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My Weight Loss Story (With Pictures)

February 18, 2015 25 Comments

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So hi if you’re reading this 🙂
a few things i want to address

1. do you guys want me to do like a whole “fitness series” on my channel, if yes then what subjects are you interested in knowing about? for an example
-My diet, and what i can and can’t eat
-My workout routine
-How to stay positive though the process and how did i boost up my self-esteem
-My bullying story
-How do deal with society and society’s need for everyone to be perfect / how society sees over weight people
let me know if you’re interested on seeing a video on any of these topics! :)♡♡

2. since this is the internet there will always be haters and people spreading rumors and stuff
-in my whole weight loss process i never starved myself and i have never in my life dealt with anorexia, bulimia or anything like that!

3. i forgot to mention this in the video but the show The Biggest Loser helped me A LOT! so if you haven’t seen that show go watch it! :)♡

4. if you have any more questions please ask me on since i get so many comments and tweets it’s hard to answer everything, but i am very active on and i always try my best to answer as many questions there as i can!

5. here’s my links for my interviews:

website interview number 1:

website interview number 2:

the interview from the news:

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Comments (25)

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  1. Cassidy DIYs says:

    200,000 views omg :’) xxx

  2. Cassidy DIYs says:

    100,000 views woah!! tysm guys <3 ily all

  3. Katherine P says:

    So in your country:
    – it’s weird to use facebook?
    – A 65 pound weight loss is a big number? I would think 100 pounds and more
    is a big number.

  4. Rebekah Thomson says:

    You’re so beautiful! I love your hair! I’m currently trying to lose 50lbs!
    🙂 you’ve done amazing! 

  5. Reckless Behavior says:

    I went to 220 to 150.

  6. EagleOllie91 says:

    God there are some nasty comments on here. You have been my inspiring video
    of the day. Thanks for sharing your journey with the world, it doesn’t
    matter how big or small your number, what your motivation is or where
    you’re from, you’ve overcome something really difficult. Respect.

  7. Jen says:

    you voice sounds like Marzia’s

  8. Kylie Wilder says:

    you should do a video about your diet and exercises!!!!

  9. Joelle Patruno says:

    Im 12 years old, 5’1″ and 87 pounds and i eat so much but i stay really
    skinny because i do qymnastics

  10. Tatiana Salazar says:

    Where are u from ¿ u have a peculiar accent

  11. Ingrid Williams says:

    Congrats hun…you’re truly an inspiration to young people. I would have
    loved to show my 14 yo niece this video, as she is so overweight, and I
    know she needs some motivation to lose the weight. As a fellow young person
    who put on weight at an early age (she started gaining at about 8 yo), I
    know your story would definitely resonate with her. However, based on
    her/our upbringing, we’re not comfortable with the use of expletives, so I
    can’t show her the video. I truly appreciate your story tho, and I
    encourage you to keep up the great work. ..congrats! !

  12. Katie K says:

    You’re awesome! So beautiful and inspirational! I’m 16 and 170 lbs. I feel
    so left out and gross around my skinny 110 lb friends. My goal is 140!! Its
    so painful to hear my friends talk aboout their own weightloss goals, when
    in my perspective theyre perfect! oh & btw I love your accent! 

  13. oOMissPoodlePantsOo says:

    its different in other countries, I guess… facebook is lame and 190lbs is
    a lot for a female!! There are so many females here that weight that

  14. Aqua Skye says:

    Your accent is so pretty!! And your transformation is so amazing!! Your
    such an amazing inspiration to others that need a little oomph into
    fitness!!! Keep on being amazing!!!

  15. Carmen Foster says:

    Where is she from? :)

  16. mara vd says:

    omf “exercise what the fuck is that it doesn’t sound very entertaining”

  17. BlackScorpioKing says:

    What type of accent is that? What country are you from?

  18. Chili Pedersen says:

    What is wrong with your accent??

  19. Lily Riordan says:

    You kind of look like taylor momson haha

  20. swetha styles says:

    heyyy !! i just discovered your YouTube channel … and guess what i just
    loved it !! i love the videos you did on making
    1d stuff .. i am gonna subscribe to your channel … all the best .. keep
    making videos 🙂 :* 

  21. Punita Nook Naidu says:

    You are such a darling. Congratulations and it’s inspirational coming from
    a 15 years old. My 12 year old is 60 kilos. I am pretty sure he will
    benefit from this video. I just have to bleep the bleeps. 

  22. Shenaxyy Dinaully says:

    I need help to lose fat 🙁 I weigh 12- stone n i dnt think I’m fat but I
    know I’m very chubby 

  23. steve roman says:

    I’m 14 years old and I weigh 223 pound and I want to loose weight but with
    all the negative comments from my class mate and family I just can’t please
    help me Cassidy DIYs 

  24. mrswhitelily2000 says:

    I glad young girl like you have the courage , you were beautiful before and
    now but much healthier now and is important

  25. nizma88 says:

    where are u from hun xx 

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