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Why Do We Gossip? | Man on the Street

March 12, 2015 25 Comments

We all gossip, but why? Do we do it to feel better about ourselves? SoulPancake hit the streets to talk to strangers about why, and when, we gossip.
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Video by Katie Wise and Nicole Villela

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Comments (25)

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  1. Rystor says:

    Sam Pepper is a rapist. Oh yea we totally shouldn’t gossip about a rapist,
    lets all just ignore it and let him get away with it! pfft

  2. Jana vlogs says:

    I can’t believe sam pepper just tweeted this video… just when he’s being
    accused of raping a girl and sexually harassing/abusing girls. He’s
    basically attempting to discredit those claims by dismissing it as

    this is what happens when you have a deep lack of respect for your viewers
    and followers, it’s like he thinks we’re all very very stupid. disgusted. 

  3. alexander williamson says:

    Great minds discuss ideas.
    Average minds discuss events.
    Small minds discuss people.

  4. AndrewProductionsTV says:

    Gossip = saying behind their back what you’d never say to their face.
    Flattery = saying to their face what you’d never say behind their back

  5. SmashBoy64 says:

    Why do we gossip?

    Because we’re assholes. All of us.

  6. videogames says:

    Sam Pepper sent me.

  7. Muramasa GX says:

    That old man has the “anti-hitler” stache

  8. Carrie LeighAnna says:

    Gossip feels so good in the moment, but when I walk away from it, it’s like
    my stomach is filled with rocks. I absolutely hate the gossip hangover and
    I’d love to abstain completely from the cancer forever! So much easier said
    than done…

  9. Ashley Blu-ray says:

    This might be a just a justification, but I think there’s a difference
    between gossiping with your friends and spreading false or vicious rumours.
    Complaining to your work friends that you all hate your boss, that’s
    gossip. It’s not the best thing, yes it could hurt someone’s feelings, but
    I think we’re all guilty of it. But going around and telling everyone your
    boss had an affair with your co-worker, to me that’s crossing a line. So is
    gossip bad? Yes. But I think we’re all guilty of it. I think it’s naive of
    us to think that nobody ever gossips about us, ever. And yes, it is hurtful
    to hear that people think a certain thing about you. But I don’t think
    anyone is guilt free. We all make judgements. We all have people we

  10. AstronautSPIta says:

    i like gossip because i love to tell stories and hear stories.

  11. Oliver Age 24 says:

    This was a great video :)

  12. Ali Q says:

    Sam pepper is a moron.

  13. John Mattingly says:

    Just so you know sam pepper is trying to use your video to dismiss sexual
    harassment claims made against him.

  14. blackandblue10 says:

    Sam Pepper just tweeted this video, probably to guilt trip those that are
    gossiping about him lol #rapist

  15. Raquel João says:

    can someone tell me why did Sam Pepper posted this video on twitter?

  16. mrcrowley951 says:

    i wish you harm sam pepper

  17. chris12321222 says:

    What does this have to do with rape? #SamPepper

  18. unknown artist says:

    we gossip when we dont hear the truth from the horses mouth 

  19. DailyFreestyles says:

    Its a pity Sam Pepper tweeted this video, cause the videos really good and
    insightful but now all the comments are gonna be about him instead of the
    video, he tried to use this video as a weapon to justify his shitty actions
    and now the videos gonna take the damage :(

  20. Ryan Peteranna says:

    (TLDR warning) I did not talk about Sam Pepper on social media just to
    gossip. This is much more serious than that.

    I was expressing my concerns about sexual assault and rape allegations made
    against Sam Pepper, one of which dates back to July, which the accusers had
    no requirement to make but did. His agent has actually claimed part of the
    reason they were making these allegations was for attention-seeking, which
    not only does nothing to invalidate the allegations but also lacks any
    sense: I can’t see any possible benefits these people could get out of
    lying like this.

    If a sexual assault victim does approach the police, it can be somewhat
    difficult to prove their case, and it is perfectly possible their case will
    be rejected. You can only imagine how difficult such a prospect must be for
    an actual victim to cope with.

    Sam Pepper could have vehemently denied these accusations from the outset
    or file legal action against Dottie Martin or any other accusers he could
    identify. Instead, he seems to have gone very, very quiet, almost as if he
    is unwilling to speak right now.

    I’m not saying I’m taking sides with the accusers but in my view, Sam
    Pepper’s side of this story is looking shaky at best right now.

  21. Smoke says:

    …coz it’s fun as hell to kick Sam Pepper when he’s down.

  22. Down Like FortySeven says:

    Why r you creeps still stalking Sams twitter? if u hate him and he sent you
    here then you’re obsessed with him, get a life lol and im here cuz im still
    a fan!

  23. Ramon Hernandez says:

    I gossip cause I hate people 

  24. zombi fied says:

    1:16 if Hitler and him kissed. Their mustaches wouldn’t touch.

  25. VisualTakes says:

    lol sam pepper is just making it even worse for himself. he’s totally

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