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April 18, 2015 0 Comments


Kenyan music has switched through big phases of mutation and the mutations are so varied, you wouldn’t know what to await. There is huge pressure from first world countries and music artists are always trying to emulate what the rest of the world is doing. Africans have lost their original bravado that was our way and with this vanishing nature we can only stay idle and wait to see what the future has in store for our industry

Most of this music is in the favor of the youth and the older generation can is left with very little to choose from. We need to embrace the oldies and get back to the soft tunes that used to grace our radio stations. This will give us an identity which we have lacked and get us back on track in gracing the entertainment trends of the world. The oldies were not as bad or boring as people may think and it only takes a little love for our culture and the rest will take its course.

The onset of the westernized way of doing music has indeed been a drawback to our original music and the campaign to have it back is going to take time to pick up but it can be done, only if we have willing artists who are brave enough to take the challenge and direct their music to the older version which will bring us to a situation where we can have something to identify with in terms of Kenyan music.

This is a challenge to our artists and it comes with great opportunities of recognition if they do choose to venture into such a territory. Our music needs to have an identity and this can only be achieved through our musician and they have the backup of the rest of the media industry. Let us join our entertainers in making this brave step a reality and give Kenya something to reckon with in terms of the music that plays in our radio stations and televisions.

Let us have a break from the usual booming hip-hop, genge, notes and have the smooth and relaxing hits that used to grace the airwaves if only just for a change. Very few would be willing due to the preferred styles but we urge at least a number to try it out and let us wait to see the reaction of the audiences and hear what they have to say. 

The author is a writer who writes articles for Ghafla!Kenya, an entertainment website.

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