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Phone Systems For Businesses

October 9, 2017 0 Comments

A Multi Line Phone System

An expanded business is directly related to an increase in customers. A one line phone system won’t be able to handle the influx of calls. Nothing turns a customer off more quickly than trying to get through a perpetually busy phone line. Undoubtedly, it will drive many customers away and might cause your expanding business to become unsustainable. A multi line system assures that a larger quantity of calls can make it through. A lower number of customers will encounter a busy signal, if any; orders and customer service will be expedited, giving you a more profitable business. 

A growing business will have dedicated lines for certain departments. Direct lines will correlate to improved productivity. Sales people will be able to better assist their customers, who reach them directly rather than wading through a complicated web of operators and menu options. Likewise, tech support or customer service will be dealing with less irritable callers. If a customer needs assistance, a shorter wait time to discuss his or hers problem makes their experience an overall pleasant one, giving you a returning customer. A streamlined business runs smoother and is able to see greater profits. You’ll be wondering how you ever operated without a multi line telephone within weeks of installing it. 

Types of Phone Systems

Two of the more popular, and reliable, brands of multi line phone systems are Panasonic and NEC. Both of these phones boast a slew of features that will make your business life easier. A majority of the models are equipped with LCD screens, programmable soft keys, speed dial, hold, speaker phone, mute, redial, voicemail, conference call capabilities and headset jacks. This may sound like an abundance of options that will never be used, but you’d be amazed at the simplicity of learning the uses of these features. It will help your employees better communicate internally and externally. One option that is quite helpful is the integration of music to your hold feature. It will give your customers a reprieve while they wait to have their call answered. Remember, the right music is paramount when it comes to your hold feature. The last thing any business needs is an annoyed customer who’s spent the last few minutes listening to excruciating music. Another important option to keep in mind is headsets. If you have a sales or customer support department, a headset is extremely useful to incorporate. It gives your employee the ability to better help the customer. Without having to keep the phone to his or her ear, your employee is better suited for using a computer. Both Panasonic and NEC offer these options and are comparable in price and value.

Buying a Multi Line Phone System

Thankfully, there is a competitive market for phone systems. You have a wide variety of options to choose from, as well as several companies striving to keep the lowest prices available. Many retailers sell packaged deals, grouping five or ten phones together for a discounted price, compared to buying each unit individually. It is ideal to find a retailer that offers a warranty that spans a few years and a concurrent tech support plan. If your phone system fails, you’ll want it fixed quickly and easily. The less down time your business experiences the better. Keep in mind that a phone system is like a website. If its design is bad you’re going to lose customers. An efficient and simple phone system guarantees an enjoyable experience for your customers. is a NEC reseller and a Panasonic distributor specializing in wholesale phone systems. Whether you need a Panasonic phone system or NEC DXS setup, will get you the best price.

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