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January 18, 2015 0 Comments

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 16, 2015, a leading provider of credit report repair services, has established and launched a Credit Expert Panel. The panel is a group of noted journalists and consumer advocates who will provide consumers with useful advice about financial and credit management, and the importance of an accurate, healthy credit record. These advice pieces will be featured on the company’s blog and amplified through a variety of social media channels.

“Just as a myriad of factors go into a person’s physical health, the same is true for a person’s financial health. The members of our Credit Expert Panel have the expertise and the life experience to advise on the full spectrum of financial and credit management topics,” said Scott Smith, president of “The Credit Expert Panel is a significant demonstration of our commitment to help our members and consumers at large achieve their credit goals.”

The experts on the panel are:

    Brian O’Connell is a successful journalist with 17 years experience covering business news and trends. He is a former Wall Street bond trader and a best-selling author who’s placed two investment books in “The Book of the Month Club”. Brian is also a high-profile business writer whose byline has appeared in top-tier business publications including CBS News, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC and many more. Click for full bio.
    Sarah Elliott is a financial writer specializing in personal money management and credit repair. Sarah was trained as a technical writer developing online courses and administrative manuals for Fortune 500 insurance, human resources and engineering firms. Click for full bio.
    Kimberly Rotter is a personal finance writer and small business owner. Kimberly survived bankruptcy and, now with her husband, owns two homes and a few investment accounts. She believes in managing money conservatively and teaching sound finance to children. Click for full bio.
    Kristy Welsh is a former rocket scientist and current software guru. During her career she was also a mortgage professional, where she learned how to address people’s credit in order to get loans funded. As a result, she founded in 1997. In 2001, Welsh published, “Good Credit is Sexy,” a tongue-in-cheek guide to restoring credit. The book is now in its 4th edition. Click for full bio.
    Naomi Mannino is a long-time freelance consumer personal finance writer who has studied Consumer Behavior. Naomi’s challenges with credit card debt and the lessons she learned during the process has prompted her to share those positive, tough lessons with others. Click for full bio.
    Scott Smith is the president of He manages the credit repair delivery process for enrolled members, supervising a staff of dedicated consumer advocates and communications specialists. Scott has worked with since its inception and developed many of its key, results-driven strategies. Click for full bio.

These thought leaders are covering topics such as: navigating your credit score as a single, married or recently divorced person; finding the right job; asking for a raise; the potential impact of government assistance on a person’s credit rating; the pros and cons of banks vs. credit unions; keeping New Year’s resolutions; when to close a credit card account; and how to keep current with your credit score and credit history.

The advice from’s Credit Expert Panel can be found at:



For more than a decade, has assisted thousands of consumers with effective solutions for reclaiming their credit scores and reports. works to ensure that what creditors report to credit bureaus is substantiated, fair and accurate. For details about’s simple 3-step process, visit:

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