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Gossip – Love Long Distance

April 2, 2015 49 Comments

Gossip - Love Long Distance

Music video by Gossip performing Love Long Distance. (C) 2009 Sony Music Entertainment

Music video by Gossip performing Perfect World. Download Perfect World on iTunes: and Pre-Order A Joyful Noise: (c) 2012 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Comments (49)

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  1. onyka jallim says:

    Even if she’s fat and not the ideal singers beyonce or rihanna she has a
    power house here i like her music…

  2. Cindy Hernandez says:

    Gossip – Love Long Distance:

  3. rose blanche says:

    Gossip – Love Long Distance :

  4. dwi1795 says:

    Been in love with this song when it came out during 2009 & Im still
    listening to Gossip and keep loving this song & pop goes the world

    Thumbs Up If Your Still Listening to this in 2015

  5. Wati Mbewu says:
  6. javier faria says:

    I was looking for this song for years!!!! I love this <3 DJ TOON from
    Cartoon Network

  7. Artistix119 says:

    Ooooh, I really like this (just stumbled on them).

  8. Joanna Iwona says:

    Gossip – Love Long Distance <3

  9. thony truant says:
  10. davidoliver2009 says:

    I do love their Genre Mash Ups!! :D

  11. Sony Music Brasil says:

    Galera, hoje é o aniversário da Beth Ditto, líder do The Gossip!

    Vamos celebrar curtindo esta playlist especial?


  12. Ymir-dono says:

    The physic isn’t the most important thing here. 

  13. 4Soul says:

    Hey if you like, check out our new live video: we’re doing a funky cover
    version of Love Long Distance 🙂 hope you like it! Please let us know (:

  14. Alexandr Maximov says:

    А хахахАхх. зач.

  15. Otavio Alves says:

    Amazing! :D

  16. Randall Snyder, Jr. says:

    Thanks +Chase Barnes for turning me on to *Gossip* tonight, I’m enjoying
    listening to them.

  17. Diana Sánchez says:
  18. Andrea Lee says:
  19. Daniel Andry says:
  20. Lupita Sosa De Alba says:

    The cigarettes balloons. Ha, ha, ha.

  21. da flor says:


  22. elmeroneta says:

    0.o strage video but match with the indie rock style :33… and i don’t
    know, it remember me south park i don’t know why jajaja

  23. eleonóra volákné novinszki says:


  24. pavel bukanyov says:
  25. micki B. says:


  26. x little devile x says:

    Gossip – Perfect World:

  27. Θανάσης says:
  28. Andrea Komarek says:

    I’m stubborn as hell,when things don’t go well I *twist my perception*- and
    still aim for *perfection*…

    Gossip – Perfect World:

  29. By Miracle says:

    Gossip – Perfect World

  30. SushiRoller91 says:

    man i fucking love her shes been my women crush since middle school <3 <3

  31. Melita portsmouth says:

    What is wrong with some people it’s the beauty on the inside that matters
    not the outside Ffs !! 

  32. Fayruza Tatugirl says:

    I love this song !!!! 😀 

  33. albert martin says:

    guao esto es hermoso !super guaooooo

  34. Shakarhaba says:

    love it, love her voice

  35. peroslav1 says:

    underrated song. and yes. beth is hot as fuck.

  36. NikoArmando Silva says:

    muy buen tema tambien sin duda la fuerza que tienen sus sonidos y el canto
    de ella

  37. Ilona Malicka-Janek says:

    perfekt life is not perfect
    life is life…

  38. Dream Travel says:

    She looks like a fat amanda byne

  39. LohengrinTh says:

    Pop Goddess :)… this fresh and beautiful pop music we havent heard since
    Gaga… 😀 GG BEEEETH :p

  40. Fede Venere Giorgi says:

    the perfect world it’s no exist ……. because it is made ​​by imperfect
    people acting in a ways perfectly imperfect! 

  41. ComMander0525 says:

    Adele ?? 

  42. Aria Carmela says:

    This band does everything right–the vocals, the visuals, the mysterious
    message, dance beat, sexy drummer, etc etc.

  43. Mavy Cris says:

    Excelente música…hermoso video…

  44. Роман Воловичёв says:


  45. Giuseppe Corsetti says:
  46. Thierry Fontaine says:

    que du bon ! son et clip !

  47. Hungary599 says:

    Maybe she has not as a great body as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have, but
    her voice speaks (sings) for itself.

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