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How to own multiple small businesses – Ideas

March 1, 2015 29 Comments

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The top 10 home based businesses that I talk about in this video are ones that I am very familiar with. Yes, even daycare centers. I have had a lot of experience with multiple businesses because I have a passion to make it as a businessman. If you want to take one of these business ideas to use for your own, then do so, I highly recommend it.

Now, if you don’t like any of these ideas, then it is strongly recommended that you go over to and check out some of their other ideas. The benefit of doing this is to make sure that you get a lot of different ideas to play around with until you find one that works the best.

Something that I suggest is that you take note of the top 10 home based businesses that I talk about in this video because they will help you out a lot. It does’t matter if you are living in Wenatchee Washington or Miami Florida, they will still work.

Remember, check out for lots of great ideas to make money from a home based business.

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  1. Walter Hines says:

    Truer words have never been spoken. You won’t get a lot of comments on
    this video because it scares people. That why I like it! If the poor and
    middle class are afraid of it, I love it. Let them keep renting and buying
    stuff. Pretty soon, I’ll be the guy selling it to them!

  2. suleiman abdulle says:

    very useful, thanks for your help, you make my day.

  3. shelly wilson-willoughby says:

    this has shed so much light for me… I have a large piece of land costing
    me 25% of my income and I swore it was an assett

  4. TheRealBlackula says:


  5. toshtao1 says:

    Finding a home based business you enjoy is the key to succeeding at it.

  6. Adam richardson says:

    There are dozens of ways to make money online. The key is finding one you

  7. mpreyesmr says:

    Interesting video. Looking forward to more in the future!

  8. Nam Oneko says:

    We can help you build a home-based biz around your passion. check us out

  9. MrsB Stacy says:

    selling personal items on Ebay is not considered a home-based “business”
    under law in Nevada because they are personal items. Buying items in bulk
    and selling them on the internet is not necessarily considered a home-based
    “business” either, unless a person makes more than 66 2/3 % of average
    annual wage; approximately $24,200 in 2013 (after expenses). It could be
    different in other states but the point I am trying to make is that a
    person has to understand the legal definition of home-based “business” as
    defined in their state. None of these activities you mention are
    necessarily considered home-based “businesses” as defined under Nevada law
    (NRS) unless it produces a certain amount of profits. 

  10. Chimp Master says:

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  11. Jon Focker says:

    affiliate marketing is so boring. email marketing just feels weird.

  12. PcTech Geneva says:

    dude, please eat a bit before speaking.I had to adjust the sound and still
    not very inteligible. Thanks 

  13. O'C Late says:

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  14. Kai Nicholls says:

    Thank you, I really liked this clip. I look forward to others from you.
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  15. Dusty Allen says:

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  16. Jon Focker says:

    ebay—-not a home based business. just good to make extra change.

  17. Rich Hernandez says:

    Get the most out of your efforts!

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