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March 19, 2015 25 Comments

Gossip is a 2000 American teen drama film directed by Davis Guggenheim and featuring an ensemble cast including James Marsden, Lena Headey, Norman Reedus, and Kate Hudson.

The movie takes place on a college campus in the Northeast. Derrick Webb (James Marsden), Cathy Jones (Lena Headey), and Travis (Norman Reedus) are students as well as roommates. They all take a Communications class with Professor Goodwin (Eric Bogosian), in which the subject of gossip is brought up. For their final project, the three students decide to start a rumor and track and see the results. One night while at a nightclub, they run into Naomi Preston (Kate Hudson) and her boyfriend Beau Edson (Joshua Jackson). It is common knowledge through the campus that Naomi is saving her virginity for marriage. Jones (as Cathy is called throughout the movie) in particular has a problem with Naomi’s wealth and sense of entitlement. Furthermore, Naomi seems to have started a rumor about Jones having sex with Professor Goodwin.
While at the party, Derrick meets a girl and brings her upstairs. At this point the girl becomes ill; Derrick then notices Beau and Naomi in the adjacent room kissing. Beau attempts to have sex with Naomi but is rejected. Derrick, Jones, and Travis proceed to begin a rumor that Naomi and Beau had sex. The story begins to vary wildly, first involving a threesome, but soon, due to the nature of gossip, it becomes a story of Beau raping Naomi.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ARNAULT HENLY says:

    game of thrones and walking dead seriously !!!!!!!!

  2. Xachary Jarboe Kirsh says:

    love love love this movie and had an awesome shoe gazer movie soundtrack
    featuring CURVE

  3. i dunno says:

    Isn’t that the guy from The Walking Dead?…I hate that show btw…PeAcE

  4. Amazing Amy says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen this since it first came out. Look at how young they
    all are??!!

  5. Bartorellio117 says:

    Thanks! This was much better quality than the other versions I could find.

  6. Blue Sky says:

    Love this Movie! Its got a good plot and all teens should watch this. This
    is exactly what Gossip does.

  7. cobie296 says:

    watched this when i was 14, 14 yrs ago. loved it

  8. Big Mack says:

    My first thought is +stephanie glancy +stephanie glancy is my hero for
    posting this movie, had it not been for you then I probably never would of
    saw it. The film was absolute BOSS, A+ movie. ( started all fun and had
    good tunes throughout, then beefed up on the story )

    I plan to watch this at least twenty more times, in case of emergency
    boredom. A shame they failed to throw in some softcore parts to double as
    a partial erotica picture to get the juices flowing in the background but
    anyway. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

    Sorry but I want to add that this is the type of picture I feel deserves my
    money if I was able to offer it and it being during the first ten years of
    the debut because I also believe patents should expire in a certain time to
    regulate capitalism. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. 

  9. G Leander says:

    I like that this movie has style, eroticism, and attitude.

  10. cris pineo says:

    Love this movie

  11. McCauley- BoondockArt says:

    Young Norman gets me every time! Great Movie

  12. EyeOfTheNight says:

    Wow, this movie is really awesome. Definitely in the top for the best
    movies that Norman’s done.

  13. William Molina says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I’ve bee looking for this movie for so long time.

  14. Eleanor Holmes says:

    It’s Cersei!! 

  15. TheLordofthePickles says:

    Wow… Great movie!!!

  16. iiFluffyUnicornz Roblox gaming says:

    Haha Norman fell asleep

  17. Valecia Farrar says:

    wow that was really good.. never even heard of this movie til i saw this

  18. Nausicaä f says:

    thank you SO MUCH for posting this can’t praise you enough. ive been
    looking for this movie for too long. loved it! :’)

  19. Makenzie Johnson says:

    1:27:09 = OWNED!!!!!!!

  20. Emell Lax says:

    this was a awesome movie, the ending was great.

  21. Tyler Preston says:

    It’s so manyso other new coming film-markers aren’t given chances to make
    interesting new movies, but crap like this are given millions of dollars
    and it pretends to be “cool” and “edgey” with a shit story and dialouge.

    This movie is obviously a student film, but not the good kind. bad editing,
    bad camerawork, unlikeable characters, glacier size plotholes,but all in
    all just so mean-spirited film that sounded like a good dramedy movie in
    the first 30 minutes. good idea, horrible exicutsion!!!

  22. Kathy Karr says:

    Very good movie!!!

  23. MissJessyeNorman says:

    *****************SPOILER ALERT*************************

    Did he rape Naomi when they were in high school–OR, had he not raped her
    then, and was raping her a sick and twisted means of taking revenge for her
    having falsely accused him of rape in high school?! OR did he simply rape
    her both times because he could–and did he launch the vendetta against her
    because he wanted his name cleared, in spite of the fact that he felt he
    had every right to go on raping Naomi.

  24. richwhiteman says:

    They remind me so much of Walter White and Jesse from breaking bad…

  25. 56bluegold says:

    Interesting Movie !

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