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Work hard, play hard: the Richard Branson business plan

February 19, 2015 50 Comments

Richard Branson is one of Britain’s and the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. His maverick style has taken him to extremes, not only in business but also in pleasure, making him a global brand.


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What They Don't Teach in Business School about Entrepreneurship

Part of 2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship.
Description: A group of entrepreneurs talk about what they learned in the trenches that they never could have learned in a classroom. The panelists will also share the courses that were most helpful to them in their entrepreneurial ventures, the courses that they wished they had taken, and the topics that business schools should be teaching to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Comments (50)

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  1. AllcopsRcunts says:

    Thanks for the Buffering, You Lying fuck. 

  2. BritishRail60062 says:

    I respect the guy to be honest and a lot of other wealthy people could
    learn a lot from him in my opinion. Richard Branson is one of the few
    successful business entrepreneurs that hasn’t forgotten his roots and earns
    my respect.

  3. Global Conversation says:

    Billionaire Richard Branson answered some of your questions in this edition
    of ‘Global Conversation’. Tune in now to watch the interview:

  4. Željko Serdar says:

    Prošlo je godinu dana od razgovora s Richard Bransonom, vrijedi ga
    pogledati još jednom. Ps. naravno, ako se vidite u poduzetnim vodama, ako
    ste u javnim službama i tamo vam je dobro, ne gledajte ovo. Hvala.
    Work hard, play hard: the Richard Branson busines…:

  5. Philip Celander says:

    I started out wanting to hear what Branson had to say about business but
    found myself looking at the Horrible production values in this show. Did
    they employ ab BLIND cameraman or was he so uninterested in the production
    he FAILED to notice his reflection in the mirror behind the presenter? At
    one point it looks like he’s eating something! CHECK YOUR FRAME GUYS!!!!
    The director should have been fired as well. This is the unfortunate state
    of television production these days – UNPROFESSIONAL AND SLOPPY!

  6. Sage Mantis says:

    Capitalism is great for everyone, corporatocracy isn’t. We live in a
    corporatocracy now. The good news is we don’t have to replace the entire
    economic system, we just have to restrain what’s out of control with the
    system. That is feasible.

  7. Jayden Lawson says:

    Shame the Virgin Galactic thing didn’t happen.

  8. UK Business Listings and News says:

    Richard Branson – Billionaire, businessman and serial tax avoider.

    headlines in the 1990s about him setting up trusts to avoid tax. Nothing
    new under the sun. Tax law is complicated and varies from country to
    country so businesses and individuals can pay to minimise their tax

    legal and understandable. Once the zeros appear on the end of the bank
    balance the belief in all paying their fair tax share changes rapidly. we
    are all human after all.

  9. Oli Mercer says:

    This man truly is an inspiration, he is happy, successful, well spoken and
    legitimately cares about others. He is a role model for young people to
    follow, not Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber. This man is the present and is
    helping to make our world a better place.

  10. Nam Oneko says:

    Work smart, play hard and live a digital life style .. check this out;

  11. Michael Clark says:

    4:00 Illuminati.

  12. Martin Vahi says:

    I guess that the philanthropy of Bill Gates is truly fake, just another
    marketing campaign, public relations stunt, because if he really wanted the
    world around him to flourish also a bit further than the people that he
    personally meets and at places, where he personally moves around, then in
    stead of the “philanthropy” he would change the politics of Microsoft so
    that Microsoft would not be the big, gigantic, industry bully that lobbies
    for software patents and buys off (juridically correctly) corrupt
    politicians in Europe. Another thing, where Bill Gates would invest, were
    the QUALITY of Windows software and software development technology in

    I do not know about the Virgin company, but I’m sure some of the working
    condition might be improved there, at some place, and may by Virgin
    Galactic should try to develop hydrogen production plants for producing
    cleaner fuel for the Virgin air-liners. Cheap hydrogen would allow the
    Virgin air-liners to install bigger seats to their air-liners for the same
    ticket price. It’s also kind of ironic, that Mr. Richard Branson is a
    Britt, while his development company, Virgin Galactic, declares that due to
    the fact that rocket technology is related to United States military
    interests no people from outside of the United States will be hired.

    Yes, I am bitter, but where am I mistaken?

  13. Simeon Hill says:

    Watch this again and count every time he says “you know” . He says it so
    fast sometimes i, counted 194 times 

  14. lomparti says:

    Isabelle is really cute

  15. Rai Bahadur Singh says:

    If the businessmen brag to have more political power than others, why they
    failed to solve Syrian and Ukrainian crisis. 

  16. Dusty Showers says:

    Awesome. #BransonRocks. 

  17. Natalya Pyatina says:

    Richard Branson is the greatest person of our time. I hope he will live
    long life and continue to do what he loves!

  18. Alfred Charles Gutteridge says:

    Richard Branson… A man with a true global vision.

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  20. Secret Web Formula says:

    Top business guy in my opinion his spirit is infectuous

  21. Mario Capo says:

    It seems Billionaires become so accustomed to being rich, it has the same
    feeling as being normal. But instead of having a growing desire to get even
    richer, you can help people because you already know you made it. This is
    the key difference to billionaires and millionaires.

  22. Thomas C says:

    Skrew it!!!! Lets do it!!!! bahahahah

  23. ronfeggio says:

    People wonder why governments are going broke while 100 people get filthy
    Off shore tax shelters for corporations…
    Tax loopholes….

    And now the rich guys want us to believe they are better at solving the
    world’s problems than people and their governments.

    Perhaps…we should go back to the times when a few wealthy men had almost
    total control over everyone else.

  24. Dr. Blann says:

    Geez, she asks stupid questions

  25. caerulea0 says:

    Lucky and special guy 

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