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Nashville-area businesses, banks prepare for chip cards

September 16, 2015 0 Comments

Nashville-area businesses, banks prepare for chip cards
Credit card swiping is on the way out. As part of a major change in the U.S. credit card industry aimed at reducing fraud, Middle Tennessee businesses and consumers are adapting to a new method of payment. Shoppers whose banks have issued the new …
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3 businesses share space to serve customers
Interior designer Meghan Blum can walk clients across the building where she's recently opened her studio to show them exactly what the kitchen cabinets they want look like. Then she can slide through another set of glass doors to show customers …

4 Ways to Lower Your Risk When Investing in Other People's Businesses
If the owner needs money to make payroll, we would suggest caution — ensure that the business is financially sound. On the other hand, if the owner needs money for capital improvements to expand or to fund working capital for a rapidly growing …
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Non-profit provides guidance to small businesses
Starting a new business can be tough, but several northern Michigan businesses have had help learning the ropes from a non-profit organization called SCORE. The GT Butterfly House and Bug Zoo in Williamsburg has been working with score for three years …

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