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The Phenomenon of Resale Rights

May 1, 2018 0 Comments
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by Tjook

The Resale-Rights phenomenon is taking the Internet by storm. Simply put, Resale-Rights (RR) gives you the right to resell or even “bootleg” a product. But it goes a little deeper than that!

Having RR to a product isn’t a new concept. It has exploded because of the digital revolution happening online. So, the RR we’ll be referring to here are referring to digital products. There are different stipulations with the different types of RR’s that you can purchase. Typically, the more options you want to a product the more the purchase price will be.

The different types of RR’s are:

 Resale Rights – (RR) Regular resale rights gives you, the purchaser, the right to resell a product, such as an e-book, video or software. 
Master Resale Rights – (MRR) Gives you all of the above, plus the right to resell the RR to others, allowing your customers to profit from them as well.
Private Label Rights – (PLR) This is the “Grand-Daddy” of RR. PLR gives you all of the above, plus the rights to edit a product, change the contents and even put your name as the original author…legally!

I know, it sounds illegal, but it isn’t.

Note: Make sure you read all of the fine print and licensing agreements with each product, as they may vary.

This strategy is one of the many reasons why I got involved in Internet marketing, because this marketing technique gives you the ability to…

Earn While You Learn!

Not only do RR’s give you the ability to resell products, here’s the kicker. You don’t actually give up ownership when you resell the product…it’s a digital download, so it’s basically a file share that you can get paid for!

For example, if you want to learn something on a certain topic, you may opt to purchase an e-book or video on the subject, correct? Why not purchase the product with RR, so that after you read it, you can sell it to someone else! In other words, you can download the product, read and learn from the product, use the product and then turn around and resell the product. And again, you actually keep a copy of the product on your hard drive!

Is that insane or what?

If you can name any other business in the world where you can buy the education and tools you need to build your business and then turn around and resell them for the same price that you paid for them, (maybe even more if you’re a creative copywriter,) while still keeping a copy, then I would love to hear about it because I want in!

Do you remember when you were in college and after the semester was over how you’d try to sell the books back to the book store? How much money did they give you for those used books? You didn’t get diddly-squat back! And it didn’t matter that you’d only opened the book up twice in the few months that you used it! You were lucky if you got a quarter of what you paid for it back.

It’s just like when buying a brand new car, the value drops drastically as soon as you drive it off the lot!

Well, thanks to the digital revolution all of that has changed. You can reuse digital information over and over again and not have to worry about coffee stains ruining the pages, or Fido eating the corners off, like you do with physical products.

Therein lie’s another secret. The great thing about digital information is that not only can you use it over and over again without devaluing the original product; with RR you can also sell it over and over again.

How cool is that?

So, check out the different types of resale rights that are available. You’ll have the ability to not only re-coup your initial investment on your business building and educational tools, but you also have the option of making a profit from them as well. It all depends on your marketing skills.

Ambrose Avery is a Certified Life-Coach, author and Internet Marketer. For more resale rights, tips, tools, and resources check out,

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