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Best motivational video ever for creative people and startups..

April 23, 2015 30 Comments

Best motivational video ever for creative people and startups..

Put forth the idea before it is late.. One of the best motivational video..

Elon Musk lists the requirements needed to starting a business based on his own experience.

Date: August 31, 2014
Elon was 43 years old

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  1. Julio Aliaga says:

    #creatividad No somos niños, pero nos tomamos nuestros trabajos sin ideas

    Cada nuevo trabajo es un mundo nuevo, en el que aprender y descubrir en el
    que el riesgo no tiene importancia comparado con la aventura de crear, de
    ver y sentir con los sentidos de nuestro cliente.

  2. Lori Razo says:

    Best Motivational Video | Creativity

    You have an idea??? Implement the idea. Believe in yourself.

    #creativepeople #creativeidea #motivationalvideos 

  3. Kevfactor says:

    Being an adult sucks.

  4. NoCheapThrillTV says:
  5. efraem marasigan says:
  6. Syed Bisyru says:
  7. AdelesLifexoxo says:
  8. Amalan Dhananjayan says:

    I have saved this link in my Google Keep and watch whenever I think that I
    need a Motivation…!
    Also I share with friends…!
    Hope you like it too…!


    Everything is possible – immer wieder schön anzuschauen.

    Im allgemeinen braucht es viel Motivation und Energie sein Ding durch
    ziehen zu wollen. Hier ein Video um sich zwischen durch zu motivieren.

  10. David LaSanta says:

    Im greater than a Jedi waiter’s light saber
    With flavor tastier than haters heat at beach bakers

  11. James Hughes says:

    motivational videos are gay, so is my good friend.

  12. Yalçın Ergül says:
  13. Atomkit says:

    creative people and startups..

  14. Saswata Nandi says:
  15. 7Langit says:

    Khusus untuk para tenaga kreatif dan startups! Keep your hard work! Awesome
    week is about to begin 😉 Best motivational video ever for creative people
    and startups..

  16. Simon Byrne says:

    *A Great Story For Business Startups & Belief*

    Don’t wait and regret it – Do It Today …

    or be part of the story 🙂


  17. Sailor Info Tech says:

    really inspire video
    Best motivational video ever for creative people and startups..

  18. Michelle Marsh says:

    SO dumb. If your schools didn’t focus so much on testing and exams that
    CRUSH the creativity out of people you wouldn’t be in this state. Students
    here have to know the right answer and too afraid to think on their own.
    That is not going to be fixed by a video saying “you can do it.” You have
    to change the goal of your educational system. Encourage free thinking at
    school, and allow students to question the so-called “right” answer. Then
    your citizens might be more brave in their ideas.

  19. sahana Mitra says:
  20. akshay khanna says:



    Don’t let yourself to quit your dreams by doubting on your abilities.

  22. kajal nalawade says:

    very inspiring video…

  23. Ami Raquel says:

    I feel that this video is not limited to creative people only but to
    everyone. But then again, ain’t we all creative beings in our own right?

  24. Ruby Huria says:
  25. Bernard Winsemius says:

    Denk vaker als jouw innerlijk kind, en geloof in jezelf!
    Dank Machiel,

  26. alison lapoint says:

    I know nothing really to talk about

  27. Vijay Varadan says:
  28. Rıfat Erdem Sahin says:

    less wrong :)

  29. Patrick Bet-David says:

    Loved your video!

  30. Arnis Tarassu says:


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