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Virtual Rock Band Releases Third Album, EVOLVE, and Game App

February 4, 2015 0 Comments

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) February 04, 2015

Wildly successful cartoon character-based rock group, Geeh the Band, will release its third album, ‘EVOLVE’ in April, as well as a new game app. This talented group of rockers have a fresh upbeat music and positive, interesting lyrics for the 4- to 10-year old crowd. The band’s new game App will allow Geeh fans to download it and play the first two albums of music without being connected to the internet.

When Alfonso Soto, the founder of Geeh the Band, launched the award-winning band through their first album, ‘HEAVEN’ in 2013, little did he know that he was creating rock stars from the ground up. Right now you can download all the music for free on their web site or purchase the songs through iTunes.

Alfonso started the band because he noticed how his young children were attracted to the ‘hit’ songs of today, yet they had lyrics that were too sophisticated, or more aptly “too mature and just plain inappropriate.” His band launched and quickly garnered multiple music awards, as well as key parent recognition:

2013 – Album: HEAVEN – Song: ‘Life is meant to be fun!’ hit the Billboard Chart at #32

2014 – Album: FIERCE – Song: ‘We’ll make the world shine’ at #67 on Media Base

Rather than play down to the children, Alfonso’s idea was to create real rock music with value-driven lyrics that would appeal to a growing audience of children and their conscientious parents. Soto found some great youth-oriented Christian music and childish cartoon characters with music for toddlers, but nothing really existed in the pop marketplace for his kids.

“While Barney may appeal to some 4 year olds,” Soto feels that young kids would rather listen to the music of their older siblings. Soto reiterates: “They want to be ‘big kids’ and listen to ‘big kid’ music.”

The lyrics sung by Geeh the Band have included songs about: friendship, standing up for yourselves, love, going after your goals, you can do it, the greatest minds of the world are just like you and me, taking care of the planet, recycling and much more.

Also coming out this year is Geeh the Band’s new App, which is expected out in February, as well. This new App is much more kid-friendly and robust, allowing Geeh fans to download the App and then play the first two albums of music without being connected to the internet. Furthermore, it will have fun interactive mini games. Soon you will be able to download a special code from the App, web site and social media to get all 12 of the music videos which are being developed in tandem with the new album. Soto is rightfully excited about these new developments, he plans to share the App with kids at hospitals, recreation facilities and clubs.


About Geeh the Band –

Alfonso Soto and his wife Ivonne, are the Executive Producers of Geeh the Band. The band members are all from the planet Premmuy. It’s a garlic shaped planet that was hit by an asteroid and that’s when life appeared on Premmuy. The kids in the band have all evolved from a race called Meaps. They are also neighbors who just love to gather in a garage and make music.

“Cue” Everyone calls me “The Boss Man”. As the band manager I am responsible for booking our gigs and keeping the band organized and on time. I even play the drums for the band. Likes: New Apps for my smart phone, Sci-Fi Movies and checking out new locations for us to play. Dislikes: Sports, disorganization and dropping my drum sticks when I throw them in the air. Role in the band: Drummer and manager.

“Mid” I like to dress up and always have a bow tie on. I can be a little shy but that changes when I play the bass on stage. Likes: Mystery books, golf and I have a secret crush on Tune… shhh don’t tell! Dislikes: Camping, team sports and spicy foods.

Role in the band: bass player.

“Tune” Melody is my best friend even though we are really different. I love art and design and being original. My room is covered in my sketches and my dream is to design sets for Broadway plays when I grow up. I am also the captain of the school cheerleading team. Likes: Vintage eye glasses, thrift store shopping and visiting museums. Dislikes: Mean Boys, gossiping and my nut allergy. Role in the band: back-up vocals.

“Melody” I love to write lyrics to new songs. My boyfriend is Up.

Likes: I like to bake and dance, and I love the color pink, going shopping at the mall with my best friend Tune, slumber parties, and watching make-up videos on YouTube. Dislikes: Math homework, raspberries, and big scary dogs. Role in the band: Lead vocalist.

“Up” I am the front man of the group. I want to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame someday and win the Super Bowl. Likes: Selfies, football and his #1 girl Melody. Dislikes: Science class, vegetables and cleaning my room.

Role in the band: lead guitar.

“Groove” I really love the 70’s and when our band plays old tunes. I think the music and vibe was really chill.

Likes: Tie die t-shirts, volunteering at the animal shelter, playing old vinyl records. Dislikes: Fighting, too much technology and I hate when the band can’t practice. Role in the band: percussion.

“Loop” I’m the keyboard player and I am really glad my mom made me take piano lessons so I can play in a band. I’m the class clown and always getting in trouble. Likes: Designing his own sneakers, playing basketball with Up and Spaghetti with Meatballs. Dislikes: Wearing a tie, detention and bed time. Role in the band: keyboardist.

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