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Hindi movies 2015 full movies – Comedy movies 2015 – PK Full Hindi Movie Online 2015

March 6, 2015 50 Comments
P. K. is a comedy of ideas about a stranger in the city, who asks questions that no one has asked before. They are innocent, child-like questions, but they bring about catastrophic answers. People who are set in their ways for generations, are forced to reappraise their world when they see it from PK’s innocent eyes.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Rated For Mature/Adult Audience. Plus Olivier Martinez As The Homewrecker. In highest bluray definition available. A Crime Drama Romantic Adultery Thriller. (2002)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Subaitha Afrin says:

    What’s wrong with her lips ??

  2. Criza Cabalida says:

    I like this actor Khan from[ (3idiot:)]

  3. daliya abdulkareem says:

    Please please upload it with English subtitles 

  4. MR GABLOO says:

    so sarfaraz never washed his clothes as he was wearing same clothes after
    years in lahore home as he use to wear when he met jagooo first time

    fakin gtosser 

  5. Suresh Hirvey says:

    Saw what I thought for years in PK

  6. manideep sharma says:

    if you observe it is a mirror image mean it is flipped and inversed

  7. Tiger27 says:

    Amir Khan can act way better than SRK!

  8. Adnan Adnan says:

    Mot Ka sodgar like g

  9. sharif bd says:

    just i want to say awesome movie i like it & we can learn something what we
    have wrong!

  10. Criza Cabalida says:

    I’m hoping for subtitles (Philippines )

  11. Shadz Mohammad says:

    Best movie in the Bollywood & Aamir Khan !!!

  12. Birkha Rai says:

    Thnks for uploading

  13. Bohuka Zhimo says:

    I cant watch. :(

  14. roopinder grewal says:

    Best movie anybody ever see in his life…..I bet on that .if there is any
    movie better than this 100 buck definitely

  15. candylikeCA says:

    Really good movie. Aamir is a genius actor. Should have watched this movie
    in theater because the sound is a little off and the screen is turned

  16. Santz Pentz says:

    omg part two movie one was good then this

  17. Tiger27 says:

    Amir Khan can act way better than SRK

  18. Monty Singh says:

    Good movie

  19. rabin thapa says:

    I like it its give a good knowledge if u r gentle…….

  20. Manik Kadam says:

    this movies i like

  21. P K ANIKRISHNAN says:

    Amer Khan , red salute 

  22. mohammad aleem says:

    nice movies pk 2 coomin soon

  23. Nasir Ebadi says:

    Love you Amirkhan nice movei 

  24. murad hussein says:

    Beautiful pk

  25. gogendar k says:

    बहुत अच्छी फिल्म है

  26. anomaly19851 says:

    All cheating whores burn in hell. 

  27. The softest parf of a woman's breast is? says:

    *The sad thing about this movie is if the husband had did things the
    “sane” way and just divorce the whore ,the husband would have end up paying
    the bitch Child-Support for the next 16yrs and alimony for the next 25 to

  28. Sitizen Kane says:

    I remember when I was 14, my cousin and I were at the movie theaters
    watching Star Wars episode 2… It was soooo boring and so dumb that me and
    my cousin snuck in to see this movie. It was basically porn to us.

  29. Kindest Heart says:

    The question is : can he live with her again? I wonder how.

  30. MyDarkPassenger says:

    Moral of the story: Don`t get married. Fuck bitches and get money.

  31. Ms22604 says:

    Nothing can be the same after an infidelity. Trust is lost… :(

  32. divisioneight says:

    This movie never made sense to me. If I were a woman and were married to a
    guy that looked like Richard Gere, why would I cheat?

  33. Sam N Edu Medja says:

    Great movie! In my opinion, it’s never a good idea to meet the person your
    significant other is cheating on you with as nothing good would come out of

  34. GreenWhite Red says:

    what kind of dumb hoe would cheat on richard gere

  35. davlor86 says:

    i can’t believe this was not deleted by youtube lol

  36. rudy degracia says:

    if i ever caught my wife cheating on me, I’d chopped her in pieces and
    scatter her body parts all over the state i lived in.

  37. Lerone Vernon says:

    He’s so stupid why did he kill him smh

  38. Jessica Reynolds says:

    This movie says alot for bored homemakers everywhere

  39. Florence Agbanyo says:

    This is so bad ,how can a woman behave like that and how is he going to
    leave with her after?

  40. Hector Larrazolo says:

    Why do all the criminals go to Mexico?

  41. Lawrence Lugar says:

    i Love these kind of simple …lonely…quiet….suspense
    movies…captivating from the beginning to end.

  42. LOTTIE TUNES says:

    So he decides to keep the SLUT!! What makes him think that running to
    Mexico is going to change her?? And since she seems to like Hot, YOUNG
    men, Latin men are famous for the FIERY natures, and they like RICH
    American women!! Mexico would be the perfect banquet for her. She has
    DEMONS !! Her Husband will never win!! 

  43. Emmalyn Maay Camus says:

    Thats was realy nice movie for me. But sad that her husband killed
    boyfriend of her wife. But the lesson I got the movie., I need to take a
    look hows my husband love me and cared for our living. ‘ Sometimes trust is
    very easy to give. But its take more time to trust again when it is broken.

  44. Patricia Carrasco says:

    im not saying she was right but….richard’s character was totally ignoring
    her even when she was tryna seduce him….men u gotta appreciate ur women
    or else someone else will…same for women…still people should
    communicate instead of resorting to cheating…..

  45. Amazing Amy says:

    This movie is worth watching if no porn was available. It’s like “The poor
    man’s coke” …you’re settling cuz u have no choice and u need some kind of

  46. Tempo Nelson says:

    Poor dude!
    To know I lived in that stupid neighborhood Soho for twenty years made me
    sick to see this. Really sucks, once artist and musicians lived there.
    Today the filthy rich jerks!

  47. soniafrance says:

    ugly kid

  48. AtrocityEquine says:

    The entire plot could have been avoided *had Lane’s character just talked
    to her husband*. She wants intimacy, talk to him, he seemed understanding
    enough. But no, “hey I met this awesome Frenchman, I WANNA FUCK HIM!”. It
    sucks that even Paul wasn’t at fault either. 

  49. Dennis Teti says:

    And when a woman comes out of the bathroom and mentions to her friends that
    she didn’t even notice the heart throb that went into the bathroom before
    her – that’s because she just got fucked by the guy.

  50. dancingscavenger says:

    She’s got this massive house and even a cleaning lady and washes the dishes
    by hand and even without gloves!!!! You know she has to be not right in the

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