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10 Big Businesses That Worked With The Nazis

April 19, 2015 25 Comments

What do Coca Cola, Nestle, and Volkswagen have in common? Slavery, abuse and torture ÔÇŽ behind their happy smiley adverts, these companies have a dark past. Check out 10 Big Businesses that worked with the Nazis to see whether your favourite brands are lurking behind the worst war crimes in history.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Adolf Hitler –

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  1. CaqSnap says:

    Dafuq?! Most of them ARE German companies, do u expect those companies to
    supply countries like England and America who were against the Nazi´╗┐

  2. Alltime10s says:

    If you learn’t something new, don’t forget to hit the LIKE button!!


  3. Feebas says:

    The allies weren’t a lot better than the nazis… But hey, what can I say,
    history is written by the winners.´╗┐

  4. sparkfire47 says:

    OMG! never buying form these companies again!…..*takes sip of coke*´╗┐

  5. RelaxAndTroll says:

    I heard youtube even helped the nazi’s post propaganda videos´╗┐

  6. Grorious Reader says:

    I wonder how terrible we would be portrayed if germany had won´╗┐

  7. Shlomo Shekelburg says:

    And no one in Germany knew about the gas chambers until after the war. This
    is because there were none.´╗┐

  8. Owen Jones says:

    Standard Oil? Bunch of greedy bastards willing to associate with the Nazis.
    A US based company aswell.
    Pathetic. Just pathetic.

  9. Persona Ohnlyne says:

    Siemens is missing from the list. They built the gas chambers used in
    concentration camps, among other things.´╗┐

  10. hattar00 says:

    Where is the list of businesses that work the US government? Note: I didn’t
    say “work with”.´╗┐

  11. Fillisel says:

    “& many were worked to death.”

    England & Europe did the same to native Americans, but that wasn’t wrong at

  12. Super Hans says:

    This makes Mein F├╝hrious.´╗┐

  13. kakadu says:

    the biggest nazis are israel and usa´╗┐

  14. thatonebronyguy says:

    The Holocaust happened (now watch all the butthurt neo nazi faggots get

  15. TyperVG says:

    Next: 10 Big Businesses That Worked With The Illuminati´╗┐

  16. CpKreFLeX says:

    Hi im Chris im from germany im 17 and i just want you all to know that i
    dont feel sorry for anything that happened in the 3 reich .You know all you
    american cunts are so proud of Your country , so am i Ôťî But now there are
    american people that say , you cant be proud because of The holocaust n
    shit .Man fuck that , whats up with them black and native people that
    america killed? Just your whole country is build up by the blood of lost
    souls , n all i hear is usa usa usa.When i say i love my country , then
    there comes mr america saying things like remember 1933-1945? American
    bullshit as always when you speak.Its too stupid to judge something
    happened by the time that went by from then .So it does not make a
    difference if something happened 70 or 300 years.So im not saying that what
    happened is your fault , i just want you to think before talking stupid
    shit that fits exactly in your Position Ôťî´╗┐

  17. Yeah,i guess so says:

    Dafuq standard oil why´╗┐

  18. Britney Danielle says:

    Germans, Germany, not Hilter are the ones who were evil. American big
    business is/was. They couldn’t have had a war without Americas big business
    helping them. Sorry but this is the truth. WWII is a scam and even the
    movies at the times remark on it.´╗┐

  19. Sam Coker says:

    I much prefer national socialist Germany to Obamas America, or this
    communist European union. ´╗┐

  20. Storm Gemios says:

    What about Mercedes-Benz? They’re a big car company. Hitler even owned a

  21. JarneDerZweite says:

    whats the music?´╗┐

  22. drakolla210 says:

    And Adidas was actually found by a Nazi leader´╗┐

  23. ShadowMonster520 says:

    FORD!!! Never liked ford anyway, I’m a chevy guy.´╗┐

  24. Abdulaziz Mahasen says:

    10 Big Businesses That Worked With The Nazis:´╗┐

  25. Kuba Cywiński says:

    Oh no! I am never going to get in any BMW of Ford again! Oh no, that’s nazi
    and racist!
    I don’t really know why is that racist, but it obviously is!
    Coca-cola? Oh hell no, never gonna drink that nazi cover up again! It is
    time for Pepsi to come
    Hugo Boss? Fashion? Oh no, I never liked it anyway
    Oil? Insurance? No! They should have refused to give it to germans, even
    though they paid. That’s not how the business works!´╗┐

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