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Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home

March 23, 2015 50 Comments

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Work up a sweat and burn fat and calories with this 30-minute workout. This workout uses high intensity exercises to get your heart going, followed by lower intensity exercises to lower your heart rate. This is a great workout for moms to relieve stress and keep your energy levels high. Don’t quit! The more you do this workout, the easier it will get.

Boot Camp Fitness for Moms! Fitness instructor Chana Balk ( has designed three 30-minute, boot-camp style fitness classes to help you strengthen your body, condition your core and get your heart rate going. Try all three!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Comments (50)

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  1. FitnessBlender says:

    Hi Guys! Doing this workout right now!

  2. Effy Deveraux says:

    OMG! I’ve been trying to complete this exercises for the last 5 days, and
    after trying many, many times, today I finally managed to finish this whole
    37 minutes video! TY

  3. Amy Dautllari says:

    Everybody in my class in school is thin and I promised myself one day I
    would be like them. This is a great way of starting out!

  4. FitnessBlender says:

    What is it that you guys like best about this workout video? Tell me, and I
    will make more like it!

  5. Toñi Brecia says:

    I’ve read somewhere these are the excercises Taylor Swift does…

  6. Gabe Martinez says:

    Needs background music or something lol.

  7. Elexus T says:

    Hey I’m 18 a college student. I’m trying to avoid the Freshman 15. I’m
    already overweight for my size (190 lbs) and 5 ft 5 inch tall but nobody
    can tell everyone thinks I way about (150 lbs). Well anyway I want to get
    healthy and lose some weight. How many times a week should I do this? What
    kind of diet should I go on? Should i mix up different workouts? Thanks

  8. Antonio. Fenty says:

    Can teens do these exercises?

  9. Samantha Bowlin says:

    Great video! 

  10. missy dec says:

    Gosh! I cant even do this over 20 mins yet my legs already numb and I cant
    walk properly for 2 days XD ! But it’s kinda refreshing! Gonna do this
    again :D

  11. Alejandra Sandoval says:

    I’d be great to see results from people!

  12. Autie Chomas says:

    Doing this workout right now and it”s actually not that difficult. I am
    overweight, I’m 150lbs, 5’3, and I’m only 14. I’m trying to lose a little
    over 30lbs as soon as possible (before this summer). I’ve been calorie
    counting like crazy and doing a ton of cardio but I need a little help diet
    wise. I know cardio will definitely help me reach my goal but, I do need
    help with my eating. It’s pretty easy for me to stick to healthy foods,
    because I am a vegetarian and have been for 2 years but, it’s also easy to
    stray away from healthy foods and eat junk. Does anyone have any tips or
    links that I can refer to, thank you!

  13. Laurita Venus says:

    I am 15 years old i want to get abs and nice butt :DD and fit body .I am
    1.70 cm and 57 kg 😀 and some people called me fat so i want to prove
    myself and other people that they are wrong.. so i thought i could do these
    exerces but it’s really hard I get tired really fast I guess I don’t breath
    good or something i drink a lot of water.. but still.. but i worked out
    almost all this video 😀 and in the end I just cant handle no more :D

  14. Alexis Brown says:

    has this helped anyone loose weight perhaps?

  15. Tike_Myson says:

    This was perfect from start to finish. really soaked with heavy sweat now.
    thanks !!!!!
    The fly jacks was super hard to me, i felt it in the biceps close to the
    elbow really hard, i guess its from all this gym weight work i lately do
    and from high muscle tone i naturally have

  16. Raquel Jezequel says:

    I like this video. I just want to know why my harmstrings and tendons in
    the back of my knee hurt, specially at the beginning. Thanks!

  17. Sweet pumpkin says:

    Is it going to help lose wight even if i am not on a diet please answer

  18. IAMTHEMOON says:

    I am 19, about 5″4 and I weigh 135. I really want to get to about 120-115.
    I just have a tummy and face fat, I hope this helps. I’m tired of feeling
    disgusted when I look in the mirror.

  19. Alyzian says:

    I started this routine just today and i’m glad i did. i’m too self
    conscious to go and run outside (i tried a few times and just got insulted.)
    Thank you.

  20. Nate Dwgs says:

    Just did this in my office.. #NoExcuses. With a growing number of fitness
    videos on YouTube and other forms of media, there shouldn’t be any excuse
    to loose that holiday excuses. *Many Y-tubes for women too (men flexing and
    teaching you wit their AB-dominals!) **#NoGenderLeftBehind*

    cc: +joey steadman​ right? Plus she is gawwwgeous. She coerced me to do
    some sweatin’!

    Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Bl…:

  21. Diego Chaparro says:

    does this channel really make you loose fat fast?

  22. Александр Шевчук says:

    My body R.I.P :(

  23. Teen swag says:

    can i lose some weight with doing this ??? plz someone tell me

  24. MrReloadshot says:

    Is this for men ?

  25. Jasmine Nelson says:

    3:15 did it stop for a water break or what

  26. Julie Mazariego says:

    I’m 9 Years Old. EveryBody Says I was Too Fat

  27. Emily Strange says:

    (starting the video) “Ok this is for moms, I’m not a mom but a sporty young
    adult, so that’s gonna be chilling.”
    (after 5 minutes) “Omg this is actually pretty intense.”
    (after 10 minutes) “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!”

  28. Julie Mazariego says:

    Part 2: After About 2 Weeks I started doing extra Exercise. And After I got
    a little bit Sick. So then I had to go to the doctor then they had to see
    if I have a fever . They said I did . Then They Checked how much I way.
    They Said I was about 78 Pounds. my dad said to me ” Wow!” I was like “Yeah
    I Guess I was doing Extra Exercise the past 2 Weeks!

  29. Lisa Engel says:

    How many calories does this burn? Someone knows?

  30. Delena Le says:

    lol mary you WEAK!!!!!!!!! No im just kidding. really good video. thanks
    for helping me get fit for softball season!

  31. Sandra Jefferson says:

    Amazing workout great for anyone I’m not a mum but I live this workout.

  32. Xavier Franks says:

    If you want to speed up burning that fat off to get the figure that you
    want go to and search “slimmetry” or use this link

  33. Lenora Crown says:

    the blonde woman looks so bored haha

  34. xoMichellex says:

    Love this workout! Especially the fact that it wasn’t too stressful on my
    knees. Will use this from now on instead of the gym for cardio days – will
    save me from going out into the snow! :)

  35. Bethany Blomgren says:

    This was actually insanely helpful for me. I’m 21, though I’m not a mother,
    and I have multiple medical conditions that limit me doing too much – aka,
    losing any amount of weight that I want to lose, even with dieting. I was
    able to do the normal version of this workout on the normal setting without
    feeling dizzy or having to sit down. The encouragement from the woman was
    perfect, too, and the perfect push I needed. I loved this <3

  36. fidesjanuar says:

    the pink lady`s doing a good job. unfortunately she`s moving with sickle
    feet..hope her knees and hip joints are well,,go on;))

  37. David Desrosiers says:

    How many calories does it burn 

  38. Naomi Boulton says:

    Brilliant I’ve lost over a stone so far with this and healthy eating! Doing
    the 30 day shred at the moment but will be straight back to this after it x

  39. Marina Vucerakovic says:

    What the fuck doin’ a girl on the left side? she looks funny xD

  40. masway101 says:

    I love this workout because it gets a little sweat on if you don’t have a
    lot of time to go to the gym and it isn’t too hard where you feel too tired
    to do anything afterwards!!!

  41. Pacco Rabana says:

    shit i am unfit as a man i did this work out as soon she said get glass
    water i was Donee… i respect this woman…….

  42. Svetalana Aravidou says:

    exelent!!!!!Im mam and I don have a time for my self,thanks for the

  43. Stephanie Kelly says:

    This video is a good mix of cardio + yoga / stretching, but it’s not 30
    minutes of cardio.

  44. Edna baffoe says:

    All i want is loosin fat on my legs and my butt.. if i do this every day
    will i be slimmer?

  45. honkids3 says:

    This was wonderful. I’m a mom of 3 kids ages 5 and under. I consider
    myself active but don’t regularly exercise. I love my treadmill but with
    Christmas coming we had to make a little extra room and moved it out to the
    garage. The thought of going into the holidays without a way to exercises
    scared me ( I LOVE food) so I thought I would try an online work out. I
    loved the motivation and that you included a modified exercise through out
    the whole routine. I was able to attempt all high level activities but
    couldn’t maintain it through out – so I have a goal. I think I sweat more
    and worked my heart way more during this 30 min than I ever did on my
    treadmill and I feel like I worked more muscle groups too. I can’t wait to
    try the other routines and vary them. Looking forward to feeling better
    and hopefully getting even more energy.

  46. missyjj says:


  47. Betsy Pennings says:

    I love working out 

  48. Chad Hulsey says:

    Has anyone tried any Plexus Products?

  49. christmasong says:

    thank you for this. i haven’t exercised in a long time & i can totally feel
    all the laziness and unhealthiness accumulating within my body. but this is
    definitely a great start after a long hiatus :)

  50. Iona Cameron says:

    Great workout, thanks!

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