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Kahaani Hindi Movie

June 23, 2015 0 Comments

Story is called as Kahaani in Hindi, Kahaani is an excellent move directed by Sujoy Ghosh, and he has conceptualized and executed the movie very well, once again hats off to the director. Vidya Balan, a Bengali who has created a sensational in Hindi movies, wants to see her self in different characters all the time. Now, she has turned into pregnant women.

Vidya Balan who has acted as Vidya Bagchi in the movie, even though she is pregnant she lands in Kolkata, in search of her missing husband Arnad Bagchi.

Arnad Bagchi, who went to Kolkata for a job at National Data Center two weeks back, is missing since one week. A research of her to find out that there was no such person named Arnad Bagchi in NDC and no person on that name has visited Kolkata in that particular period of time.

The ex-employee of NDC, who is just like Arnad Bagchi named Milan Darnji who is, involved in the terror attacks of Kolkata. To find out who is who, Vidya needs to find Millan to know how they are related.  

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A story you never heard of is Kahaani, had made the movie to stand and the suspense thrillers which is in the movie. Though the movie is a serious entertainer people love to watch it.

Vidya Balan is unexceptionable and unbeatable with her special skill, no doubt that she alone takes the film to another level, deserves a national award.

Sujoy Ghosh, a well known director has done a great job, as your brains needs some work the end of the movie.

Setu as cinematographer has also done a great job.

Bollywood movies have once again proved that they bring news ideas and concepts on to the screen like 3 Idiots, lagan etc…


Starring – Vidya Balan,Indraneil Sengupta

Music – Vishal Shekhar

Producer – Sujoy Ghosh, Kushal Gada

Director – Sujoy Ghosh



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