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The Business Start Up Bear Trap

November 16, 2017 0 Comments

In the wake of all the redundancies and business bankrupts, more and more independently minded people are taking matters into their own hands by starting up a new little business of their own.

Some people take a hobby they’ve enjoyed in the past and then decide to ‘monetize’ it and make a great little home grown business for themselves to replace the income they’ve just lost.

Others are taking vocational courses at the various colleges specializing in their chosen niche` with the intention of getting into a new business that their research has shown there to be a demand for. There is a new Wild West out there, with more new prospectors digging for their ‘nuggets’ that will finance their chosen lifestyle into their old age and beyond.

Just one problem there though. No-one seems to have told these intrepid prospectors about the giant ‘Bear-Trap’ that’s out there waiting for them. Just itching to gobble up their dreams and spit them out again as nightmares!

If there is such a dangerous Bear-Trap out there, why doesn’t every new business ‘prospector’ get warned about it? Why isn’t it the very first thing the new business prospector is warned about?

Quite simply, it’s because all trainers, mentors and business advisers spend all of their time focusing on the ‘Bear-Trap Bait’. That’s to say, that every person who takes advice and tuition about starting up their new business is being fed lies. Those lies will lead prospectors directly into the bear trap where they’ll struggle so hard to escape, that even if they do escape with their financial lives, their appetite for continued prospecting is diminshed to the point of destruction.

This is the number ONE reason for the extremely high failure rate in small businesses start-ups.

Bar None. You will be told it’s lack of planning, lack of knowledge, or even lack of effort. But the truth of the matter is – that everyone tells new business start-up prospectors the biggest ‘lie’ known to commerce, and which almost ‘all’ successful business owners do their best to perpetuate because it severely limits their own opposition or competition.

OK, you’ve heard all about the ‘Big Lie’ but what exactly ‘is’ the big lie?

Quite honestly, I’m not sure I should tell you because you will quite simply ‘not’ believe it.

The Biggest ‘lie’ in commerce, and the best ‘Giant Bear-trap Bait’ known to man is ……

“The Customer Is always right”.

So….do you believe it? Can you believe it? Is it just ‘too’ incredulous to believe?

Although the majority of customers/clients are as honest as the day is long, there is a growing band of ‘savvy’ customers who prey on the naivety or inexperience of the small start-up businesses. They will get the small business to provide a service or product at quite a high financial commitment, and then they will object strongly to the price quoted, usually stating that there is some fault, or that the service/product didn’t meet the ‘expected’ standard (which is simply a matter of personal opinion).

Big companies can ride these complaints. They have expensive lawyers employed ‘specifically’ to deal with such ‘expected’ claims. Then, if the worst comes to worst, they have the available funds to settle up out of court.

Now if you are a new start-up business, you will not usually have the funds or the inclination to defend your position. Even if you did, would you still have the funds to soak up the ‘loss’ incurred by such a complaint?

Most start-ups get wiped out by their first encounter with these ‘Professional Customers’, and even if they don’t, there is always another waiting just around the next order to jump and destroy.

The sad thing is, that there is a growing trend towards the ‘professional customer concept’ because there is a lot of money to be made and saved by those negative souls willing to treat their fellow human beings in such a way. There are even new start-up-businesses that actually specialise in getting the very best outcome imaginable for their ‘professional customers’, so the cards are being stacked against ‘all’ new business start-ups in the form of potential legal litigation, perpetrated by the biggest lie in commercial history.

“The Customer Is Always Right” now has to be tempered by a very thorough consultation with a solicitor/lawyer who specializes in commercial law.

Unless you do this, you ‘will’ fall into ‘The Giant bear-trap’.

A ‘life-served’ Plasterer from Reading, Berks in the UK, but also now championing the cause of ‘Quality-Driven-Businesses’. at

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