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13 Beauty Hacks

March 28, 2015 25 Comments

Everything you want to know is right here…

*Remember to share your favorite beauty hacks/tricks below. 🙂

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Top: Tobi
Nails: Orly — Beach Cruiser

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Comments (25)

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  1. Teresa Mattes says:

    I’m upset about these two top comments saying she’s wearing too much makeup
    and saying she’s fake…. Like, oh my gosh she runs a beauty/makeup
    channel, yeah she’s going to wear a little fuller makeup look in her vids.
    But, most people would agree she does it pretty!! Whatever makes YOU feel
    pretty, go for it. Haters gonna hate. Also, she seems really nice and not
    fake. I just had to say something…. Uggghhhh, some people. _* Rant over.

  2. tiffany anne says:

    To remove my eye makeup I put a little dollop of vaseline on my eyes and
    massage gently for around 15 seconds, then wipe off with a damp napkin.
    Seriously removes any and all makeup from your eyes. I’ve been doing it for
    years. Also instead of a spoolie for my eyebrows I use an old clean mascara
    wand. If I have messed up eyebrow hairs, I spray the wand with a little bit
    of hair spray before combing them out. Works amazing.

  3. Shakira Diaz says:

    Am I the only one who noticed her wrist?

  4. Jada C. says:

    Who else keeps seeing that stupid geico song commercial?? Ugh I see it
    before EVERY vid 

  5. Jemma Love says:

    1. Instead of a hair dryer, try a lighter. lift the broken half of, burn
    under it and stick together.
    2. If your mascara dries out, take some eye drops and drop in!
    3. You can use baby powder or talc powder instead of dry shampoo to soak up
    that grease and to give volume.
    4. Instead of curling your lashes you can take the hairdryer from under and
    let the wind set your lashes in a curl.
    5. You can use hairspray to set your makeup or just eyebrows..
    6. You can use coconut oil for your hair, cuticles, lips, skin, makes it
    super soft.

  6. Kerri Fabian says:

    My beauty hack is for falsh lashes without falsh lashes…..apply a good
    coat of mascara to your lashes, then get baby powder and a q-tip. Dip the
    q-tip into the baby powder and coat your lashes with powder, then apply
    more mascara. Repeat if you want thicker lashes xo

  7. Marela9 says:

    It’s so weird to see how tons of people don’t know where to put perfume. 

  8. hasnain rehman says:

    I don’t know why am I watching this video at 3AM but I love this video. 

  9. Kasey Bowman says:

    an inexpensive way to collar your eyebrows is to use a rough eye brush and
    use eye shadow on your brows.
    a good way make sure your make up lasts all day is to spray it with hair
    spray when your done.
    when dying your hair, use a cottom swab (ear cleaner) and get it wet with
    the left over dye, go over your brows with it so your brows are the same
    colar as your hair.
    Love your videos <3 xoxo

  10. Lara T says:

    You would look prettier without that makeup. You got like 647242 tons of
    makeup on your face

  11. Bryn Brakeley says:

    Where did you get the blue shirt????

  12. Kimberly Steffer says:

    Another place I love to spray my perfume is on the back of my neck and on
    top of the back of my hair(if that makes sense). And the reason this is a
    must(when you want to leave the trail of goodness wherever u go) is because
    when u walk by someone, the perfume is all you smell! Also, I before there
    was brow gel, I would take my old toothbrush and spray it with hairspray
    and use that to set my brows. Or if I was out of hairspray, I would use
    hair gel :)

  13. Ariel Oliver says:

    Use baby oil when shaving your legs it works even better then conditioner
    and keeps your legs soft. You barley need any just about a nickel size in
    your palm for each leg no lotion needed plus makes it look Shiney 

  14. Elisabete Rodrigues says:

    A great beauty hack that i learnt not too long ago was that you can use a
    cotton swab like a blendingf brush 🙂 you ust have to pul the tip a litle
    bit ..

  15. Surbhi Malik says:

    Great video! Loved the part of lipstick on teeth. It was really funny. Got
    to tell a frnd of mine about the trick.
    The best trick I liked for myslef was the perfume one and the one that
    makes the lipstick last longer.
    The “vaseline and socks” trick is nice and I have used it and it actually
    does make the feet soft. The only difference is that I try to remove the
    socks after some time as it is not good from health perspective to wear
    socks while sleeping.(if I don’t fall sleep b4 removing them 😀 ) My sis
    also tried the same with hands using gloves with opening for fingers n it
    worked too. May b u can add that in ur later video. :)

  16. Nayla Leifson says:

    I love you with dark hair..

  17. Taylor Reese says:

    Oh and I love your video great hacks!! God bless! Jesus loves you

  18. Latisha Tejeda says:

    Use your toothbrush to clean dirty shoes! Works great!!! =D =P

  19. Christopher J Hudetz says:

    is it me or does she look like jennifer lopez??

  20. Natalie Samarin says:

    Use a lighter to heat the end of a eyeliner for 3 seconds let cool and
    better pigment

  21. Gemma W says:

    If your favourite lipstick is running out you can scrape it out of the tube
    and mix it with petroleum jelly. This will give you a tinted lip balm in
    your fave colour!

  22. Aisha A.R says:

    you are my favorite beauty youtuber omfg i love you

  23. Vanessa Munoz says:

    Use vasoline on the skin of your forehead and ears to prevent hair dye from
    staining your skin

  24. Zam Mars says:

    The only video that actually includes new life hacks. 

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