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New Text To Voice Software Creates Stunning Talking Videos in Minutes

January 18, 2015 0 Comments

It looks like technology is so advanced now that we are now able to create ‘talking’ videos by using some text and a bunch of images. Breaking News Web had the pleasure to interview the developers of this new and futuristic piece of software and we have to say that we were very impressed with all the features included on this new software; here is a preview video that will give us a better idea of what we can do with this text to speech video maker software:

Jimmy Mancini, product developer, said: “If you are looking for a fast and easy way to make videos to promote a product or service or maybe make videos just for fun, you should take a look at the new Text to Voice Video Studio, you can add your own images or video clips and even choose from different ‘natural’ voices (male and female) and languages to create outstanding talking videos in minutes“.

It looks like this is one of the most advanced text to voice software available on the market. From our point of view most of the voices sound very real, that it is impossible to say if a computer made the voices. No more robotic voices, that is a relief, as we were getting tired of those voices. The voices included on this text to voice software are great, we are giving them 5 out of 5 stars for such a great work with the voices included in the software, and we are giving them 5 stars, as well, for their video editor; in general we are happy we found a great application that deliver results as expected.

To find more information about their software visit their website:

text to speech video software

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