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Get Ready With Me | Going Out

February 10, 2015 25 Comments

Have you seen my last video? “Coral & Bronze | Spring / Summer Makeup Tutorial”

WINNERS FROM MY SEPHORA HAUL VIDEO. Please message asap! Congrats babes! xo
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Winged eyelier & Lashes tutorial:

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Hi loves!! Went out the other night & i figured i would film myself getting ready! I haven’t don’t a get ready with me video like this in a long time! If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up! Love you all!
PS: I am trying to get on a filming schedule- it’ll either be mon wed sun or mon wed friday– which would you prefer? Let me know in the comments! xoxox

Outfit Details:
Top: Sabo Skirt
Pants: Forever21
Clutch: Tory Burch
Shoes: Steve Madden

Products Use in order
MAC oil control lotion
Nars smudgeproof primer
MAC paint pot in soft ochre
MAc shadow in Saddle
Anastasia Lavish Palette
Mac pre p & prime vibrancy eye primer
Bare minerals BB primer in medium
Loreal True match foundation in w6
Beauty Blender
Mac prolongwear concealer in NW20
Nars radiant concealer in custard
Anastasia contour kit
Laura Mercier translucent powder
Laura mercier bronzer in #2
Marc Jacobs bronzer brush
Hoola by benefit bronzer
Nars ita brush
Becca blush in Damselfly
Laura mercier highlight in #1 (sample size)
Inglot gel liner in #77
House of lashes falsies in “pixie luxe”
House of lashes glue (THE BEST!)
Sigma eyebrow pencil
Anastasia brow wiz in medium ash
Anastasia brow powder in medium
Anastasia brow gel in brunette
Mac shroom eyeshadow
Nars eyeliner in via veneto
Clinique bottom lash mascara
Mac lip pencil in stripdown
Mac lipstick in freckle tone
Nars lipgloss in striptease

Nume Megastar flat iron
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Camera I use: Canon 70D
Edit with Final cut pro x

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Comments (25)

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  1. Jordan Cheyenne says:

    STUNNING, but thats obvious because you always are. So awesome to see you
    grow into this beautiful mature woman from the young blonde haired girl I
    used to watch years ago. Love it & Love YOU! 🙂 Xo

  2. ShimmerinGold says:

    your videos are so fun to watch! I think you and Lauren Curtis especially
    have this thing where you really transform yourself with makeup, like as
    soon as you put on foundation and lashes you suddenly become this new
    person – like you’re both beautiful with and without makeup but idk a lot
    of other girls on here still kind of look the same with and without makeup
    but you turn into a new person its amazing to watch i love it

  3. Samantha Reilly says:

    I need to steal your hair. Gimme it! Xx gorgeous as always love x

  4. juicyyyyjas says:

    Damn girl! you are truly so flawless with or without makeup! All of your
    videos keep getting better & better <3 love ya! xo

  5. Evey Lopez says:

    oh my god. I have a certain look I want to accomplish and I’ve been
    scrolling through all this videos an fast warding to see how they look at
    the end and really see if that’s what i want to look like at the end. This
    one is my favorite thus far so i subscribed and saved because this is
    exactly what I WANT MY MAKE UP TO LOOK LIKE WHEN I GO OUT. thanks. you look
    awesome by the way.

  6. Bethanie Lauren says:

    I hope I’m not the only subscriber that just randomly watches really old
    videos to get my Casey fix haha. Oh man. 

  7. jaaamiiedaa says:

    Casey, do you ever go out in public or to an event and feel as if you’re
    wearing too much makeup because I do all the time.

  8. nlisiewski says:

    To prevent oiliness through out the day is to put “milk of magnesia” on
    your areas you get oily and throughout the day you don’t need to touch up☺️

  9. Laikken Lucia says:

    omg you used like 32 products!

  10. Christina Kokkines says:

    You should do Monday, Wednesday and Sunday for the videos!

  11. V Fowlkes says:

    So stunning!! Mon-Fri please!! Oh wait, that wasn’t an option.. haha! 😉
    would love Mon, Wed & Fri.. thank you for all your time, efforts & amazing
    talent! xo

  12. Ema Kalajdžić says:

    Your hair is so beautiful,what do you use?!

  13. Angllbabie says:

    L.O.V.E. You are so great at what you do Casey. I seriously have not seen
    a video of yours I wouldn’t re-watch. I love your fluffs running around!

  14. Brianna S says:

    This isn’t meant to be a hate comment by any means, I love watching your
    videos. But, I definitely prefer the ones you talk through. It’s more
    entertaining, and it’s nice to hear your opinions on each product.

  15. Ifss X O says:

    your hair looks so luscious and silky!!!

  16. Tilly Zed says:

    GREAT VID! But would have been perfect if you’d just zoomed in a lil so
    could see your face more and maybe tried to do a simple voice over x 

  17. Lindsay Baker says:

    How do you use so much concealer without it being cakey?

  18. Ema Kalajdžić says:

    Your hair is so beautiful,what do you use?!

  19. parrotlet power says:

    Love it! Editing so on point this time. Xoxoxox

  20. Courtney Fritz says:

    Where did you get your phone case? I love it!

  21. Kimberly Kamina says:

    Oh, my goodness…Casey! Every single video, you always manage to out do
    yourself, but this has got to be one of my favorites!

    p.s. Apparently you also have amazing taste in music as well. Mind adding
    the titles in the description? I’m sure some of us would really, really
    appreciate it!

  22. june maysone says:

    you kinda look like kendall jenner. So pretty

  23. mirceamaricica says:

    You are so pretty and it looks like your life is amazing! I admire you for
    sharing with everyone in the world that wants to see you. For that I think
    your fantastic. I couldn’t do it but you are so brave. Paint this and put
    it somewhere in your home as these are my sincere thoughts. And also
    secretly I want to be just like you…:p 

  24. Victoria Kidd says:

    how did you learn all about your makeup? i would love to be as good as you
    one day.

  25. Casey Holmes says:

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