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March 20, 2015 50 Comments

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Coast To Coast AM - March 16, 2015  Health News & AI Advancements

Coast To Coast AM – March 16, 2015 Health News & AI Advancements

In the first half, biomedical research pioneer Dr. Joel Wallach spoke about the human body’s innate ability to heal itself through natural means and supplementation. Our current health care system does not encourage people to take care of themselves, and Big Pharma seeks to treat people over long periods of time, as they wouldn’t make as much money curing people of their ailments in a matter of months, he commented. For thousands of years, humans unknowingly supplemented their diet with minerals by putting wood ashes in their gardens, but with the advent of electricity, people stopped burning wood, and encountered more health problems from mineral deficiencies, he said.

The top 20 cultures for longevity around the world all have rare earth (trace minerals) in their soil, he reported. Vegans, he noted, need to supplement their diet with extra nutrients, unless they’re living in an environment that is very high in minerals. Wallach argued that cholesterol is an essential nutrient, and not actually the source of problems. But the statin drugs that are prescribed to millions cause a variety of diseases and disorders including Alzheimer’s and hormonal imbalances, he remarked. For more, check out Dr. Wallach’s show, Dead Doctors Radio.


In the second half, author James Barrat talked about the quickly approaching time when we will share our planet with intelligent machines, and addressed how corporations and government agencies are pouring billions into AI, and the possible dangers that may come with this technology. Artificial neural networks based on the way the human mind works have dramatically increased the power of AI software in the last year, and big players like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are acquiring AI companies, with plans to harness the technology for business purposes, he detailed.

While inventor Ray Kurzweil and roboticist Rodney Brooks told Barrat they’re optimistic about the coming of AI– they believe it’s not an alien invasion but machines we create ourselves, sci-fi legend Arthur C. Clarke’s comment that “intelligence will win out in whatever form,” planted a seed of doubt in Barrat’s mind. As all electronic products become “cognitized” in a smart grid, users will have incredible conveniences, yet they will also become more vulnerable and dependent, he cautioned. While Kurzweil believes we can create all the nuances of the human brain in a machine, Barrat expressed concern, and suggested that we shouldn’t anthropomorphise robots– they are machines who do not think like us, and may have their own goals and agendas as their intelligence expands.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Milk Meat Eggs says:

    Orange juice is not unhealthy, obviously freshly squeezed is better, but
    the commercial ones are still fine as long as they don’t have a lot of
    additives, sugar is not the enemy, specially not from fruit, what kind of
    diet are you on? Looks like a high protein low carb paleo diet from that
    flabby arm.

  2. Pop Kiiss says:

    OMG I can’t stop eating wheat ! It’s impossible

  3. Mark Tassi says:

    You can’t gain weight drinking orange juice. The best way is to drink it
    with as much pulp as possible. If I’m going to eat oranges for a meal, it
    will have to be 5 to 10 lbs. Much less is starvation given the low calorie
    nature and high water content of the fruit.

  4. mrs kathleen gust says:

    Everything in moderation. It’s not rocket science. Keep an eye on your

  5. Mark Tassi says:

    Cacao isn’t healthy. If people want chocolate, I recommend carob.

  6. trovey02 says:

    OK, time to stop eating…everything is bad…LOL

  7. Health Facts says:

    I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is
    a healthy you.

  8. LosingDrea says:

    Love your videos, what you say and all you stand for. Your amazing and I
    know if I eat the foods you mention that I am most successful at losing
    weight and not starving. I mean not that its good but I don’t drink all the
    water I am supposed to and I don;t hardly exercise and eating just these
    foods and avoiding the ones you suggest be avoided I LOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL
    FANTASTIC! SO keep up the great work, I just shared your video on my
    Facebook and I hope the 500+ followers from the Weight-Loss Community here
    on Facebook watch and subscribe to you to. Many thanks and keep up the
    wonderful work you do, your amazing, and you look amazing!

  9. Sparky Channel says:

    Excellent video. I subscribed and “liked” your video. :)

  10. sebial s says:

    i like her mic, kind of unleashes the mystery behind it :). btw i like u
    and i agree with everything u say. 

  11. Douglasville Darling says:

    I love the “cue crushed souls” haha It is so hard for me to not feel like
    Mariah Carey is giving me health advice

  12. torontoguitar92 says:

    Hey this is for the “Reasons to stop eating wheat” video posted in her
    other link:

    The first study says no significant difference was seen linking lectin and
    carcinomas. Plus, only the abstract is available and i doubt you paid to
    read the whole thing. The second paper isn’t even a research study, it is
    hypothetical. Only inference into agarian diet and increased mortality was
    seen as insignificant anyways. Plus the majority of the paper focuses on
    lifestyle as risk factors as well as “western” diet which is typical of
    high fat, that doesn’t imply wheat is the sole factor. The third paper is
    only an abstract, doubt you paid to read the whole thing. Though lectin was
    seen to increase platelet aggregation pathway. The fourth i couldn’t get
    to. The fifth study is from ONE individuals case study, and anyone who
    knows anything about academic research this shouldn’t even be used as
    leverage in your argument, you need better sources as it can’t be applied
    to a significant cohort. The sixth you also need to pay for to understand
    the whole idea. The synthesis is specific to celiac disease and pre
    existing gluten sensitivity. This has nothing to do with those who are not
    part of this cohort. The seventh study the subjects were placed into a room
    with significant amount of dust, flour and other air particles. OF COURSE
    its going to stimulate an inflammatory response, how many of us work in a
    bakery? How many people breathe in flour in those quantities?.. I encourage
    viewers to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, be critical thinkers, be critical of what
    is presented to you. Don’t take anything at face value.. Im not trying to
    say she doesn’t mean well, but the way the information is presented uses
    too many absolute values and does not account for other factors. Lets put
    it this way, if she used these references in an academic setting, for a
    university paper, presentation or literature review. She would fail…

    Stop using absolute statements, you’re deceiving the public.. Present
    information properly.You need more “may have”, “some studies have shown
    that” “though it is unclear”, “further research requires”, etc.. and less
    “never eat this, or that” top ten best this or that”, “causes this”,
    “causes that”, “because of this or that”, “directly does this”. All these
    YouTube health and nutrition wannabes/”experts” are making all this money
    by incorrectly presenting information and doing it in a fashion which
    appeals to the public, skewing data and not presenting the entire picture..
    Pathetic, but smart business i guess for people who don’t know much or
    inquire about things for themselves

  13. Veronica Videla says:

    Omg thanks for the info my boy has problems when he drinks regular milk and
    I have recently changed from soy to almond but I didn’t know about the
    hormones in soy milk .Thanks, I will stick with almond also MATE is my
    number one breakfast ingredient . Love your videos .

  14. Carolyn Munich says:

    I love my wine! It is going to be difficult to give up!

  15. hinojous039 says:

    thank God I can substitute wheat for cornflower , you are really
    inspirational for me , blessings 

  16. MisunderstoodAlpaca says:

    Artificial sweeteners are not “equally harmful” to sugar. Sugar, in
    moderation, is fine. Artificial sweeteners are harmful in any amount.

  17. Blove says:

    Thanks for your video, health is a forever theme for us!

  18. Samantha Greene says:

    shes like a young mariah carey without all the hot mess

  19. Talie Artista says:

    what are we supposed to eat if we should’t have white or whole wheat

  20. Marilyn Garcia says:

    This was very helpful
    Thanks for your honesty

  21. Mr & Mrs Hollywood TV says:

    Basically just poo pooed all the food I eat – bummer :(

  22. Sanne Van Assouw says:

    Wiet(you say it like wheat) means pot, the drug in Dutch 

  23. Ben David says:

    You and Scooby would make a great couple.

    Because you’re both broscientist-y as fuck. No respect.

  24. lemonadegirl2345 says:

    Omg you’re smart.Thanks alot

  25. Aris DArtist says:


  26. fooster101 says:

    Is Dr. Joel Wallach gonna start recommending people eat 15 eggs a day,
    again . . .

  27. phil gonzalez says:

    Funny how Noory discredits facts over fiction. When he can’t explain
    something. It must be God. He would rather promote convergence than
    acceptance to other people’s cultures and beliefs to become Christians.
    Just like Noory, people would rather follow the flock than stand Apart. …

  28. sgeo2008 says:

    Hmm? As I listen to Mr. Barrat talk about robots and artificial
    intelligence and what people say about aliens and I must do some
    comparisons: Aliens have no reproductive organs, yet their only purpose it
    seems is to reproduce; they have no compassion for human life, yet they
    have a need to study humans; intellectually they are further advanced than
    humans, yet they are compelled to come to humans for understanding of human
    emotions; they say they are us from the future, so why do they feel the
    need to come back in time? Leaves you with some very disturbing questions
    like where did all the people go in there time? We seriously need to tell
    them right now they cannot become us/human.

  29. James DeWeaver says:

    2:26:50 #Kurzweil is deluded truly way out there, looking forward to not
    seeing it happen to Ray!

  30. lecturesbeyondbeyond says:

    There are actually very succesful full healthy vegan people. Check out the
    raw food people who do it well and so on. He’s very wrong in saying it’s
    impossible without supplements. Everything is wrong if you do it wrong
    anyway. I think the most people that come on C2C and talk about health are
    very sales-oriented-self-proclamed-gurus and always have the attitude “that
    works and that doesn’t”. It’s also suspicious that this health-expert knows
    exactly what and how Steve Jobs ate.

    So if you’re interested in veganism, check out the people who do it. Then
    it’s not only about food – it’s about your attitude and spiritual
    development. And finally, when it’s time to “leave” it’s time to leave.

    Be well you all

  31. Andre Ellis says:


  32. Ressurrectio says:

    Meat as reverence in the Lord increases ones longevity. This is evident in
    now senile liberals at any Trader Joes, all with like nutritional
    deficiencies, overtly displayed inc thinning hair, a feeble composure (&
    other premature ailments generally bestowed upon lab mice) imbibing on an
    irreverent cocktail of false doctrine as they ebb to & fro from the meat
    isle hampered by their convictions meddling with one’s desire for vitality
    with the nebulous infinity looming ever so close.. The problem arises when
    the animals that furnish the steak are fed #4 plu codes (conventionally
    grown with pesticides or even worse yet a 3 or 8 Irradiated &/or GMO,

    Then are the anti-inflammatory inhibitors & antibiotics administered to a.)
    counter the resistance by livestock to partake in this laced feed stock as
    well as to then prevent their organs from rejecting this rancid intake.
    Ideally cattle for instance should be started & finished on grass not grain
    while imbibe on non-fluoridated unfiltered Spring Water transported in
    glass or stainless steel cisterns.

    Meat, organically grown or atleast inc rich in natural fats is a very
    healthy part of a balanced diet. Veganism as new age philosophy is a
    travesty spoken off in 1 Timothy 4 verse 3, 4, & 5.

    1:07:47 As for natural antibiotics I would suggest Oil of Oregano taken as
    two drops orally once daily.


    On the topic of AI’s I believe that robots should be employed in lieu of a
    workforce off which 70% jobs now suffered by humanity which could be very
    well eliminated with those doldrums relegated upon the hydraulics &
    circuits present in an AI’s structure. These could then be taxed at 90% to
    finance our utopian goldilocks zone were all residents of earth could
    partake as wards of the welfare state. There would be no need for borders
    nor war as our mechanized servitors would consort with one another
    performing the indignity now bequeathed upon the bestial rank & file
    furthering the advancement of humanity by the grace of Jesus.

  33. Tom Ford says:

    I’m sure Noory doesn’t give a damn whether you like him or not. As long as
    you listen it’s gold in his pockets.

  34. American Monster says:

    “Are they albino rhinos?”
    CLassic George Noory STyLe… 

  35. John Clarke says:

    Maybe a robotic/android spouse is on the horizon ? And you will be married
    in church.
    Much the same idea that gay people have the right to marry.

  36. anthony tinevra says:


  37. jwesley0909 says:

    ugggh that first part is a rerun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  38. gene sherwood ll says:

    We have been taking Diatomaceous earth for a year now and it has completely
    changed our bellies for the better… Cleaned us out, the iron working pain
    in the body is gone and we feel amazingly energized. It kills allllll
    parasites in the body and cleansed the intestines and colon completely….
    we tell Everyone about it…. like the guy in the interview and People tend
    to not believe us…..but we are healthier than any people we know….cant
    be coincidence….

  39. Jeff Walsh says:

    Just curious, what’s with the USA, ISIS or anyone telling everyone what
    they are gonna do? This some kind of new war strategy? back in the day it
    would just get done. Anyways, in my opinion the White House is easy because
    the CIA are kinda already there LOL, but Big Ben and the Eiffel we’ll see .

  40. Sean Alan says:

    Wow…. The first half was very interesting, hopefully life changing for
    all that take it seriously. I do hope Dr. Wallach’s supplement packages are
    affordable to be attainable. 

  41. yooperlooper says:

    I’m not sure I want to live to be 250 the way things are going in the world

  42. fooster101 says:

    Dr Joel Wallach is an N.D. not an M.D.

  43. Orlando Romero says:

    Dr. Wallach : ” 75% of your brain wt. is cholesterol “.This gives new
    meaning to the terms lardhead or fathead.

  44. ruben rodriguez says:

    Weather the show is good or not so good. It’s always something I look
    forward too.
    The coast to coast crowd is an awesome bunch of people.
    I for one enjoy pretty much every show.

  45. Lightningbones1000 says:

    I just beat my computer at chess, I think we’ll be fine against AI.

  46. Tim Kepler says:

    Where can i get the image? it would be the perfect wallpaper for my linux
    server 🙁 …

  47. Lester Carriere says:

    There are mosquitoes in the soup and my boots smell like dinosaur teeth.
    Take the salsa but leave me the parachute. It’s gonna be cold. 

  48. anthony tinevra says:


  49. Juan Zavaleta says:

    Coast To Coast AM – March 16, 2015 Health News & AI Advancements

  50. Kyle White says:

    blablabla eh like yeah totally

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