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To Be Fat Like Me HD Full Movie Watch Online Free HQ 720p Kaley Cuoco

February 14, 2015 25 Comments

Stars: Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Halstrom, Michael Phenicie

An physically fit teenager dons a fat suit as part of a film project to experience the hardships facing overweight high school students.

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  1. Darly Souza says:

    Overweight people deserve respect just like everybody else, but it’s
    important to say that unlike many health problems, obesity can be treated
    and frequently in a inexpensive and non-invasive manner. Seeking
    psychological and nutritional advice, following an exercise routine and
    adopting better habits takes a lot of effort and commitment, but the payoff
    goes far beyond looks or being socially accepted. It’s all about quality of
    life, better health and self-esteem. On the other hand, Kaley portrays the
    orthorexic, who over exercises and deprives herself from all the pleasure
    in eating. If you can’t eat a piece of cake made to celebrate your
    accomplishment, you might be further from balance than you imagine. As a
    dietitian, I see the hazards of both extremes in my patient’s health, but
    the second (Orthorexia nervosa) is considered inspirational. Healthy eating
    doesn’t mean you can’t have pleasure with your meals. If it’s unrealistic,
    it’s not healthy. 

  2. Simphany says:

    Also, it’s funny cause this is what, 2001? Now that nerdy guy is like the
    hottest most indie-hipster sex thing ever XD culture …

  3. Sabrina Maruszewski says:

    I also think this movie over does it. Seriously I was not treated this way
    in high school. 

  4. Amina Alger says:

    Skinny people have problems too , like me i was always being skinny and i
    hate my skinny body 🙁 i wish i was a little bit fat than i am :(

  5. Lorretta Lewis says:

    wow what a bitch to her mum!makes me super angry as my mum died from cancer

  6. lilaussiegal01 says:

    They could atleast tell us if she won the contest hahaha

  7. CLASSICDUH says:

    I hate how people make fun of fatties, but then treat anorexic people with
    sympathy. Find a balance for each! They are equally unhealthy, just on
    opposite sides of the scale

  8. hesukia eirene says:

    I know not all Americans behave like this. But I am from Nigeria and this
    weight thing is overrated. Nobody likes a skinny girl where I am from. I am
    kinda skinny but I have a fat younger brother and I also have this fat
    friend. Whenever my friend and I walked on the road, men paid her
    compliments and ignored me like I was not there. So I do not have the
    impression that skinny is attractive. I just think it is less expensive to
    shop as a size 2. I seriously do not want to spend money the same way my
    fat friends spend in buying the same type of clothes with me just because
    they are bigger. I think America has just pushed this skinny/fit idea too
    much. That someone looks different from what you are used to seeing does
    not mean the person should be treated differently. Nice movie.

  9. Thomas Jones says:

    I’m fat and ye I’m popular that’s because I’m strong and what I mean by
    strong I can bentch 150kg and I’m 14 I don’t push my waight around I talk
    to people resanable ask them what’s there deal I lost 2 stone by doing
    presups sit-ups benching planking and the final one crunches I like the way
    I am I keep strong and bild your hopes up I have ADHD and no medicaton
    because I keep strong and sorry about the spelling I have dislexia if u
    have problems like I suffer with keep ur chin up comment ur felling about
    my life and leave yours I’ll try and get back to u

  10. Joy Gandolfini says:

    I’ve been a bbw all my life, there were times that I was a size 16 and
    gorgeous, I wasn’t happy with myself. I wanted to be comfortable . When I
    hit the 250 mark, at a size 22-24 I was very happy and comfortable with my
    body. I was solid and all thru my H.S. I dealt with people who weren’t so
    kind to girl my size. I was big, yes, I was teased, and I suffered those
    years from so many who thought they were better than me. It held me back,
    it made me suffer and it kept me from becoming the person I should have
    been all along. The one thing I know about my soul and spirit, I would
    never hurt someone because of how they look or how much they weighed. I’m
    not long for this world, now that I am older and losing the battle with so
    many troubles, so I look forward to my next life, in hopes I will be able
    to succeed in my path. I don’t want to be perfect, I only want to be happy.

  11. Vegan Potato Star says:

    Just eat a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet. Eat as much as you want and still
    lose weight and be super healthy with very little exercise. This lifestyle
    has no meat, dairy, eggs or vegetable oils, but the foods you can eat are
    very satisfying. Just look up Engine 2 Diet (no, this is not spam). There
    are many FREE educational videos about it on YouTube. There is also a
    website with FREE recipes. It’s rated the third healthiest diet for heart
    health and diabetes. You can even eat pizza and corn chips!! Do not starve
    yourself to lose weight, just eat the right foods.

  12. Helga Haper says:

    I had a fat friend. She was nice to me; but one day I found out she had
    talked behind my back, saying to a boy that I was a filthy slut because I
    hit on all the gorgeous boys I see (which was true, but she didn’t have the
    right to tell him).
    so I started hating not only her but all fat women. And I still do. My
    favorite past-time is to slander them by saying how hideous their flabby
    body is.

  13. Naive Poom says:

    fat people fucking disgust me

  14. Anne Enven says:

    I wish they could do an Ugly Like Me movie. I have a very ugly face and
    people treat me like crap because of my face. No one usually believes that

  15. priest3332 says:

    This movie was released in 2007, the same year the Big Bang Theory first
    aired. No wonder I keep thinking… Knock, Knock, Knock Penny…Knock,
    Knock, Knock Penny…. :)

  16. Kayli McMurray says:

    She was such a bitchy brat to her mom! It’s like she could change and
    apologize to everyone else but she kept back stabbing her mom! Like
    sheesh….. Plus her mom isn’t even that big, and honestly bigger girls are
    more fun to hug and more fun to hang with. Yeah it’s fun to have the
    occasional hang out exercise friend who can help you with a diet, but hey
    parties with pizza are totally fun. And I hate the word fat, it hurts me to
    hear that word to describe people, honestly everyone is beautiful in their
    own way, it’s on the inside and it truly is. Because what we do and think
    and say is what makes us, us. Not how pretty we are. That can be a part of
    it but the outcome of life and making friends and doing things is to be
    ourselves and that’s what makes us different, that’s what makes us want to
    be friends with people. 

  17. WindsofStrife says:

    People today are so hoodwinked by the Government. The reason they brainwash
    these kids about not being obese so that they will ‘be healthy’ and so that
    they will not ‘cost the health system’ is such a load of rubbish. The truth
    is that what they really want is to make the people who can work… have to
    pay an exorbitant amount of taxes to the Government, which supposedly goes
    towards the health system, and towards helping those who need to be on
    welfare. Then what they do is they want everyone to be healthy so that all
    the money stays with the Government instead, and they line their own
    pockets with all the cash. And they do everything in their power to keep
    those who truly need to be on welfare from getting it, for the same reason.
    All the money stays in the Government’s pockets instead. But they brainwash
    these kids nowadays into believing otherwise. I know this because I lived
    in America all my life, then moved to the UK where is is Socialist. And
    that is the way that it works. It is horrible trying to get decent health
    care when you are on welfare. And the Government is very devious about
    trying to pocket all the welfare money for themselves instead of actually
    giving it to those who need the money. I have a disability and it has been
    a nightmare.

    Believe me when I tell you that they couldn’t really care less about your
    health. They care about pocketing the money of the taxpayers for
    themselves, and that is why they want to dictate to the people what they
    should and should not eat. It costs them less money on healthcare so that
    they can keep all the money for themselves. 

  18. Manchester Wine says:

    Cool a movie with PENNY!!!! 🙂 

  19. Cielo Pantoja Velez says:

    Not only fat people are judged. I’m not fat and I barely have friends.
    Humanity is the worst species on earth.

  20. 23RedTechno says:

    Damn girl don’t talk to you’re mom like that , my would punch my teeth out

  21. vamosama says:

    Been fat for years (not fat anymore) and was always mercilessly teased even
    by my own family members. The scars stay with you for a very long time.

  22. Colleen williams says:

    She was mean to her mom in the Start. I would never be allowed to talk to
    my mom like that. 

  23. TheCommenter says:

    Good film with a good message. My only problem really was when the mom was
    letting the son eat unhealthy and didn’t want to make him stop because it
    was “his life” or whatever. I didn’t like that. The mom should be feeding
    her son healthy. The daughter was right, does the mom really want him to
    end up nearly did in a hospital like her? When he’s 18 and an adult fine,
    let him do whatever he wants cause it will be his life. But she shouldn’t
    allow and encourage poor health habits while he’s a kid. Just look at Billy
    Robins. He was the world’s heaviest teen, and it was because his mother
    didn’t stop but enabled his unhealthy foods and eating habits. And by the
    time he was 19 he was almost completely immobile and very depended of his
    mother. On top of that, he had no life except for his tv, videogames and
    junkfood. I know this was just a film but parents should enforce healthy
    eating habits. Unless they want to slowly kill their child. 

  24. Airreona El-Amin says:

    Her friend that’s helping her with the project is SOO JALOUSIE of HER!!!!!

  25. Daisylily says:

    she’s not super skinny like they see her 

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