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New WordPress Viral Plugin Powered by Human Emotions

May 11, 2013 3 Comments

New WordPress Viral Plugin Powered by Human Emotion


London, England (PRWEB)

Sharing content on the internet is natural for most Internet users; some people may call ‘sharing’, their second nature, said Jimmy Mancini, author of a new viral WordPress plugin that uses human emotions to increase the sharing of content on the main social networking sites and improve the search engine optimization of any site that uses this viral plugin.

Every day Internet users can see more sites with sharing widgets, all those sharing widgets or plugins are designed to allow website’s visitors to share their finding or likings with other users on their social networks. Most of those sharing options allow website’s visitors to ‘like’ or ‘plus’ content but none of those plugins or widgets allow users to ‘dislike’, ‘love’, ‘hate’ the content they want to share.

Internet entrepreneur Jimmy Mancini is about to change that situation with his new WordPress viral plugin called ‘Love Hate Plugin’; he added, “We as humans, are based in emotions, having emotions or feeling is what make us humans, I realized that we should be able to share what we really feel online, that’s why I created a social media plugin for WordPress to allow anyone with a WordPress blog to add additional emotional features that are integrated with the actual social networking sites like Facebook”.

The author of the viral plugin pointed that he was not happy with content lockers or popups; he added, “We have seen an increase of content lockers or popup up boxes asking website’s visitors to share a site’s content that it is unknown to the website visitor. How is that possible? We are not happy about forcing people to like a site; that is one of the reasons why we added in our love hate plugin our ‘Event Trigger Technology’, this new technology will trigger the WordPress plugin to display a flyout box with ’emotional’ alternatives to choose from, after the user finished with the page’s content”.

Another benefit of using this WordPress viral plugin or social media tool is that it will increase the traffic to any website that uses the plugin, because this plugin will post the emotional sharing option selected by the website’s visitor straight to the visitor’s social media wall; in other words, all the friends and followers of the person who used the plugin will be notified instantly, creating a powerful viral traffic increment.

Website owners are always looking for several ways to increase the traffic to their sites; this viral WordPress plugin looks very promising in terms of increasing traffic to a website and improving the SEO (search engine optimization) of any site where the plugin is installed. They are planning to launch their plugin on May 13th 2013.

About Love Hate Plugin

Love Hate Plugin is a viral plugin for WordPress powered by human emotions; it can be installed on any updated WordPress site and it will enable website’s visitors to share their emotions on their preferred social networking site. The plugin is designed to work mainly with Facebook, but a simple upgrade to the PRO version will add additional social networking sites.

We would like to add that they have an affiliate program (JV or Joint Venture partnership) that can be found at To reach their actual website, please visit: Love Hate Viral Plugin.

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