
    years. Although God has delivered me from many things this weight has
    remain. I believe that if God can deal with all these other things and
    deliver me He can also do the same in this. I would really love to team up
    with who ever is likeminded in providing motivation and inspirational
    support balance with accountability! Whoever is willing and ready feel free
    to give me a call.

  19. Joshua Schroeder says:

    I wish my father was rich and bought us our OWN GYM!

  20. jason12794 says:

    Why so many people hating? Whilst so many of you fat fucks waste so much
    time procrastinating, these two actually did something about their problem
    and achieved their goals. Good for them.

  21. arosencrantz18 says:

    A parent is supposed to lead by example. The father’s morbidly obese
    himself; does he have a medical condition or something?

  22. Elena Sunshine says:

    Ik why they are crying. It’s because they because they are so heavy on
    there leges if they did it everyday they will be fine and omg the need to
    lose like 1245775432 pounds 

  23. stephen jessup says:

    Dad giving the kids a hard time and he’s a porker himself!

  24. Caramel N says:

    i wish the graphics on this show would add the weight they’re showing in
    kilograms as well its frustrating watching this show and having to pause
    it just to find out how many kilos 470 pounds is.. americans and their
    weird measuring system..

  25. hockeytown2009 says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I weigh 383 lbs and I just started my journey a
    few weeks ago

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