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Dating Techniques – Science of Attraction

January 31, 2015 49 Comments

There are a wide range of self help books and courses on offer claiming to be the ultimate solution to your dating problems. Derren Brown, Kat Akingbade and Charlie McDonnell take a look at some of that advice and put it to the test in a very special speed dating experiment for Channel 4’s Science of Attraction.

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What would happen if Michael Clifford and Camila Cabello were dating? Comment down below – do you ship it or should Michael #staysingle? And what celeb do you want us to ship Demi Lovato with? Leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Created by Alex Hoffman
Written/Produced/VO’ed by Maggie Knox
Edited by Jesse Henderson




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Comments (49)

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  1. Opethfullcovers says:

    This is how you attract women.

    1. 2 credit cards – Check that. 5. Check that. 7 credit cards.
    2. Be fit. Check that. be super muscular. Check that. You need to be a
    douche body builder.
    3. Get a car. Check that. Get a nice car. Check that. A half million car.

    That’s it. 100% of females will find you attractive if you follow these 3

  2. Prof. Killionare says:

    Cool, this is super credible. Sample size of 3 girls. Seems legit.

  3. PaveLowExpert says:

    The only thing I learned is that girls don’t know WTF they want.

  4. Jacob Keen says:

    Be yourself….sure…. while I let Mr A. get the girl of my dreams and
    constantly be friendzoned? The reality is SHE’LL NEVER FIND OUT THAT HE
    USES DATING TECHNIQUES, in real life He’ll never say a word and she’ll
    never fucking know the truth. The truth will never be found out and she
    will die in a grave and never know. That’s fucking reality. Mr A. in real
    life always get the girls, while being yourself NEVER WILL. Especially when
    Mr A. and Mr B. are competing, she will always choose Mr A over B. Mr A.
    in real life uses dating techniques and then once she falls for it and
    LOVES HIM ALL OVER it’s easy to throw the dating techniques out the window,
    especially when they are now married with 7 children! BULLSHIT. Being
    yourself will never win. Mr A. always wins. Women rather choose to live a
    lie than live the truth. That’s what happens everyday. IGNORANCE IS BLISS
    and MR A. will always make sure that you are ignorant and never find out.
    AND YOU NEVER WILL. You will believe all that time it was a genuine
    relationship with Mr A. until the grave. While Mr B. commit suicide. Fact.
    That is the sad truth.
    Open your eyes women…. the guys you “friendzone” constantly all the
    time…are the ones you should marry. THEY CARE FOR YOU. THEY’LL DO
    for Mr A!!!!!

  5. marsel shtylla says:

    lieying if thats the only way to attract if you are a loser then do lie
    and make lie part of your life and reality so it will be your naturall self
    to attract with techniques but if you only learn and practice only s small
    part of the puzzle then yes the lie will come out but this is the only way
    practice your best version of yourself adding some things that you learned
    and good luck :)

  6. Ted cox says:

    It’s sort of sad that those lame dating techniques won the day. I mean
    they are so obvious and phony, yet he scored the highest. This is a sad
    commentary on the three ladies in this sample. Sure you can cook the books
    and learn to be something you’re not, but what will you end up with? I give
    them a pass due to their age, but ladies…please. 

  7. sotos leve says:

    this shit never help. go out and find your own tricks

  8. Jean Frechette says:

    High source of income can attract them.

  9. BlaccEagle says:

    Have confidence and some balls, don’t be afraid to be rejected. Flirt and
    be clear that you don’t want to be in the friendzone. Make girls feel
    special and treat them with respect but always be the man. Women have a
    natural instinct and an amazing ability to “find out” what kind of man you

    In the times of the cavemen, men’s way of surviving was by being strong and
    smart. And women’s way of surviving was finding a strong man that can
    protect her and her family using her mind. And those desires still exist
    today, in different forms of course. That is why women are excellent at
    reading and giving very subtle signals and men are pretty bad with signals.

  10. Antonio Amaral says:

    The point is not who you are, but how you act.

  11. B. Eder says:

    How a donut girl gets a guy. She gives free donuts to the cutest guy. He
    gets fat. As long as he’s thin he can play around. So she becomes the only
    game in town. After he’s hooked it’s diet time. 😉

    Unless there is another donut girl, then it’s a bake off!

  12. bob smith says:

    lol @ this bullshit.

    All it takes to be attractive for men: Be born taller than 5’10 and give
    the illusion of being an selfish, obnoxious meathead

    for women: Don’t be born hideously ugly or become an extremely obese blimp

    Everything else is irrelevant.

  13. ThePUA says:

    Cool video, come and visit us at theartistofpickup-dot-com

  14. armchairjudge says:

    Very simple: women like real men. Not wusses that are everywhere nowadays

  15. souad soso says:

    I Wold defenetly choose B or A . The ordinary guy with humor and nice
    attitude . But never C no women needs a douchbag . He is the type of just
    one night stand that’s all . But never a serieus relationship NEVEEEEER

  16. Akeem J.A.S.S says:

    Dating Techniques FTW. Ultimately, be yourself is a misconception. You have
    to be the best version of yourself. If there are certain techniques you can
    use to help, why not? Just don’t use techniques that go against who you
    are/ who you want to be. It’s a balance, but Mr A will win the day in the
    long run. Mr C will only win in the short term and sadly Mr B does win
    sometimes but sprinkling in some of A and maybe just a touch of C will do
    the trick. Just remain as authentic as possible. 


    i need an easy solution fuck all the rulles like hi hello come on lets go
    ….. ah aah ooo yes aah ah ….see you next time bey hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. enyuma enyuma says:

    How can anyone tell what a woman like

  19. RavenRuled says:

    When you first see them Catherine is the most likely to like the nice guy
    or scarf guy. The other two would be a waste of time for them.

  20. Piggy box Team says:

    Hello guys, i I asked for a lot of sites
    but this is one of the best where you can find a really great book for the
    science of attraction

  21. IIIDVIII says:

    She changed her decision after finding that out!? Haha!!
    Sad thing is she probably didn’t learn a thing..
    Glad this shows how all different types of people are attractive.

  22. abdul kareem patla abdul rahiman says:
  23. Sara Monroy says:


  24. jeetenz hurlollz says:

    adapt your behaviour according to her self confidence: cheap girls with
    low self confidence like bad boys. Stable ,more mature girls prefer more
    mature normal guys.
    you can spot low slef confidence girls with garrish attempts to attract
    guys with too much stylish over-sexed accessories and makeup. You will also
    note they observe other attrcative women a lot with acid corrosive looks
    and don’t hesitate to call another nice girl fat,or aggressive behaviour
    towards other girls. To bed that kind of girl,go for bad boy sleazy.
    Nicer girls who dress classical look for stable ,husband material.They look
    for someone they can present to mum and dad.
    its all a range on behaviours in between, you have to adapt to it.

  25. Brianna Edwards says:

    After watching this, I think 5sauce fans and harmonizers can equally agree
    on something for once; they would never be a cute couple!!!

  26. lolbitch90 says:

    OH GOD NO, whoever came up with this please stop. This would never happen.
    Camila is way too pretty for Michael. 5sos are a bunch of douchebags and
    camila and fifth harmony deserve better than this. 

  27. Ocean Hood卌 says:

    Eww no. Everyone knows that 5sos fans and harmonizers don’t get along. Why
    would AwesomenessTV post this?!? It kinda ruined my day…

  28. Rawan R says:

    Demi and Zac Effron

  29. Matt Browder says:

    Am I the only one who screamed before reading the rest of the title

  30. Keisy Rojas says:

    Ausmila is better ♥ lol haha

    Demi with JOE JONAS!! 😀 ♥

  31. HelloKittyObsessed96 says:

    Demi Lovato and Andy Biersack. I can’t be the only one that wants this to

  32. MsAllGoodNameTAKEN says:

    …. I ship it.
    (Don’t hurt me)
    I guess I’m the only one….

  33. angie velasco says:

    Honestly people are so rude. “Ew Camilla deserves better” Yall need to stfu
    because he is a great human being and Camilla would be lucky to go out with
    him (hopefully it never happens though) They don’t suit each other I
    understand but there’s no need to talk shit 

  34. Karla Marquez says:


  35. sierra.i.guess says:

    MUKE AF 

  36. christiana castro says:

    I AM DISGUSTED , you better talk to them before i do because ima hurt their

  37. Lily Joyce says:

    Demi and niall horan! After all she admited to liking him in an

  38. darcey XO says:

    No, no, no…. 5th harmony is sooooooo flipping mean to 5sos, cause,
    flipping 5th harmony hates them….

    Where the heck have you guys been living, under a rock?

    Check Twitter for once, cause Twitter has all the answers!!!

  39. James La Rocca says:

    This is gross I’m discussed camila is the queen of pop 5sos… Not so much

  40. Pedro Guilherme says:

    Did she break up with Austin?

  41. marko vazkex says:

    Let’s act like this video doesn’t exist and that nothing happened 

  42. drewforever2000 says:

    Y do 5sos fans and fifth harmony fans hate each other ? Tbh I think it’s
    stupid that they hate each other

  43. Emma Reyes says:

    i think Michael would rather date a rock (you suck reference) can i get a

  44. Crashing IntoStars says:

    I love have fandoms are fighting! Why can’t we all be friends? 5SOS are
    nice guys and 5H are nice girls. You have to realize just because you don’t
    like someone then you can’t just go around trashing them.

  45. Jood Hashem says:

    Ricky Dillon
    With demi

  46. Lacregui Edits says:


  47. Bruna Tavares says:


  48. Yingyyang AJ says:

    they would make a terrible and a truck load of hate no

  49. Hailey Michelle says:

    Too bad Camila and Dinahs cousins are otp

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