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Les Misérables Flash Mob – Orlando Shakespeare Theater

April 1, 2015 50 Comments

Les Misérables flash mob at The Mall of Millenia, Orlando, FL – Aug. 30, 2014

Les Misérables | September 10 – October 12, 2014
Reserve seats today! 407-447-1700 or

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Outro Music: Delirious Outta My Mind By Deliri0us
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Comments (50)

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  1. Eunyoung Kim says:

    I always wondered why there’s already crowd filming the event wth their
    phones before even song begins.. i mean, how did they know the flash mob is
    going to happen?

  2. Katy Orsborn says:

    Oh my gosh… I’m totally doing this, flag and all! Except it will be:
    Me as Valjean
    Me as Marius
    Me as Cosette
    Me as Eponine
    Me as everyone ever in the song
    Oh well, I don’t know people who would be brave enough to do this. :/

  3. ReallyRick says:

    Song makes me cry every time. For 25 years. 

  4. superherounicorn says:

    That Enjolras is amazing omg

  5. Franceska Padilla Coo says:

    why is every single person who plays enjolras so gorgeous?

  6. LibrosOverHos says:

    Really cool. I wish they’d do another production of Les Mis in LA. I’d love
    to see it again. And those actors they have playing Marius and Enjolras are
    frigging gorgeous.

  7. Gabbie Bravo says:

    I love how they just walk away like that amazing thing didn’t happen

  8. rosane vieirr says:
  9. Ash Rose Gruff says:

    This is the coolest thing ever +Izzy M 

  10. Ted DeCorte says:
  11. Richard Arsenault says:

    Watch the jump cuts in a flash mob edit. 1st cut of Valjean was a jump
    cut. Also, make it organic. More intertwined with the public. Great
    cast. Low energy. No risk. Love you. Sorry for mediocre but honest review.

  12. Abbie Phantomhive says:


  13. Eveningstar1982 says:

    This is my favorite Les Mis Flash Mob performance! Their voices goes
    straight into my heart, and I am amazed with the power of their voices! Did
    they wear a hidden microphone, or do they really have such powerful
    voices??? I hope you guys will do more Flash Mobs!! 

  14. William North says:

    As a proud alum of UCF, Class of ’81, I’m so happy to see such
    interconnections from such a modest beginning. UCF you make me proud that I
    learned at your knee!!

  15. TheGrandeGillies says:

    Ohmy. Marius and Enjolras are- Ohmy. They are so handsome.. Ohmy.

  16. Tanvi Says says:


  17. Grellier Jacquard Lise says:
  18. Mary Walsh says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:p

  19. yamisdate says:

    Where did that one guy hide that flag….

  20. Ke'Ala Santiago says:

    THIS. WAS. FANTASTIC! My heart felt like it was beating right out of my
    chest while watching this!

  21. Mark Drager says:

    Sounded great for a public space!

  22. Sarahi Gomez says:


  23. Илья Петрович says:

    Flash mob loose it’s personality very long time ago.It’s sudden gotta be
    aint it people?and after all everybody can share themselves to crowd.I mean
    their video will be ruined cause I in personnel want to be with them and
    sing with them and if I’m were there i did sing.BUT!That’s should be the
    real thing!not just like hidden camera jokes.Idea with musical in market
    just great!

  24. Abigail Fincher says:

    Oh my goodness! This is amazing! 

  25. H2ODelirious says:

    You all are amazing btw ;)

  26. H2ODelirious says:

    New video is up! Have fun :)

  27. Kait T says:

    I counted 17 deaths. XD

  28. SupremacyAnnie says:

    Best evil laugh ever

  29. NicksDomain101 says:

    420 times

  30. Skeltano - CS:GO & GTA says:

    Breaking news from scientists, today they have discovered that over 68%
    percent of deaths happen when a person dies. As opposed to the previous
    belief that it was 65%.

  31. Mikisna says:

    I was counting your deaths, but then Cartoonz screamed like Marilyn Monroe
    slipping on a banana peel and I just gave up

  32. Zavien Huang says:

    I swear I’ve seen them play this map b4

  33. A Bored Green Alligator Fossil says:

    Didn’t Delirious have 5 million subs? The fuck happened?

  34. GirlyTurtle Creations and Challenges says:

    Cartoonz Fails = 9
    Delirious Fails = 10
    Total Fails = 19

    No, 9+10 is not 21…

  35. Jose Betances says:

    hey delirious my girls bday is cumin up april 8 and she rely luvs ur videos
    especially the battle blocks n gmods do u think u could give a shout out
    battle block video for her on that date?

  36. Usual Prodigy says:

    Hope everybody’s day is going great! :)

  37. tim McLemore says:

    what does btw mean

  38. paskis naama says:

    delirious please post something else. this is NOT entertaining to watch

  39. Jdraco2 The creeper says:

    Hey H20 big fan of your vids.

    Watched every one.

  40. Alv3st3r says:

    3:31 aaah u fucking asshole 3:35 aaah u fucking asshole 3:39 aaah u
    fucking….i cant do this one xD

    9:47 Delirious epic run :D

  41. DalekSlime Gaming says:

    H20 your so funny hey also do more heists with vanoss also could you add me
    on Xbox I’m 16 and my Xbox gt Is markx1980

  42. Gunner Pruett says:

    Hi h2o I love u

  43. manny Madera says:

    U should do a draw my life

  44. MrFlash Gaming says:

    Hey guys, MrFlash Gaming here. I just posted my first Battlefield video.
    Check it out! :)

  45. Adrian Beaner says:

    +H20 Delerious u should play barman arkham city

  46. Lucas Ascanius says:

    You dead 17 times PS LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  47. PaceBreaker Productions says:

    There were some intense incredible moments in this part. That and
    Cartoonz’s hilarious screams that just come out of nowhere.

  48. A-bola Cereal says:

    I already saw this…….??????? Déjà vu 

  49. Alan Fongnaly says:

    Whats your instagram btw

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