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My Music Ticket Review

February 7, 2018 0 Comments

Thousands and thousands of network marketers have been researching My Music Ticket Social Networking and Network Marketing Opportunity. The program is due  for launch anyday now and people are anxious to know more about it. In this program, you will generate income anytime there is activity on your personal website.

Last year, Myspace earned more than a billion dollars. At 700,000 registered users daily, Facebook places second. However neither of these companies shared their revenue with the members. My Music Ticket has the same concept but believe in sharing a portion of the Social Media profits with their members. 

Their projected plan is to enroll over 180,000,000 members in the next 18 months and aim to break all the records of income generation. The way this works is when you have people visiting your website, reading your email messages, leaving you messages, even listening to music or watching videos on your website, you will be rewarded points by My Music Ticket which will be recorded. Every month, those people with the highest get a share in the prize money which could reach a million dollars over time. You also have the option of promoting your services and products on up to 40 pages.

There are 3 membership levels to choose from. One is free. The $ 19.95 subscription allows you to share, promote and aggregate page views. You earn more as more traffic visits your personal site.

As a $ 19.95 member, a member can earn a $ 9.95 fast start bonus by referring other members. In addition, 20% of page view earnings five generations deep. The associate partners of My Music Ticket can even be used to buy traffic as well. The same principle applies to your down line as well and you get additional pay from there.

For every order of traffic through My Music Ticket, $ 2 per month is the commission paid to each member 5 levels deep. You can also make money when people download free music and matrix subscriptions as well.

A Premium Pro Position costs a monthly amount of $ 59.99, which will rise after launch. On this level members can get into a partnership with the company and revenue sharing. To qualify for this, a member will need a minimum of 20 Premium Pro Members in their My Music Ticket group and 6 people to be sponsored by them. This qualifies them to participate in the Premium Profit Sharing program. A monthly residual income of $ 10 along with $ 30 Fast Start bonus per individual is what you get along in addition to the previously mentioned income amounts.

Each time and individual purchases merchandise from the store or gets a percentage of the points in the 5 generations before you, you will also earn. My Music Ticket also has plans to get into movies, designer clothes, and jewelery. This should be an exciting ride!

Earl Kohn

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