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Cold Weather Exercise

August 22, 2015 0 Comments

People are afraid of special weather conditions such as cold. To make running smooth, you need to know some theory about winter running first. In this article you would read more about winter running.

Humidity is not an issue, but a problem to other factors. They increase the trouble of other aspects. When the relative humidity reaches one hundred percent, if there is no wind, sweat is will not evaporate. In this case, body temperature will increase dramatically. If you would asses the humidity by wet bulb thermometer. If more than seventy degrees, that means the competition will be difficult; if the eighty degrees, then no matter how light the athletes are, this is almost the highest limit.

Although sometimes cold makes one feel uncomfortable, even the cold is not a big problem. Just a little experience and attention to the recommendations, it is not difficult to be comfortably in any climate. The most important is that not wearing too much. When it is crazy blizzard outside, it is hard to restrain yourself not to wear a sweater or wear a pair of ski gloves. Of course, if you wear thin, you will just feel cold outside, but within minutes, you will sweat; as in tropical rain forests. Experiments result from National Research Council of

Canada reveal that running people can keep warm in the -5 degrees with the cloth that can keep standstill people warm in 70 degrees.
Therefore, the main points of winter clothing to wear less as possible – just to make you feel warm and comfortable on the line. You will soon find that wear less clothes is a good thing, because less will make running easily and do not add extra trouble for running. But we know that some days when you are running, the weather become bad. If you are far from home, and the weather become colder, you will feel uncomfortable. Experts suggest that bring with a nylon sweater when the weather is changing. This kind of shirt is extreme lightweight, you may put it into pockets, or tie around the waist, this can keep from cold effectively.

To avoid lower body temperature caused by sweat evaporation. When you start running, you would run toward wind, and back along with the wind. Even in very cold weather, it is surprising that you feel how happy and warm running along the wind, and when running against the wind you feel how cold.

If you know the mechanism of human resisting cold, you will easily solve the problem of cold while running. The primary task of human regulatory agencies is to make your head and footer to maintain adequate warmth. If these parts over the temperature drop, that is a trouble; your body will produce extra heat in any conditions, even reduce the heat of fingers and toes. On the contrary, if head and body is well, then the residual heat will be supplied to other parts. This is a good lesson; you would try to keep heads and body warm enough. You would better wear some cotton hats, and clothes keep chest, abandon and back warm. Experiments made by doctor from University of Wisconsin proved that if only body keep warm, they will not shaking with cold. But when he let their fingers and toes keep warm, and let their bodies in the cold, they began to tremble.


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