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Set Dating Goals

May 5, 2018 0 Comments

In order to achieve anything, you have to set goals. This is also the case when it comes to dating and to getting the kind of girl or girls that you want. You begin by defining long term goals as to what you want in a relationship and in the kind of women that you want in your life. Get out a piece of paper or laptop and write down the kind of relationship(s) that you want. Do you see yourself dating a number of girls or do you see yourself finding that specific someone. Perhaps you want to date a number of women for a while but eventually you want to have a specific woman to love and be with.

This brings up the point that you must also define and begin to implement your short term goals. If for example you want to date a number of women and be free and single for a while before you set your sights on settling down with one great girl, then this is what your short term goals are all about. Write down what it is that you want in the next few weeks or months. Get as specific as you can, going so far as to define detailed descriptions of the kind of women that you want to meet and how many. This can be anything from physical characteristics to personality, etc. Get as precise as you can.

Your long term goals are done along the same lines. Just try to imagine what it is that you want later in your life. You don’t have to settle down with one girl, that’s just my example. Look for the highest good or yourself. When you have defined this goal in your head, I suggest that you write this goal down just like you did with your short term one.

Well thought out goals are sort of like the road that will lead you to the success that you want. The more specific that you can be about what you want, and the better that you are at defining these goals then the easier that it will be for you to realize your success. You can have the kind of relationship(s) that you want; all you have to do is to set goals.

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