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November 15, 2015 0 Comments

Small Business Association, 5.4.15
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Image by Office of Governor Baker
On Monday, May 4, Governor Baker delivered remarks at the 2015 Small Business Week Awards Ceremony in Framingham.

Obama Puts SmallBusiness Lenders Under Racial Microscope
Regulation: In its phony war on bank bias, the Obama regime has opened a new front: small-business lending. Examiners will start looking at the racial impact of "underwriting criteria" for business loans, along with mortgages. The White House complains …
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Letter: Small Business Majority offers health coverage options to employees
Nov. 1 marked the start of this year's open enrollment period for health insurance. For the self-employed and employees whose employers don't offer coverage, open enrollment offers a chance for individuals to review their options and change their …
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Politicians don't care about small business
Considering how much politicians of all stripes praise small business as the backbone of America, the crucible of job creation and heart of the economy, what a tiny Washington research group found may surprise you. Our elected leaders have been …
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