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Canadian woman suing police who locked her in van with sex offender who then

February 1, 2015 0 Comments

Canadian woman suing police who locked her in van with sex offender who then
Tasiujaq is a northern Inuit community village in northern Quebec, Canada Listed on Canada's national sex offender registry, he already had four convictions for sexual assault, and when the officer stopped and left the vehicle, he struck again. She …
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Cassidy pushing bill to help combat sex trafficking
WASHINGTON – Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy introduced a bipartisan bill this week that would help train medical professionals to detect victims of sex trafficking. “Health care providers are on the front lines of recognizing and then referring those …
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States Renew Fight to Stop Same-Sex Marriage
COLUMBIA, S.C. — As the nation waits for the Supreme Court to decide whether same-sex marriages should be legal nationwide, another, more mundane front has opened in the wedding wars: the offices of the state and local officials who perform civil …
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Students turn to porn for sex education
The majority of students view porn to find out about sex and don't rate the sex and relationship education (SRE) they receive in schools highly, according to research by the National Union of Students (NUS). The survey, published on Thursday, spoke to …
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