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Sex After Prostate Cancer – a Wife’s Sensual Secrets Revealed About Touch

November 9, 2015 0 Comments

Talking about relationships and sensuality isn’t easy. Talking to people who have been through traumatic physical experiences and who are struggling with partner relationships is important.

My husband has had multiple health challenges, so I’ve had to take my own advice lately. I haven’t shared with enough of you how we’ve been able to get through it all. We have had our arguments and yet we’ve found a way to have fun along the way. Sensuality can be a part of your life if you want to feel good or make someone you love feel good.

Let’s agree that different people have different physical capabilities. Sensuality is about gratifying your senses. We have five senses to gratify. You can gratify senses without intercourse. You can find satisfaction in many ways.  Consider the possibilities. What would you enjoy touching, seeing, hearing, tasting, or smelling? Do something for your senses. When we seek to enhance our touching experiences we can consider our soap, our body lotions, massage oils, pillows, and even lingerie.

Let’s talk about the  sense of touch. We can touch with fingers, hands, feet,  toes,  tongue, and nose to name a few possibilities. When we touch we can either help ourselves feel good or someone we love feel good. My husband  told me that when his body parts didn’t want to cooperate he was often frustrated, angry, and  depressed. 

Depression is not my specialty. I’m not a doctor. I don’t take any medications. My husband thinks I should take something for menopause. I exercise… I don’t smoke and I rarely  drink any alcohol. When your partner has physical issues, it effects you too.

When you touch someone you have an opportunity to share love, express how much you care, and to display your feelings on a physical level.  It is possible to feel good helping someone you love feel good, better, or great.

If you are going to touch someone you can choose to have products which enhance the touching sensations. As we travel around the world we look for products to recommend. We experiment with new sensations as much as possible. 

We found products such as pure coconut oil and pure cocoa butter are  lubricating and silky, smooth to touch. One coconut-pineapple massage oil from Fiji smelled so strong that the room retained the coconut-pineapple scent for three days. 

If you would like to participate in the sensuality survey online to help us serve your needs and answer more of your questions, please let us know.

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