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Teach Business English

July 12, 2015 0 Comments

Most people learn business English for doing business with the English-speaking countries. There is great demand for ESL teachers for teaching English. You can get the tips on how to teach business English here that will help you to start a new career as ESL teacher.

Business English means different to different people. For some, it may be the use of vocabulary and topics related to business, trade, finance and international relations. For some, it can be communication skills necessary in the work place. It can be the use of language and skills for business communication like presentations, meetings, negotiations, small talk, correspondence, and so on.

Now as you know the importance of business English, you need to learn it for surviving in business market. It is possible to learn this English at colleges and universities. The business English is in high demand and many ESL teachers will be asked to teach business English at some point. lets see How to Teach Business English?

There are certain things that should be kept in mind before following the tips for teaching business English. Some tips on how to teach business English are as follows:


Business English means different to different students. Know exactly what does it mean to your student. Interact with him/her to know what he exactly expects. For some people, it may just be the language for trade, and some it may be the communication language and skills in work place.

· Provide the realistic business English practice to your students through role plays of meetings, business negotiations, customer service and telephone conversations. Students should learn the use of appropriate phrases and vocabularies through these role plays, and talks. Arm your students with the vocabulary to talk with the English-speaking colleagues at international conferences.

· Include your work on business presentations. Many business English learners find it useful to practice giving presentations in English. Provide your students with useful phrases and vocabularies to help them in creating presentations, and concluding the presentations.

· Teach the business English related skills to your students. The person may require writing letters, memos, short reports and invitations. For every writing lesson, choose any one type of correspondence and assist the students in this task. You may also provide examples on the assigned task for providing reference.

· The ordinary textbook exercises may appear boring. Provide your students with some problem solving activities. Build the assignment around solving problems and making decisions. The topics may include marketing any product, planning budgets and choosing employees.

· Discuss on wide range of topics. Discussions will help to develop the use of vocabulary and phrases in the business English language of students.

Providing diverse topics for discussion can help in teaching business English to your students. Hope that the above tips on how to teach business English will help you in accomplishing your purpose.


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