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Kid Theater with Michael Keaton

May 3, 2015 25 Comments

Michael Keaton and Jimmy read scenes written by elementary school kids where we gave them the title “Birdman” and they had to write the rest. 

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Kid Theater with Michael Keaton
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Comments (25)

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  1. Hannah Ward says:

    That second one had the biggest plot twist since Star Wars probably, woah

  2. Vesper Martini says:

    CAW! CAW! CAW! should be part of Michael Keaton’s acceptance speech at the

  3. Leonardo Mello says:

    No way these were kids… that was Pulitzer material right there…

  4. Gary C says:

    He might not have won best actor at the Oscars but Keaton is a legend

  5. Hillwood Lam says:

    Michael bay could learn a lot from this

  6. porcusuxor says:

    Refreshing and super funny! I agree with the rest, this should become a

    Side note: I’m surprised that people don’t think kids can write this. I’m a
    teacher, and their creativity always stuns me … believe me, I’ve seen
    them write even funnier, more creative and more imaginative scenes than
    these. I do take exception to the one supposedly written by a six year old
    … that point where Birdwoman insists on a different billing is more adult
    thinking than a six year old’s. 

  7. Zunair Husain says:

    I’m impressed with those kids .

  8. Wyxoor says:

    Second one is fucking deep man..

  9. deedou07 says:

    “whatever you say birdwoman, we’re married now” this kid already knows how
    it works

  10. 2ndRatePetronius says:

    “Target or Walmart!”

  11. Kat H says:

    LOVE Mr. Keaton!!!!

  12. Netty F says:

    *Hahaha these kids came up with better storylines then 99% of the shite on
    tv at the moment!*

  13. Fox Film do Brasil says:

    Crianças reescreveram ‪#‎Birdman‬ com base apenas no título do filme.
    Michael Keaton e Jimmy Fallon interpretaram as cenas criadas.

    E o resultado? Confira!

  14. bisquitnspanky says:

    Would you mind calling me “Bird Son” instead of Thomas? 

  15. 123haninhk says:

    I laughed so hard, lolololol. These kids would become good writers ::))

  16. FrshChees91 says:

    Not sure why people would question that these were written by kids.

  17. QajarCoffee says:

    Please, please, please make this a recurring thing with other guests
    promoting their films. I can’t see how this could fail. Too funny!

  18. KENNETH UDUT says:

    These three scripts were written by 6 and 7 year old kids, and acted out by
    #michaelkeaton and #jimmyfalon about meeting their favorite #superhero
    #birdman for the first time.

    The second Script had me all #feels – awesome stuff :D

  19. Echoboomer1987 says:

    In all fairness, the Kids wrote better scripts then Batman and Robbin.

  20. Abba Studios says:

    *You have a cold dead heart if this doesn’t make you laugh*
    #michaelkeaton #birdman +Jimmy Fallon 

  21. Alekhya Das says:

    the second one was really good and well Michael got a Oscar for that.

  22. David Schultz says:

    Michael Keaton is looking old. This is great!

    Kid Theater with Michael Keaton:

  23. Dany Saadia says:

    Jimmy Fallon does it again.

  24. OhMyGodGiveMeAName says:

    the first two were really good!

  25. Josi Chiang says:

    Elementary school kids are asked to write scripts given the title,

    This is funny XD

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