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Does a Real AntiAging Pill Already Exist?

February 13, 2015 0 Comments

Does a Real AntiAging Pill Already Exist?
Inside were several small glass vials containing a white paste—all that remained of a rare bacterium that today is the foundation of the most promising anti-aging drug in decades. Sehgal had been studying it since 1972, when he'd first isolated it in …
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Fountain of Youth: AntiAging Innovations Suggest We Need Only to Look Inside
Since the beginning of civilization, humans have obsessed over a way to reverse aging. This quixotic quest for the “Fountain of Youth” had, up until recently, proven mostly fruitless. We have devised ways to mask the cosmetic effects of getting older …
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Extending telomeres can reverse aging
WASHINGTON: A new technique can increase the length of human telomeres quickly and efficiently, promising to reverse the aging process and paving the way for treatment of highly debilitating genetic diseases, scientists say. Treated cells behave as if …
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The Top 5 AntiAging Ingredients (That Really Work)
Anti-Aging. That's the buzz word that can be heard everywhere these days. From drug store brands to expensive spas, everyone seems to want the products that claim to have anti-aging properties. The market for anti-aging products and services has grown …
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