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Starting up in retai

November 13, 2016 0 Comments

Statistics show that while the majority of people setting up new retail businesses have some prior experience of working in the retail sector, there are many who have no retail experience whatsoever. Although it may be tempting to think that previous sales experience is an essential and that all enterprises lacking in experience are doomed to certain failure, this really isn’t the case. What makes all too many businesses fail is not lack of experience but lack of planning and shops are no different at all.

Whatever products a shop stocks, they need to be displayed to their greatest advantage. For instance, if a garment has little hanger appeal then it makes sense to put it on a mannequin to show it off at its best. The appropriate type of shelving is essential, whilst wooden shop fittings may work for some products others are better shown on metal shelving. Naturally it all depends on the products that the shop is selling and getting it right in the planning stages can make a huge difference. Of course, if you are opening a new shop you will have financial constraints when it comes to shop fittings, but here at Morplan we have been helping customers work out the best way of spending their budget for years.

Once your potential customer has bought something they will need some form of packaging to carry it away. Again it is essential to plan in advance the size and weight of your products will dictate the type of bags you can use. After all, thin plastic bags may be ideal for some things, but if the items are heavy the bags will split. Planning and making sure you get things right the first time will give your new retail business the best possible chance of success and we are here to help you.

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