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Transgender bathroom rights, access a hot US political topic

April 13, 2016 0 Comments

lesbian rights
Image by Tony Webster
A couple at the Minnesota State Capitol – OutFront justFair GLBT Lobby Day

Transgender bathroom rights, access a hot US political topic
However, according to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network — a U.S. organization that aims to ensure safe school environments for students across all sexual and gender orientations — the U.S. currently has 12 states with so-called "bathroom …

Lesbian Teen Booted From UK McDonald's After Using Women's Bathroom
There are some resources for transgender individuals who may not know their exact rights when it comes to restroom policies in various states and what actions are being taken to ensure equal access and non-descrimination. As policy makers look to …
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CatalystCon holds first-ever Midwest conference
"Real women get prostate exams," said Jenkins. "With trans rights at the forefront things are going to change and get better. As these rights and privileges begin to emerge we're all going to age and what is that going to look like … The hardest part …
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