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The shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin | TEDxFiDiWomen

February 10, 2015 50 Comments

Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women’s health and wellness community Discouraged by the broken, patriarchal health care system, she left her medical practice in 2007 only to realize that you can quit your job, but you can’t quit your calling. This epiphany launched her on a journey of discovery that led her to become a leader in the field of mind/body medicine, which she blogs about at and is writing about in her third book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013).

She teaches both patients and health care professionals how to make the body ripe for miracles by healing the mind and being healthy in all aspects of life, not just by promoting healthy behaviors like good nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep, but by encouraging health and authenticity in relationships, work, creative expression, spirituality, sexuality, finances, and living environment. She is leading a revolution to feminize how health care is received and delivered by encouraging collaboration, fostering self-healing, reconnecting health care and spirituality, empowering patients to tap into the mind’s power to heal the body, and encouraging women not to settle for being merely well, but to strive for living vital, joyful, authentic lives full of “mojo.”

When not spreading the word, she chills out, paints, does yoga, and hikes in Marin County, CA with her husband and daughter.

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YAY! Thumbs up for more health style videos! 🙂 let’s start off this new year healthy & happy! MORE HEALTH TIPS!

**PS I filmed the voiceover when I was really sick so sorry about my voice hahahaha

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don’t forget that being fit is not a destination it is a way of life. 🙂
and being healthy is NOT just about how you look, it is so much deeper than that. I challenge you to find “your healthy” 🙂

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Comments (50)

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  1. Passed High School Physics says:

    Steve Jobs DIED following this “doctors” advice.

    Steve believed in healing yourself and spiritual healing and tried it for
    eleven months. In those eleven months of trying self and spiritual healing
    allowed the cancer grew and become highly aggressive resulting in his
    death. By the time he allowed his doctors to operate it was too late the
    cancer had spread.

    Had Steve had listed to the advice of his doctors and sought proven cures
    and not waited the eleven months Steve would be alive today. Quack doctors
    like Lissa Rankin killed Steve.

    The best treatment for cancer is early detection and early treatment.

    Lissa Rankin needs to be exposed for the quack doctor she has become. She
    claims to be an MD, but doesn’t bother to mention what college or med
    school she attended? Were the schools she attended even accredited? 

  2. UnslavedFilms says:

    everything said is nicked coldly from the great alice miller and wilhelm
    reich (not to mention alexander lowen), without reference. wouldn’t be on
    TED if she did reference those who actually came up with the ideas, you
    know, the originators. wouldn’t be modern and trendy to mention those who
    prefigured what the average twenty something yank steals and calls their
    own. health to this sicko involves standing as a flower without branch,
    trunk and root. very modern but she’ll never change the sick dissociated
    society she’s part of – the new age fuzzy cheshire cat FAKE AS HELL smile

  3. Milk Meat Eggs says:

    Eating a balanced diet, daily exercise, getting enough sleep, are
    definitely really important. What if you told me that caring for my body
    was the least important part of your health? I would think you are either
    ignorant or stupid. Its all connected, if you don’t eat healthy, don’t
    move, and don’t get enough sleep, you most likely end up obese, depressed
    and sick. Healing the mind is important indeed, but you can’t ignore our
    biological needs.

  4. bang zoom says:

    This was so informa…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Albert Marley says:

    *The shocking truth about life and death is everything is backwards.* Read
    ~~The Present~~ at TruthContest○com and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

  6. Tara Love says:

    Im sorry but her grin is SO annoying. Even her body movements.. ahhh. cant
    watch. bye

  7. Dave Crabill says:

    I agree with her message. Your reality begins between your ears.
    I’m always amazed at the negative attitudes that are expressed in online
    comments. Some people are just too beaten up and afraid of life that they
    have to try to drag down others to their level.
    I feel that Lissa is brave to share her perspective so publicly. For those
    who see it as an attitude that only the rich and famous can enjoy I have
    one question. What are you doing today to raise yourself up to a higher
    standard of living?
    Now start by loving yourself and those around you. Be Optimistic and
    grateful. Learn something each day and make a plan, make it happen.

  8. marvelleonline says:

    Well this turned out to be shallow. Not that it isn’t true… But it’s far
    beneath my hopes for the video. Stopped at 15:30 

  9. Jake the Snake says:

    From her blog “I was able to dissolve clouds and make it rain in
    drought-ridden California and call in a pod of whales with my intention
    alone.” and “Dennis- a scientist who publishes academic physics books and
    journals- suddenly became psychic. Overnight, he became clairvoyant,
    clairaudient, clairsentient, and started channeling both Universal truths
    and information from dead people.”

    So, this lady is nuts. She actually believes she can call in whale pods.
    She should be part time working with conservationalists holy crap that is
    an AMAZING talent!

    Taking care of yourself, reducing stress, solving emotional problems, all
    of medicine knows this can have a major effect on your health, that’s NOT
    why she quit being a doctor… it’s that medicine does not accept her
    supernatual, paranormal beliefs, she’s a homeopath, she beliefs that you
    can dilute a substance until there isn’t a single molecule of it left, like
    a drop of tincture in the world’s ocean, and this actually makes it a more
    powerful medicine. No, she left her practice so she could push the
    supernatural, paranormal stuff freely.

  10. Νημερτής Δωρίδας says:

    Σοκαριστικές αλήθειες από μία γιατρό.

    Ok darlings…. let’s jump together

  11. Charlie Hutch says:

    Sorry Sweetheart….Tuberculosis does not care how you feel. Breast cancer
    does not care if you are on top of the world spiritually, physically,
    emotionally or if you just won the lottery and your at your VERY
    best…fact is you are what you eat..(the speaker might want to take a
    second look at that diet thing judging by her body shape it might be the
    true motivation of her stance) if you get shot your ‘spiritual self’ is
    pointless. you need an emergency team who also doesn’t care about your
    spirit. they work on the physics of your body don’t wave incense and
    feathers over you but get real and u live.

  12. IW Nunn says:

    I hope Lissa does not read some of these hurtful, meaningless, uncaring,
    judgmental comments. If she does, I hope she’s unaffected by them. Stop
    the personal attacks and appreciate the message.

  13. Morpheus X says:

    If anyone doesn’t have the time to watch this, I can summarize:

    Mental health is important.

  14. Arlene H. says:

    Such negative responses here. Her point is evident. Sad world when a
    message of hope gets picked to death by the vultures.

  15. veganadoration says:

    Yes, she is one of those self-responsibility gurus who in unable to comment
    on public health, and economic and social policy. She is a product of the
    culture in which she grew up: the culture of individualism and
    self-determination. It is true that in countries where economic and social
    policy favour certain groups over others, those other groups are left in
    perpetually disadvantaged circumstances, so her advice is not applicable
    across the board. The relevance of her advice really does apply to those
    with economic privilege, but does that mean she is unsuitable for a TED
    talk? I think before we condemn anyone as many commentators seem to want
    to do here, we should put things into perspective.

  16. Dainius Diciunas says:

    Quite superficial and one-sided.

  17. Jake the Snake says:

    This lady believes that she can call in whale pods with her meditations and
    that you are healing your illnesses with the power of your interdimensional
    spirit but somehow clouds these beliefs into scientific language and talks
    about life. She’s a follower of the Louis Hay school of spiritual healing,
    that’s her publisher, if you look into what I’m talking about, you’ll
    realize you’re watching the Google-invited, well-educated, Californian
    version of Peter Pompoff

  18. Chase7863 says:

    “Lot’s of it is, ya know, not in the traditional journals that doctors read”

    Well, no shit. You don’t talk about Santa Claus in traditional journals
    either. This woman is half-retard.

  19. Brenda B says:

    Loved this TED Talk. She touches on so many truths. Enjoyed it! Thank you!

  20. Simon Barton says:

    I have to say that this is what I thought we all knew ! I certainly read
    all this in my mother’s magazines in the 70’s.

  21. gio van den bosch says:

    all the negative comments proves what she says i really want to see the
    lives of the ones that give stupid comments and the comments says more
    about who you are and what u are … o u have now more questions like u had
    before thats good its a begin of gething aware , give negative comment u
    dont understand anything of it it means u are not ready to understand and
    ur still in the stage of deny but thats nothing to be a shame off u are
    forgiven to give stupid comments or being rude 

  22. sam tauckoor says:

    it’s like she just brushed hinduism. The eternal ‘I’. I am happy everybody
    around is happy.

  23. TeaTime0223 says:

    She is the female Jack Nicholson. 🙂
    Although she is right about this topic. 

  24. Greg Dahlen says:

    One thing I think helps health is my unusual diet. For about six years,
    I’ve been living entirely on fluid milk products, skim milk and cream.
    Many’s the day when I’ve drunk two gallons of skim milk. I find that my
    weight stays very healthy on this diet and I feel good because milk is very
    easy to digest and use.

  25. Geo Guitar Guy says:

    She’s full of shit, she has more problems than she knows.

  26. Jessica Urbano says:

    I have a hard time not buying processed foods and exercising but I found
    that I like working out on a stationary bike so I’m glad I found a workout
    for me. I pack fruit and granola bars as a snack now too (: 

  27. Cynthia Gee says:

    I been drinking so much water since August (We’re in November now) and I
    seen no improvement at all in anything -.- my skin still looks horrible, I
    don’t ever feel refreshed or hydrated, I’m always tired and I can honestly
    say from experience that it doesn’t really help me lol, I also have been
    eating healthier and being more active but still nothing. I’m jealous of
    the people who actually get results /:

  28. Michaela Hrenova says:


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  29. I am Katerina says:

    Finally I found this video again! Watched it soo long time ago and
    couldn’t find it! Such an inspiring and good quality video. Happy to find
    it:) Subbed to this amazing channel

  30. AmyRemedi says:

    This video made my 2014, Made everything and it worked!!

    Is awesome to feel good with yourself, please film another one for


    Lots of love, have a great year!

  31. Diannah Clem Warrior Princess says:

    Tips for Starting a Healthy Lifestyle!

  32. Miriam Van Harn says:

    What book did you have while you were drinking tea? It looks really
    interesting 🙂 Love the video!

  33. Tim Sears says:

    I like your views on drinking more water and cutting out soda. Sometimes
    when I’m in a hurry, I’ll just squeeze lemon or lime directly into my water
    and drink it rather than putting slices in the water and waiting for the
    flavor to get into the water.

  34. Anna James says:

    Background music from “LOL”

  35. Varietygirl1 says:

    The scenes at the end with a sunset are beautiful.

  36. francesca x says:

    I don’t get how you can dislike water

  37. Novembre Pleut says:

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    series will be supporting January.

    Simply click on the link below NOW and get that sexy healthy body you’ve
    always dreamed of.

    My first installment helps you understand the basics of nutrition,
    calories, diet and the simple science to weight loss

  38. Mira Floyd says:

    A lot of videos similar to ‘how to be healthier’ and stuff like that are
    really dumb and tell you to just eat a big bowl of fruit, but this video is
    overall really good! Drinking more water is something I need to work on,
    despite only having access to tap water. :(

  39. KiwiDancer181 says:

    I just went on a marathon of your health and happiness videos. You are
    honestly incredible Cambria and I always look forward to your videos in my
    subscription box!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day/night if you’re
    reading this xxx

  40. dinaherexx 24 says:

    I know this is errolevent but you shouldn’t sleep with your lights beside
    you it’s dangerous love you

  41. Kelly Mongan says:

    I know some people who drink pop everyday! But my friend showed me this and
    it’s so easy and good for you and tastes better than pop! Put less than
    half of carbonated water, then fill most of it with orange juice, and the
    rest with pomegranate juice! It’s so good I couldent get enough!

  42. MisunderstoodAlpaca says:

    For a second, I heard “drink half your body weight in water.” I was like…
    “Um… that doesn’t sound safe.”

  43. Melisa Can says:

    You walked where “The Vow” was filmed OMG I’m dying‼️ am I the only one
    that noticed???

  44. getrealp78 says:

    Hey Cambria!! My teacher showed this video in our Health Promotions class.
    I was like “I KNOW HER !!” You are so inspirational yay :D

  45. Linda Turley says:

    Hey bree!, I’m Linda 😀 and I absolutely love your channel.
    I love how genuine you are, that you love Lorna Jane as well, your
    happiness and good attitude towards life, how you value your health and
    most of all your faith. I’m also a Christian and your positive videos have
    really help me through some tough times. Thank You. God is good isn’t he 🙂
    I really pray that one day we can meet and be friends, because I know
    social media is only a highlight reel of a persons life, and I would really
    love to get to know you and your story. Thank you so much again, the love
    of God shines through you and I’m so glad he showed me your channel.

  46. Brandon Dunn says:

    drink my half my body weight im not drinking 300 pounds lol. thank you ill
    do these things ;)

  47. zahra kassam says:

    Can you please do another healthy lunch ideas video??

  48. DivineWisdom4J4 says:

    Thank you for these tips!

  49. partly perfectly says:

    I’m 176c&56kg I wanna weigh 50kg but I’m actually buying stuff at school
    that’s the place where I don’t have any control over myself, so I’ll end up
    eating ‘bad foods’

  50. Btg097 says:

    Instant subscribe for the Two Door Cinema Club intro.

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