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Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for Startups

March 11, 2015 50 Comments

The billionaire tech entrepreneur offers his best advice from hiring passionate employees to never hiring a PR firm. Read more at:

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Startup Community is a film about what makes the Kitchener-Waterloo Region different. It was funded on Indiegogo by the community, for the community.

While the story is told by, Lindsay Coulter, Marshall Angus, Mark Araujo, and Holden Mohring had a huge part in the creation of this.
— drop Lindsay or myself a line on Twitter to let us know what you think of the film. We’d love to hear from you.

Major sponsors of the project are:
University of Waterloo
City of Waterloo
Laurier Launchpad
City of Kitchener
Waterloo Region Small Business Centre

The biggest thank you goes out to the community that made this happen.

Welcome to life here.

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Comments (50)

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  1. Madhusudan Dadhich says:

    That’s awesome :)

  2. Xueyin Chen says:

    I am going to run a small business this year. The 12 rules are good for me
    to startup my business.

  3. PiromancerFreak says:

    Mark Cuban is definitely one of the coolest Entrepreneurs out there!

  4. Allan Alva says:

    This guy makes too much sense! awesome tips!

  5. Milo Bozovich says:

    Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for #Startups

  6. trebledc says:

    I think
    1. Obsession is just a hobby if not making money. If your making money out
    of anything you’ll love it then go back to your Obsession.
    2. Exit strategy of course you need it who wants to be locked up in one
    place may it be success or failure. PLan A Plan B contingencies plan baby.

    3. Keep organization flat hmmm I smell blood if everybody is the boss.
    Maybe he meant keep everybody open minded. Imagine our body if we don’t
    have a brain or imagine a person that is brain dead nothing is moving right
    like beaten up veggie.

    So in conclusion this billionaire & millionaire is not you but we all have
    one thing in common, its brains use it and don’t be lazy using it and I
    mean logically. Mark is cool but sometimes he’s overboard in saying things.

    Billionaires & Millionaires are hardworking, smart, dare devils, do or die,
    no emotions unless its money, visionaries, want to change the world atleast
    small part of it, thinking lightyears in advance, analyse everything,
    always preparing for opportunity 

  7. CityOf Angels says:

    1 rule of start ups = be a luciferian Jew
    2 to 12 the rule of start ups = be a luciferian Jew

  8. Marcus Jackson says:

    Having an exit strategy seems very logical. Fighter pilots are highly
    skilled and focused tacticians but every one of them has an ejector seat at
    there disposal.

    The head is over the heart for a reason.

  9. ThePsychology2010 says:

    Can someone elaborate on #11? Thanks!

  10. Justin Bor says:

    its all about MONEY
    SAFE SECURE check bloomberg reports august 2014

  11. todayican says:

    Lots of value for me, thanks!

  12. Hadi Aboukhater says:

    Very clear and concise!

  13. Pop Trunk says:

    he sets the standard for a got getta

  14. Veljko Mirkovic says:

    @Jeffisalwaysright instead of spending a dollar on a keychain wouldn’t it
    be better to spend it on infrastructure of employees? Sure swag might in
    crease sales, but you need a product to sell. When you’ve established a
    product or a service to sell and your production exceeds your demand, swag
    MIGHT come in handy, but I’d still advise direct contact marketing or
    managment to media PR.

  15. Jean Carlos London says:

    Check out this video on YouTube: Rules that Entrepreneurs should follow

  16. Damian Rork says:

    Excellent, excellent

  17. 3089280288 says:

    If you get a loan, they will require an exit stragety

  18. Emily Fisher says:

    I love Mark Cuban :D. GREAT TIPS! 

  19. jon smith says:

    What’s wrong with branding your company? If you have the money to make logo
    embroidered Polo shirts/ t shirts keychains etc what’s the problem? I don’t
    see extra branding could possibly be a bad thing

  20. says:

    This is awesome!
    Strive for success! Don’t give up until you’re done!

  21. OneWire says:

    Taking your business plan from a dream to a reality can be a daunting task
    for any budding entrepreneur. My favorite rule from this list: “Don’t start
    a company unless it’s an obsession or something you love.” When starting
    your own business, you should first find out what you’re passionate about
    and then figure out how you can turn that passion into a thriving business.
    It’s also important to start small and be patient. Chances are, it’s going
    to take time for your startup to become lucrative. -Ali 

  22. natonya minette says:

    Awesome Tips 

  23. gorge forge says:

    Number 11

  24. jazevox says:

    @0:50♥•♥•♥ coffee! ♥•♥•♥

  25. irvin garcia says:

    Makes sense thank you.

  26. Dan Martell says:

    Awesome vid!
    Enjoyed your vid!
    I really loved your video.

  27. calmlikeabomb123 says:

    So many old white men

  28. C-A D. says:

    Hi, have you guys heard of HustleCon? It’s happening this year on April
    It’s going to be a great learning experience for anyone interested into
    creating a tech startup, and especially non-technical founders!

    If interested, you may get your ticket at:

    Hope to see you there!

  29. Popcorn & Comedy says:

    *My company does professional animated explainer videos for startups.
    Message me if interested;-)*

  30. Madusha Cooray says:

    Love it – please help us spread the word and share this with all your
    friends in the Valley! #thinkoutsidethevalley

  31. Jon Foster says:

    Great work on this, Loved how the video was put together loved the camera
    quality. Amazing stuff!!

  32. Samir Vakil says:

    great film as well as filmography!

  33. NeoChromer says:

    Where can i get the soundtrack?

  34. Bryan Barton says:

    Great video! Very inspiring for all cities! 

  35. Arash Kamangir says:

    یک همچین بهشتی دارم می‌رم در سال ۲۰۱۵. #واترلو

  36. gregory polk says:

    Wow, this is amazing..i have to visit there soon..

  37. Sergey Levitski says:

    full of shit

  38. Greg Hemmings says:

    Great work Tyler! Super impressed with your Soundtrack too man, Apleton

  39. Jackson Mullins Recruitment Consultant says:

    Startup Community The Film | A Documentary About Startups in
    Kitchener-Waterloo –

  40. Mike E. says:

    Great documentary. Definitely informative in the sense that it shows the
    ‘growing pains’ of starting up and being “young” and starting up,which can
    at times pose a challenge for some. Great to see that a lot of the
    entrepreneurs felt failure, but were visionaries and had the ambition for
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    Get up to 5 million to build your business.
    Get funding in as little as 2 weeks.
    We’re real and we’re here to help.

  41. Martin s says:

    Good stuff. Proud to be a local.

  42. Don Critelli says:

    Great video to understand all about startups and their success.

  43. Fourthdraft says:

    How thriving is the startup community in Canada (specifically Waterloo)?
    This film gives you the answer

  44. Marife Montemayor says:

    Because #Startup …

  45. Shamimi Ahmad reza says:

    Soo good 

  46. says:

    #startup community, the film is now on Youtube!
    #entrepreneurship #smallbusiness 

  47. Richard Mutezintare says:


  48. Benito Colonna says:
  49. Naranbayar Tsogbadrakh says:
  50. Ricky Haror says:

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