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Before and After Weight loss

April 6, 2015 49 Comments

We are all going to struggle but I was able to lose 90 pounds in 4 and a half months and you can too!!
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Fitness expert Jillian Michaels shows us the simple changes we can make to our diets to help us reach our weight loss goals in 2015!

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Comments (49)

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  1. Clara Perez says:

    *✍* Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing

  2. Senshi Kayazu says:

    I am so jealous of your butt..I lost 60 pounds and I lost like half of my
    butt 😀 well done girl!

  3. Frida Bach says:

    *>>What If I Told Everything You Know About Shopping For “Healthy” Fod And
    Eating Right Is Dead-Wrong ??>>*

  4. Julie E. Dunn says:

    >hat If I Told Everything You Know About Shopping For”Healthy “Fod And
    Eating Right Is Dead-Wrong ??

  5. lulu lizzard says:

    looks like you had a boob job????

  6. Lilly Wayne says:

    *Lose Weight Without Changing Your Diet!*

  7. Catherine Alex says:

    *Weight Loss Program, Lose 53 Pounds in 6 Weeks..*

  8. Jasmine Gooden says:

    This video is very inspiring to me because i have always been over weight
    all my life tbh ima 7th grader and the over weight process began when i
    started kindergarten and I’ve just been struggling to lose weight each year
    and i feel depressed and upset because of my weight because i know that I’m
    unhealthy and can look waaaay better than how i do ,but this video have me
    a sign off hope no lie , it’s motivated me so much that i have been trying
    my hardest to lose weight and it’s kinda working …. But anyway i how to
    lose more weight and I thank u sooooo much Misspinkmeltsaway (Katie) for
    sharing me this video u are amazing !!!!! ☺❤

  9. playandrepeat says:

    You felt tired because you’re eating crap like Cheerios. That’s not real
    food. It has no nutrition. Start your day with something like a green
    smoothie that won’t hinder your weight loss and yet energize you like
    crazy. This just goes to show that you can lose weight the wrong way, but
    it won’t be the correct way or the most healthful way. 

  10. says:

    There is a 3 WEEK Diet Plan that works on

  11. Dragan Krstic says:

    Hi all of you… Could anyone of you recommend me some decent and proven
    weight loss program for my wife, you have used, or you know someone used it
    and it was succesfull ? She has huge problem with obesity. She has tried
    different methods and trainings but no one really worked for her(last time
    she lost 13 pounds in about 3 weeks and now she is gaining pounds again).
    If anyone knows any decent and reliable weight loss program, please
    suggest!Thanks in advance people 🙂 It would mean a lot to ,me and my girl

  12. Christina D. Rogers says:

    Your Before and After Weight loss is totally amazing! Actually i’m reading
    the new Ricky Dawson’s free report “The 7 Golden Tips” . It contains a lot
    of valuable information on how to drop pounds . Thank you again for
    inspiring me!

  13. En Arg Blatte Talar says:

    Honestly… I think you’re hot either which way. o.o I have a wide taste, I
    find both fat girls and slim girls attractive. It depends on what the
    person looks like in their shell, really, some people can pull it off and
    some can’t. You pulled both off. In your case, I notice that when you were
    fat all of the weight went to your behind – not your stomach – and big

    Excuse me. I shall shut up now.

  14. Mikayla Pandas says:

    That’s so amazing. And hey, stretch marks are cute. You’re just part tiger
    now ;D

  15. Alysha Mercy says:

    I’ve myself lost a lot of weight without workout or hard diet, just with a
    great natural pill! You can get one month free on this site:
    You have nothing to pay, you can just try it and see if it’s work for you

  16. nicky nm says:

    you look *amazing*! keep it up:)
    *btw I noticed you had cellulite when you were heavier was it just me or
    did it fade away as you lost the weight?!?* pls answer:(

  17. Miri Ketchum says:

    dat song tho <3 gotta love it. and congrats on your weight loss!!! also in
    my own experience, an avocado a day really boosts metabolism!!! i used to
    get hungry all the time and would have to be like: breakfast, snack, lunch,
    snack, dinner, snack. like all the time because i would always get hungry
    but now all i have for breakfast is like half a cup of cereal and
    pineapple. then for lunch i just have some guacamole and crackers. and i
    literally almost never have dinner but when i do i have pineapple and a few
    slices of cheese. that's literally it. my metabolism has increased
    DRAMATICALLY!!!! fuck those who say avocados are bad for you, they are
    really not 🙂 

  18. memosh zu says:

    i am 52 kg and i have been struggling for a year just to lose 4 kg and i
    didn’t :'(

  19. sam summers says:

    I can’t seem to get passed 140lbs. Its very discouraging. My heaviest
    weight was 160. I’m 142. I’ve gotten to 140 and then bang! It all stops
    from there. People say I’ve hit a plateau but its been like that for a
    year. No matter what I do…

  20. Tiffany Vanderbilt says:

    Whenever I feel like my motivation is slipping away, I just go and watch
    this video to stay on track. You are such an inspiration. 

  21. mustafa salah says:

    how did u gat thes boobs ???

  22. Bufekana says:

    i just wanted to ask how old are you?

  23. Victoria Finnseth Stenersen says:

    You look really good 🙂 In my opinion those implants are too big, but I
    prefer small boobs, so that’s not so weird :p

  24. theHoax100 says:

    Hi may I ask what body type are you? Because I kinda have the same body
    type as you but I don’t know if I’m Apple etc

  25. Tee Mee says:

    Jillian Michaels needs her own daytime TV show breaking down the health
    differences with food consummation, giving exercise tips, showing the best
    workout routines and meal planning. Then have on guest that have lost
    weight or struggling with weight tell their story. That would be perfect
    for her and Americans in general. ATTENTION!!!! WENDY SHOW! PITCH THIS IDEA
    TO HER!!!

  26. trfrierson says:

    I with wendy fat is good lol. But I have steak every blue moon. Probably
    once a year.

  27. Dorlande Pearce says:

    Portion control is my biggest issue

  28. ali luzze says:

    i made peace with myself im never gona loose weight. its so complicated.
    food is such a weekness.

  29. Marie Lucambé says:

    Love me some Jillian Michaels!

  30. RoyalMasterpiece says:

    Great tips. I love Jillian Michaels. 

  31. Candace Dawn says:

    I like how she said that you don’t have to save the sweet treat for the

  32. Justin Domingo says:

    LOVED today’s show!!! Jillian Michaels and Angela Basset?!?!?! What?? Plus
    the cherry on top herself Mrs. Hunter?!?AMAZING.

  33. Penny for your thoughts? says:

    I like Jillian Michaels now that’s she’s toned things down a bit. She’s
    softened her personality somewhat, and when you come on really aggressively
    it puts people of your message – and she’s got a really good message.

  34. Ai Rong Lin says:

    (Sigh) I was going to make a joke here about how Jillian Michaels just
    wasted 6:21 rambling on about “not eating things that aren’t food”, when
    she recreationally puts other things into her mouth (ahem) that just will
    not do for long term health… But I’ll skip it. 

  35. Mariah Braxton-Wyatt says:

    Jillian is my favorite of them all! If she didn’t make her DVDs, I wouldn’t
    gave lost the 45 pounds I gained while pregnant with my daughter. I snapped
    right back with zero stretch marks! *I LOVE THIS WOMAN!*

  36. Yvonne Njuguna says:

    The HUGE crush I have on Jillian… siiigghhh!

    She can do NO wrong. <3

  37. Wendy Williams says:
  38. Catherine Yim says:

    LOL when wendy said “SOMETHING SO BIG” got me laughing.

  39. Nik Saphirrez says:

    I have no problem exercising BUT eating healthy is SO HARD. It’s like my
    body doesn’t have a “I’m full” button.

  40. Alina Danilchenko says:

    Im still waiting to gain weight since I went vegan, I’m eating all the
    carbohydrates I care for. White potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, beans, are
    all my staple foods. They keep me full and energized for hours!

  41. vavou951 says:

    I LOVE FAT TOO !!!! (Im a fatso in my head don’t judge me ^^)

  42. Jacquéline Ramirez says:

    OMG!!…Wendy is like a hungry baby…lol…she sure love food…x


    i’d marry jillian in an instant 

  44. MsFancypants9 says:

    ‘Heart-healthy fat’ in a steak?? ahahahaha *continues laughing for 10 yrs*

  45. 12078098 says:

    Hilarious Wendy. I’m glad we don’t have to go all the way to Jerusalem

  46. Mohamad Imran Musannif says:

    Love you Jillian! Thanks Wendy for bringing her to your show!

  47. Jennifer Donovan says:

    I love Wendy and watch everyday and watch the after show ever day but that
    drule / slerpy thing she does when talking about food drives me crazy!! It
    just gorse, the sound… yuk!

  48. misspopicon says:

    Ive been dieting for a few weeks now and lemme tell you that tofu is my new
    best friend. At first I thought it tasted like crap and had a weird squishy
    feel to it but one day my mom added srirasha sauce & oyster sauce and it
    totally changed the taste!! Try it

  49. RaybRay89 says:

    Man, I can’t stand Jillian.

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